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Myron William Clift (1883-1948)
Born in Bay City, medical practice at Bay City and Flint..
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  • History of Bay County, Michigan - Charles Moore, 1915


    Dr. Clift practiced the first two years in Saginaw, and since then in Flint, where he has become particularly well known as a specialist in internal medicine and X-ray work.

    Born in Bay City, Michigan, April 14, 1883, Dr. Clift is a son of William O. Clift, who was born at Syracuse, New York, and for many years has been one of the leading men in general insurance and real estate at Bay City.
    William O. Clift married Ella Gertrude Stocking, who was born in Painesville, Ohio, was married in that state, and came to Michigan with her husband. She died August 29, 1912. Of their three children one died in infancy, and the other is Lyle M., of Bay City. The oldest of the family, Dr. Clift grew up in Bay City, and was a pupil in the public schools there. For his literary training he was a student in Olivet College in this state, and was graduated in medicine from the University of Michigan in 1905. Two years were spent in Saginaw, where he did his first serious work in the profession, and since coming to Flint he has enjoyed a very large practice, with special emphasis on internal medicine and X-ray work. The doctor has membership in the County and State Medical Societies, and is a former secretary of the County Society. In politics he is a Republican. He is affiliated with the Masonic Lodge, and belongs to the Episcopal church.

    On October 20, 1909, at Flint, Dr. Clift married Miss Eliza Denham, a daughter of Giles L. Denham, a native of Flint, and representing one of the old and respected families of the city. Dr. Clift and wife reside at 227 West First street, and his office is in the Armory Building.

    Vol. 137, No. 17.

    Myron William Clift, Midland, Mich.; born in Bay City, Mich., April 14, 1883; University of Michigan Medical School, Ann Arbor, 1905; member of the American Medical Association; fellow of the American College of Physicians; specialist certified by the American Board of Radiology, Inc.; Inc.: formerly an associated professor of roentgenology at Detroit Medical College; consultant and officer in charge of the Army X-Ray School in Paris, France, during World War I; served on the staffs of the Receiving Detroit; for many years chief of radiology at Hurley Hospital, Flint; radiologist at Midland Hospital, where he died May 7, aged 65.

    Additional Notes:

      1909 Michigan Marriages: Flint, Genesee, Mich.
      Date: October 20, 1909.
      Groom: Myron W. Clift, b. 1883, physician, son of W. O. Clift and Ella Stocking.
      Bride: Eliza S. Denham, b. 1876 Flint, daughter of G. L. Denham and Eliza Henderson.
      Official: W. D. Powers, rector.
      Witnesses: Dr. M. S. Kruyf (?) and Lena Howard.

      1910 Census: Flint, Genesee, Mich.
      Denham, Giles L. - age 67, b. Mass.
      Clift, M. William, son in-law age 27, b. Mich.
      Eliza, daughter age 34, b. Mich.

      1930 - Census: Grosse Ile, Wayne, Mich.
      Clift, Myron W. - b. 1882, Mich.
      Eliza D., wife - b. 1876, Mich.
      Denham G., son - b. 1912, Mich.
      William O., son - b. 1914, Mich.
      Elizabeth H., dau - b. 1916, Mich.

      1940 - Census: Flint, Genesee, Mich.
      Clift, William M. age 56, b. Mich., widow
      Elizabeth, dau. - age 24, b. Mich., single
      William D., son - age 26, b. Mich., single
      Salts, Jane, niece - age 38, b. New York, married

      1948 - Michigan Deaths: Midland, Midland, Mich.
      Death of M. William Clift, born Apr. 14, 1883, son of William O. Clift and Ella Stockings. Widow.

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    Myron William Clift

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