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Thomas Carney, Sr. (1815-1895)
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1891 Bio. - Added September, 2005.

Portrait & Biographical Record of
Saginaw and Bay Counties, Michigan, Vol. 1 (1892)



The gentleman whose lineaments are shown in the accompanying portrait, was born at Landsport, England, outside of the walled town of Portsmouth, December 15, 1815, and is a son of Richard and Charlotte (Chubb) Carney. In 1828 he entered the British Navy, where he served for six years. During that time he served upon the “Wellesly,” the “Asia” and the “Briton” frigate, the latter at that time the fastest vessel in the British Navy. He still has in his possession his parchment bearing recommendation from the British Navy for three years' service on the Mediterranean and three years on the Spanish Station.

In consideration of his service our subject received one hundred acres of land in Barry, Canada, four miles from Lake Simcoe. He came to American in 1833, and during the following year was in the Navy. Later he was employed on the lakes, sailing from Detroit to Buffalo. In 1850 he came to Bay City moving his family here at the same time. Prior to that he had taken upon himself the duties and obligations of married life, his bride being Miss Mary Roach of Canada.

On becoming a lake sailor our subject first served before the mast, but finally became Captain, commanding two different sailing vessels up to the breaking out of the Civil War. He was the first man who built on Washington Avenue and he also erected a comfortable house at the corner of Fifth Street and Washington Avenue, in 1850. That continued to be the family home until 1890, when, being offered a fair price for his property which had been improved by the addition of a store and two dwellings, he sold it and bought else where. Since leaving the marine service he has bought and sold considerable real estate, and has made in the business enough money to support him in old age. He has also had several State contracts, having had contracts on the Tuscola and State roads, and also of the Au Sable road, and in years past he cut the “Carney” road for the township of Hampton.

Our subject bought considerable business property upon which he made many improvements. He possesses good judgment for the advance in price of property and has in this way secured much land that has commanded the best of prices. He purchased the sash and blind factory of which he made his son Thomas proprietor and gave him the benefit of his experience and advice until it was burned.

Mr. and Mrs. Carney became parents of three sons and one daughter, Thomas, Richard, William and Fanny, all deceased. Thomas married Miss Margaret Carney. Their three children are all now grown and are responsible and respected citizens. Richard married Miss Etta Chase and at his death left five children. Fanny became the wife of Reuben Smith.

William married Laura Merritt and left two children at his death. Mr. Carney has ten grandchildren and the same number of descendants in third generation. On account of his deafness he has been debarred from the pleasure of listening to pulpit oratory, but is a faithful member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Mrs. Mary Carney died in 1883, and later our subject married Mrs. Margaret Elwell of Bay City. This lady still survives and is her husband's genial companion. Mr. Carney has been a Democrat until within ten years, when he transferred his allegiance to the Prohibition party. For a time he served as Poor Master and was Health office for ten years. April 22, 1876, Mr. Carney was the recipient of a handsome gold headed ebony stick which bears the inscription, “Presented to Thomas Carney by his many Democratic friends,” and bearing the date. Presentation took place in the council chamber.

Additional Notes.

    Carney Genealogy - Burials at Pine Ridge Cemetery:

  • Carney, child - died 19 Jan. 1891, Lot #593E.
  • Carney, Child - died 19 Aug. 1885, Lot #595E, parents Thomas & Mary
  • Carney, child - died 13 Oct. 1885, Lot #593E, parents Thomas I.
  • Carney, child - died 1 Apr 1887, Thomas I
  • Carney, Old Mrs. - died 18 May 1884, Lot #596E
  • Carney, Henrietta M. - died 8 Feb. 1898, parents Richard J & Henrietta (Chase) Carney.
  • Carney (Brown), Margaret Mrs. - died 12 Jun. 1885, Lot #593E, husband Thomas Carney.
  • Carney, Richard - died 12 Sep. 1884, Lot #595E, parents Thomas & Mary (Roach) Carney.
  • Carney, Thomas Sr. - Died 3 Feb. 1895, Lot #593E, age 79
  • Carney, William E. - died 24 Mar 1889, lot #594E, age 49, parents Thomas & Mary
  • Carney, William - died 11 Jul 1895.
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