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Crump Manufacturing Company
Established 1884, in West Bay City, Michigan.

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Portrait and Biographical Record of Saginaw and Bay Counties, Michigan, 1892


The Crump's Manufacturing Company's New Planing Mill and Box Factory, one of the substantial industries of the Saginaw Valley, gives employment to from one hundred to one hundred and twenty-five men the year around, and does a wholesale car trade business in the manufacture of fancy saws of all kinds, pony planer, box matching machines and polishing wheels, with glue room 16x15 feet using all this space and is the only complete dovetailed box factory in the State.

Back of that room and between the two large elevators is a room 24x40 feet equipped with as complete an outfit for printing boxes, sign boards, engravings on wood, etc., as can be found in the country, they having one of the largest size Conell & Dengler cylinder printers made, and with the present rush of work it is kept running almost continually. Upon looking over the brass types and plates you will find them endless variety, and for fine wood-printing this firm cannot be excelled

Going across the bridge from this floor we come into a large paint and varnish room 34x70 feet being the second story to the dry kiln. This is all heated by steam and has all of the required apparatus for mixing paints and varnish for their cabinet work. All of this work is loaded direct into cars from platform and box slide at the rear of the dry kiln and is very complete for such work. Ascending the broad stairway from the second to the third floor, here we find the business room in the whole mill with six full sets of box saws running, and two power feed box matchers, the only machines of the kind in the Saginaw Valley. It has entirely superceded the old hand feed box matchers for each machine is capable of doing five times the work of the old style machines.

On this floor when running to its full capacity are employed fifty-four men and boys. The room is 125x60 all in one, and on the north end is a box cleating room 20x40, and the south end is a carpenter and repair shop 16x36 feet just over the drafting and sample rooms in front over the offices. All of these floors, rooms etc., are heated by steam, exhaust steam being used in the day time and live steam at night, and are so comfortable and warm in the winter, that men can do their work without beating their hands to keep warm.

The whole mill and offices including engine and boiler house are lighted by electricity taken from the works that the firm are stockholders in, and supplied with steam from their engines just north of the boiler house which is fitted up with four large 5x16 feet steel boilers. The boilers are all connected so that they can be run in a battery or separate, and running them as they do night and day the immense piles of waste shavings etc., are kept used up, and converted into electricity.

The electric light plant is one of the best in the State, being fitted up with two large engines, four Thomson & Houston arc machines. R. O. Crump is a Director in the company and now that they are consolidated with the Bay City Company it is one of the strongest companies in the State, and is known as the Bay County Electric Company. They furnish West Bay City and the bridge with its street electric lights, and all of the stores and dwellings; also the commercial light for both cities.

The fire protection of both plants is worthy of mention. The city water works supply the water for boilers and hydrants, and a full size six inch pipe connecting with the Tenth Street water main is run through and around the buildings. The three floors of the main mill are supplied with a four inch stand pipe and one hundred and fifty feet of hose for each floor and it is always attached so that it is ready at a moment's notice. The two large city hydrants are all connected up in the same way with three hundred feet of standard city hose, at each hydrant always ready for an emergency. In the boiler room there is hose always connected and read for use. The four boilers are fed from the same pipe so that every precaution is taken and all of the apparatus for fighting fire is on the ground ready at a moment's notice.

In conclusion we will say that this plant with it modern machinery and application of machinery is credit to the city where it is situated. Its officers are S. G. Crump of Pittsford, N. Y., as President, and his brother R. O. Crump of West Bay City, as Secretary and General Manager, with the able assistance of his son, S. C. Crump as Treasurer and bookkeeper.

It is an incorporated company doing business under the laws of the Sate with an organized capital stock of $10,000 which is all held by the above officers and as their invest now in the business is fully $100,000 it makes the stock valued at a high premium. The new plant and factory was all planned and drawings made by the Secretary and resident Manager R. O. Crump, who is a native of Pittsford, Monroe County, N. Y.

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