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City Hall, Bay City - 1894
Located on Washington, northwest corner of 10th Street.

The Sunday Times - November 4, 1894


The Stone Carving On The Front Entrance
A Shield Bearing Emblems of Michigan's Future Grant -- A Coming Book Display.

The stone carving on the front of the new city hall is the most beautiful in the city and bespeak's praise for Tennant & Bate, the contractors. The front will bear a study. At the suggestion of Ald. Kroeneke, Walter Koeppe, the architect, brought out in the detail, something that would be symbolic of Bay City, in the way of her industries, and the stone carver has made a splendid representation of Ald. Kroeneke's idea.

The main or center column of the Washington avenue entrance is surmounted by the head of a fierce lion, out of the top of which rises in bold relief, a salt block drill house, illustrative of the salt industry. Then just above, standing out boldly on a shield is an anchor, representing the shipbuilding industry and a band and circular saw, illustrative of the lumber industry. Hanging above them all is a string of fish, emblematical of our fisherys.

To the south side of the entrance is face of a lady with wings on her head (not wheels) representing Commerce, and to the north, in the same position is a head of a female figure representing industry.

There are numerous other heads distributed about the front of the buildings.

When estimates were made for the new city hall $1,000 was set aside for a bell. On account of the new tariff bill the price of the bell metal has been reduced and the city was thereby enabled to get a bell weighing 6,000 pounds (three tons) for $950.00 or $50 less than it was expected that a bell weighing 5,000 pounds would cost.

It was fortunate for the city that the sub-structure was put up this season. Stone and other material was cheap, and the contractors have been able to do for $71,000 what otherwise would have cost $90,000 to $100,000.

In another way, the improvement was a good one. It furnished employment to a large number of workmen during the dull season.

The tower is rapidly approaching completion. The bells are now being cast and will be here in a few days. In the bell space of the tower will be an observatory, the highest point in the city excepting the Center avenue tower. This will be reached by means of a spiral stairway from the upper floor of the main building.

It is expected the new monument to Bay City's prosperity will be finished before January 1, 1896. The convention of the state librarians society two years hence will be held in the library portion, and at the same time will be given an exhibition of rare old books, of which, Ald. Kroeneke is the owner of the greatest number held by any individual in Michigan.

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