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Park & Munger Company.
Established 1850 by Curtiss Munger and Edwin Parker.

  • 1854 - C. Munger & Co.
  • 1874 - Cooke & Co.
  • 1882 - Cooke & Romer Co.
  • 1883 - Romer, Lovell & Co.

    History of Bay County, Michigan 1883.

    Romer, Lovell & Co.

    The large dry goods house of Romer, Lovell & Co., on Center Street, has a history extending back over nearly the entire mercantile operations of Lower Saginaw and Bay City. The business was first established by the firm of Park & Munger, in the year 1850, in a small building on Water Street. In 1854 A. S. Munger entered the firm, and the style of the firm was changed to C. Munger & Co. In 1862 Edwin Park retired from the firm and the business continued by Munger & Co. In 1860 Messrs. J. F. Romer and E. H. Bassett entered the firm, but no change was made in the firm name. In February, 1874, the Mungers retired, and A. J. Cooke and D. A. Langworthy, who were engaged in the same business consolidated with J. F. Romer, and the style of the firm was changed to Cook & Co. The firm continued until February, 1882, when Mr. Langworthy retired, and the name of the firm changed to Cooke & Romer. In February, 1883, Mr. Cooke retired , and was succeeded by Messrs. Clifford F. and Frederick L. Lovell, who came here from Boston at that time. The business was also in a measure divided, Messrs. Cooke and Romer carrying on the carpet department separate from the other business, the dry goods business being continued under the firm name of Romer, Lovell & Co. The business occupies two floors and basement of a double stored in the Central Block, and is one of the finest stores in the state. The carpet department occupies the second story. This store has the finet hydraulic elevator used in the city.

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