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Israel Catlin (1814-1893)
Born in Schuyler Co., N.Y., resided in Lower Saginaw (Bay City), MI.
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  • 1883 history. Added Sep., 2003.

    History of the Lake Huron Shore, 1883, H.R. Page, Chicago, IL


    ISRAEL CATLIN was one of the early comers to this region. He was born in Schuyler County, N. Y., in 1814. His chosen trade was that of carpenter, which he followed for several years, during which time he went to sea as ship’s carpenter, and was absent about two years.

    In 1844 he came to Lower Saginaw, and was engaged by Fraser & Barney in building and superintending the running of a mill at Kawkawlin. His first meal in the region was obtained at the house of Harvey Williams, at the mouth of the Kawkawlin River. He remained at Kawkawlin about two years, and then came to Lower Saginaw, and in company with the late James Fraser built a steam saw mill, which he operated a few years, when he sold out.

    He afterwards formed a co-partnership with Mr. Arnold, of West Bay City, and they carried on an extensive business in the manufacture of sash, doors and blinds. His health failed, and for several years he has been unable to do any business.

    Mr. Catlin has filled an honored place in the community where he has lived so many years. He was postmaster of Hampton from 1860 to 1853, and was one of the first aldermen under the village charter. He has held various positions of trust, and was one of the founders, and has always been one of the leading members, of Trinity Church.

    Mr. Catlin still resides in Bay City, a much respected citizen.

    1893 death. Contributed by Alan Flood. Added Oct., 2009.

    The Bay City Times-Press, Monday, July 10, 1893. (Page 5)


    Funeral of the Late Irael Catlin Yesterday.

    The funeral of the late Irael Catlin took place yesterday afternoon, corner of 10th and Saginaw streets, at 2:30 o'clock and was largely attended. The pall-bearers were Mssrs. Thomas Cranage, John Drake, C. E. Jennison, F. P. Browne, H. S. Raymond and Orrin Bump. The sermon was preached by the Rev. Thomas W. MacLean, of Trinity church, who took occasion to say that on the first Sunday in September he would preach a memorial sermon on the honored deceased at the church. The remains were laid to rest in Pine Ridge cemetery.

    Additional Notes.

      1850 Census, Lower Saginw (Bay City), Hampton Twp., Saginaw Co, Mich.

    • Catlin, Israel - b. 1814, NY
    • Eliza, wife - b. 1811, NY
    • Theresa, dau., - b. Hampton, Saginaw, MIch.
    • Elijah, bro., - b. 1826, NY

      1880 Census, Bay City, MI:

    • Catlin, Irael, b. 1815, NY
    • Eliza F., wife - b. NY
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  • The steam mill reference in the article was called the Catlin Mill. It was built in 1847 and was located near foot of Eighth street.
  • Catlin was one of the three superintendents of Bay County's first poor farm.
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    Browne, Frederick P.
    Bump, Orrin
    Catlin, Eliza F. (wife)
    Catlin, Elijah (bro.)
    Catlin, Irael (subject)
    Catlin, Theresa (dau.)
    Cranage, Thomas
    Drake, John
    Fraser, James
    Jennison, Charles E.
    MacLean, Thomas W. Rev.
    Raymand, Henry S.
    Williams, Harvey
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    Kawkawlin River
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