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John Coryell (1843-1905)
Born in New Market, Ontario; salt well drilling busines in Bay City.

Biography, 1883. - Added August, 2011.

History of Bay County, Michigan - 1883


was born in New Market, Canada, October 23, 1843. He came to Bay City in 1863, and engaged in the location and boring of salt wells. He has sunk seventy-five wells in the Saginaw Valley. He was married in June, 1864, to Lizzie Cornell, of Bay City, and has two children. He resides on the corner of McCormick and Twenty-third Streets.

Data from son Charles' biography, 1915. - Added August, 2011.

History of Michigan, Vol. II, by Charles Moore (1915)

His birth (Charles) occurred at Petrolia, Ontario, September 2, 1865. His parents were John and Elizabeth (Carnell) Coryell, the father a native of New Market, and the mother of Tiverton, England, and from that country the father, after getting his education in the local schools, came to America and settled in Bay City in 1863. During the one year of his residence there he married, and in 1864 went to Petrolia, Ontario, where the oil excitement had attracted thousands of prospectors and others interested in the development of petroleum. At Petrolia he engaged in the work of drilling oil wells. In 1866 the discovery of salt water in Bay county, Michigan, led him to return to his original place of residence and he utilized his experience in drilling oil wells in the sinking of deep wells for the salt beds, and in a year or so became one of the successful manufacturers of salt. Thereafter his interests grew and expanded rapidly, and John Coryell became one of the leading business men of Bay City. He was born in 1843, and his death occurred at Saginaw, September 2, 1905, when sixty-two years of age. His wife who was born in 1840, died in 1885 at Bay City, age forty-five. They had two children, and the daughter is Mabel Coryell, of Bay City.

Additional Notes.

    1861 - Census: Whitchurch, York, Ontario, Canada.

  • Sheet 14, film C-1089-1090:
  • Coryell, Abram - b. 1804 U.S.
  • Amelia, wife - b. 1817 England
  • John, son - b. 1843 Canada W
  • Joseph, son - b. 1847 Canada W
  • Ester, dau. - b. 1849 Canda W
  • Caroline, dau. - b. 1852 Canada W
  • Elizabeth, dau. - b. 1854 Canada W
  • Maria A., dau. - b. 1856 Canada W

    1871/72 - Directory: Bay City, Mich.

  • Coryell, John driller, res. 1313 Woodside Ave.

    1893 Michigan Marriages: Portsmoth, Bay, Mich.

  • Date: Nov. 13, 1893.
  • Groom: John Coryell, well borer, b. 1843 Canada, son of Abram Coryell and Amelia Sheldon.
  • Bride: Minerva Green Whipple, b. 1843 Mich., daughter of Green and unknown.
  • Official: N. L. Freeman, justice of peace.
  • Witnesses: Mina Campbell and Eugene Reynold.

    1893 - Directory Bay City, Mich.

  • Bay City Coal and Lime Co. - Charles Coryell Mngr, cor 24th and S. Water.
  • Coryell, Charles - Mngr Bay City Coal and Lime Co, 24th and Water, res 301 24th.
  • Coryell, John - (Coryell & Brock), res 301 24th.
  • Coryell, Miss Mabel A - bds 301 24th.
  • Coryell & Brock (John Coryell, Wm Brock), salt and artesian well contrs, 24th and Water.

    1898 Michigan Marriages: Saginaw, Saginaw, Mich.

  • Groom: John Coryell, well borer, age 54, b. Newmarket, Canada, son of Abram Coryell and Amelia Shelden.
  • Bride: Annie N. Cheney, age 40, b. New York, daughter of Schmough.
  • Official: C. E. Mansfield, clergyman.
  • Witnesses: Jospeh and Nancy Brodaw.

    1900 Census: Buena Vista Twp., Saginaw, Mich.

  • Coryell, John b. Oct. 1833 Canada Eng.
  • Anna N., wife b. Jan. 1859 New York. - married 1898.
  • Cheney, Artie, step-son - b. Dec. 1885 Mich.
  • Cheney, Carl, step-son b. Jul. 1885 Mich.
  • Cheney, Roye, step-son b. Jun. 1877 Mich.
  • Cheney, Frank, step-son b. Mar. 1888 Mich.
  • Cheney, Harrie, step-son b. Jun. 1890 Mich.
  • Cheney, Carson, step-son b. Mar. 1897 Mich.

    1905 Michigan Deaths: Saginaw, Mich.

  • John Coryell, salt well borer, died Sep. 4, 1905, b. 1845 Canada, son of Abraham Coryell, of Pennsylvania. Married. Burial at Bay City.

    1917 - Minnesota Deaths: St. Paul, Ramsey.

  • Maria A. Rowell died June 28, 1917, b. 1855, daughter of Abram< Coryell and Emile Shelson. (sister to John)
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Ramsey Co., MI
Saginaw, MI
Saginaw Valley, MI
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