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Colonial Hotel & Apartment House (1905)
Center ave. & Van Buren st., Bay City, MI.
  • Transcribed (May 2005)
  • The Bay City Tribune -- April 2, 1905



    The Colonial, the new family hotel and apartment house to be fitted out at Center Avenue and Van Buren street by C. D. Vail, will be a welcome departure in local public accommodations. The big residence formerly occupied by W. D. Young and the late Mrs. George Young, one of the largest and finest in the city, will undergo a complete transformation and when the changes are completed it will be a family hotel and apartment house with all the conveniences of a modern hostelry on the plan so popular in the big cities of the east. The plans for the changes have been completed by Pratt & Koeppe and work will begin at once as the contract has been let.

    On Convenient Plan.

    The residence which is double, each side being a counter part of the other, is divided by a heavy brick firewall extending full height of the three stories, a wide hall, the main halls of the two sides, running on either side the full length of the building. Large arches will be cut in the firewall, virtually transforming the two halls into one wide corridor. In the arrangement of rooms the residence was constructed with a view of shutting off the fire advance as much as possible and this feature with the heavy wall makes the spreading of a serious fire almost impossible. The office of the Colonial will be a neat affair of the bok order and situated in the first arch.

    The arrangement of the rooms on all three floors is similar. They are arranged so that any of them can be engaged en suite or single. On the first floor the two rear rooms on either side will be connected by an archway, one being devoted to meat and other cooking and the other being used as a pastry kitchen. The dining room will be on the west side of the building.

    On the second floor the firewall will be cut with arches exactly as on the first floor, transforming the hall way into a corridor large and wide enough for reception purposes. The third floor is now unfinished but it will be fitted up exactly as the two lower floors. The third floor will probably be arranged with a view of more convenience for bachelors quarters and a number of new windows will be cut in to furnish perfect lighting.

    Up-to-Date Service.

    Mr. and Mrs. Vail will be in personal charge of the Colonial, having placed their home for rent and they plan to furnish service of the swellest order. The house will in all probability be equipped with telephone communication in every room and uniformed bell boys will respond to every call, lighting and heating will be of the most convenient design. The dining room will be a model fitted in similar style giving the advantage of hostelry with almost club features. Mr. Vail has contracted for the services of a chef from New York and, the catering will be irreproachable. The house will be equipped with baths on every floor and will contain 35 guests. The ventilating scheme is as near perfect as possible and every room is “outside” there being no interiors.

    Is Fine Location.

    When completed the Colonial will be one of the finest locations in the city for families or persons who do not wish to conduct domestic establishments of their own. The wide veranda with many electric bulbs, will for a most pleasant resting place. The house is within five minutes walk from the Michigan Central, while there are four churches within three minutes walk so that no private home can have more advantages of location. The style of service is extremely popular on the east where apartment hotels of this character have been built extensively during the past decade and are now beginning to appear all through the west. Messrs. Pratt & Koeppe, the architects, say that if they were to build a structure especially for apartment hotel purposes they could make no better place than the existing Young residence.

    They expect to have the Colonial ready for occupancy by July 1.

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