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The West Bay City Manufacturing Company.
Planing mill established in 1881 - Location: N.E. Cor. Thomas & Linn sts.

Preface: This business was later known as the West Bay City Manufacturing Company, and they were succeeded by the Goldie Manufacturing Company.

History. (Added June, 2010)

History of Bay County, Michigan - 1883


This company was organized March 16, 1881, with a capital stock of $24,000, divided into 960 shares of $25.00 each. It purchased the planing mill formerly operated by Arnold & Catlin, and is engaged in the manufacture of sash, doors, blinds, mouldings, etc., doing also a general planing mill business. The products of the establishment find a ready market in the northern part of the State. The officers of the company at this date (1882) are John Bourn, president; E. T. Carrington, secretary; H. H. Norrington, treasurer; M. W. Brock, manager and the following named directors: J. Bourn, E. T. Carrington, H. H. Norrington, M. W. Brock, J. H. Plum, and E. M. Fowler. The whole number of stockholders at present is thirteen, whose names are, L. E. Noyes, Geo. L. Mosher, Reuben Green, H. S. Ingersoll, J. Thompson, D. G. Arnold, The Lumberman's State Bank, and the above mentioned officers. The bookkeeper is Mr. I. C. Thompson. The property of this company was sold March 21, 1883, to S. O. Fisher, who subsequently sold an interest to F. P. Cob and A. A. Grace. These gentlemen continue the business under the name of the West Bay City Manufacturing Company.

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