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Wilson O. Craft (1832-1894)
Native of New York, owned retail liquor store in West Bay City

Biography, 1883. (Added Dec., 2009)

History of Bay County, Michigan - 1883


W. O. Craft was born in Palmyra, N. Y., November 7, 1832. He came to Oakland Co., Mich., at four years of age with his parents. His father named the town of Rose, in said County. Remained there one year then moved to Plymouth, Mich., where his father engaged in the hotel business and afterward continued the business at Swartzburg, four miles below, and subsequently at Leoni, Mich., where he remained five years, at the end of which time he returned to Plymouth and engaged in distilling. A year later he returned to the town of Rose, and was on a farm for a year and a half. About this time W. O. Craft came to Saginaw and thence to Bay City, helping to start the Drake Mill, and was in Drake's employ two years. He afterward engaged in fishing two or three seasons for his health. In 1861 and 1862 he was filer for Moore, Smith & Co. After leaving their employ built a residence in West Bay City. In 1866 he engaged with Sage & McGraw as filer, remaining with them till the Winter of 1871, when he formed a partnership known as McKnight, Craft & Avery, for carrying on a wholesale liquor business. After being burn out in 1872 the firm was dissolved. He then built on Linn Street, where he now does a retail liquor business. He was married to Mary Sheley, who died in 1872, and afterward to Carrie Gardiner, of Greenbush, Mich. They have four children.

Additional Note.

    1861 Michigan Marriages: Bangor, Bay Co.

  • Date: Dec. 17, 1861.
  • Groom: Wilson O. Craft, b. 1832.
  • Bride: Mary Ann Sheeley, b. 1840.
  • Official: Rev Jacob C. Worttey, minister.
  • Witnesses: Isaac Hemminger and H. M. VanVoorheis.

    1869 Michigan Births: West Bay City.

  • William J. Craft, born Aug. 4, 1869, son of W. O. Craft and Mary Shelly.

    1872 - Michigan Births/Deaths: Bangor, Bay Co. Mary A. Craft, born Oct. 14, 1872, in Bangor, died Nov. 1, 1872, daughter of Wilson and Mary A. Craft.

    1880 Census: West Bay City, Mich.

  • Craft, Wilson O. - b. 1835 New York
  • Carrie, wife - b. 1847 New York
  • Jessie, son, b. 1863 Mich.
  • William, son b. 1867 Mich.
  • Lillie, dau. - b. 1871 Mich.
  • Etta, dau. - b. 1863 Mich.

    1892 Michigan Marriages: West Bay City.

  • Date: Oct. 26, 1892.
  • Groom: John P. Lambert, age 26, son of John Lambert and Bridget A. Gannork.
  • Bride: Lilliam M. Craft, age 22, daughter of Wilson O. Craft and Mary A. Shidey.

    1894 Michigan Deaths: West Bay City.

  • Wilson Craft, b. 1832 New York, died Feb. 12, 1894, son of James and Eliza Craft.

    1897 Michigan Marriages: West Bay City.

  • Date: Aug. 4, 1897.
  • Groom: Wm. J. Craft, b. 1869, son of W. O. Craft and Mary Shelly.
  • Bride: Anna Joy, b. 1874 Bay Co., daughter of Michael Joy.
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Craft, Etta (dau)
Craft, Eliza Mrs. (mother)
Craft, James (father)
Craft, Jessie (son)
Carft, Lillie (dau)
Craft, Mary A. (dau)
Craft, Wilson O. (Subject)
Craft, Wm. J. (son)
Gannork, Mary A.
Gardiner, Carrie (2-wife)
Hemminger, Isaac
Joy, Anna
Joy, Michael
Lambert, John
Lambert, John P.
Sheeley, Mary (1-wife)
Van Voorheis, H.M.
Worttey, Jacob C.
Subjects Referenced
Bangor, Bay, MI
Bay City, MI
Bay County, MI
Drake Saw Mill
Green Bush, MI
Lioni, MI
McKnight, Craft & Avery
Moore, Smith & Co.
Oakland Co., MI
Palmyra, NY
Plymouth, MI
Rose, MI
Sage & McGraw Mill
Saginaw, MI
Swartzburg, MI
West Bay City, MI
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