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The Wilson Hoop Company.
Manufacturer, established in 1882, located at 101 Fitzhugh street.

Preface: The Wilson Hoop Company, was later purchased by William Goldie, and its name was changed to Goldie Manufacturing Company.

1883 history, the Wilson Hoop Co. - Added June, 2010.

The History of Bay County, Mich. - 1883.


The knife hoop machine which is operated by The Wilson Hoop Co., is the result of two years hard and peculiarly exhaustive labor known only to inventors. Money, time and energy have been spent in perfecting it, the ridicule of those who believe that nothing new can succeed has been overcome, and to-day it is believed to be the best machine for the purpose known. As there are in this section something like 18,000,000 hoops used annually, many of which are brought in from outside, this industry must prove a very valuable addition to the growing prosperity of the city, as well as a credit to the inventor and owners. The first aim of the inventor was to save timber an important question to all manufacturers of wooden articles and as hoops are formed thicker on one edge than on the other, he conceived the idea of cutting directly from a round or near round log, and has adapted his machinery to that end. The advantages of the machine are that it wastes no timber as in sawing, and hoops can be made with less labor. In the beginning Mr. Wilson, the inventor , made his plans and interested his partner, Mr. Alex. Bush, in the enterprise. They were at this time, July, 1880, associated with the Saginaw Barrel Co., of Saginaw City, in the manufacture and sale of the Wilson washboard. When the plans were perfected and a machine constructed, it was not at first a success as many details had to be changed, and it is thought that the first 20 coils of hoops cost not less than $100 each. But at length every obstacle was overcome and a strong, simple and easily operated machine was the result., which during 1881 cut one million hoops. Owing to poor facilities for steaming, and prejudices existing in the minds of coopers against cut hoops, the growth of the enterprise was slow. A new machine with improvements was added at the place in the Fall of 1881, and about three million more hoops were made up to Nov., 1882, at which time the factory was entirely burned down. In Feb., 1882, Messrs. Wilson and Bush formed a co-partnership with H. M. Williams, under the name of The Wilson Hoop Co., and established their business in West Bay City. In Dec., 1882, Mr. Williams sold his one-third interest to William G. Pierce, of Watertown, N. Y., and Mr. Isaac Pierce of Alma, Mich., purchased a quarter interest. The capacity of the machine is from 25,000 to 30,000 hoops in 10 hours, and the works employ at present (1883) 30 hands.

  • Note: Mr. Wilson's fullname is Fizland L. Wilson.

    1897 news item. - Added Dec., 2011.

    The Wood-worker, Vol. 16
    A current item says the Wilson Hoop Company, Bay City, Mich., is daily receiving from two to four trains, of 30 to 40 cars each, loaded with elm logs from Bay and Arenac counties. The logs are 18 inches and more in diameter, and 18 feet long, and are pronounced exceptionally fine, though elm is getting somewhat scarce in that part of Michigan. The amount to be received by the company is said to be the largest ever taken in during a single season by one concern at Bay City.

    History: Goldie Manufacturing Company. Added June, 2010.

    Michigan Manufacturer & Financial Record, Vol. 2, Issue 11

    Page 5.
    A large number of logs are being received daily at the Goldie Hoop Company's plant at Bay City, in readiness for the resumption of operations early next spring. At that time the plant will resume the manufacture of hoops. The factory will commence some time next month at this work till April or May.

    Page 8.
    The Goldie Manufacturing Company at Bay City, comprising hoop, heading and stave mills, was sold at auction to William Goldie, Jr. for $4,000. Handy Bros.' bid of $3,200 was the second highest and rather than see the plant to at that figure, Mr. Goldie Jr., preferred to bid it in himself.

    Just what will be done with the plant, whether it will be operated again or remain shut down, the purchaser declined to state. The plant was recently closed down for the winter season and it is believed in some quarters that Mr. Goldie, Jr., will operate it again next year. The new owner has been identified with the company for several years as superintendent and past owner. When his father, William Goldie, Sr., originally sole owner, moved to Wilkinsburg, Pa., several years ago the younger Goldie assumed the management of the factory. His home is on the west side.

    Additional Notes.

      1883 - Directory: West Bay City, Mich.

    • Bush, Alexander - (Wilson Hoop, Co.), res w s Henry 2 n of Jane, 2d ward.
    • Wilson Hoop Co. - Fitzland L. Wilson, Alexander Bush and Henry M. Williams Proors, Mnfrs Barrel Hoops, Washington nr Main, 3d ward.
    • Wilson, Fitzland L. - (Wilson Hoop, Co.), res s e cor 4th and Washington, 3d ward.
    • Williams, Henry M. - (Wilson Hoop, Co.), res 906 W. Midland, 2d ward.

      1887 - Public and Local Acts of the State of Mich.

    • Fitzland Wilson appointed member board overseeing West Bay City's first water works.
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