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Leman L. Culver (1831-1909)
Born in Semcoe, Norfolk, Ont., prominent business man in lumber and real estate at Bay City, MI.

History. (Added Nov., 2009)

History of Bay County, Michigan (1883)


Leman L. Culver was born in Simcoe, Norfolk Co., Ontario, November 11, 1831, remaining there until 1857, during which time he was engaged in different kinds of businesses. He then went to Buffalo, and engaged in the lumber business. In 1866 he came to Bay City, and engaged in the lumber business, which he still continues.

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The history of the discovery of coal, etc., is as follows:

“Some time in November, 1874, while prospecting in Section Three, Township Nineteen north, Range Four east, on the Rifle River, a stream tributary to the Saginaw Bay, Ira Bennett, a resident of that section, found in the bed of the river (the water being at its lowest stage) a piece of something which resembled coal. He almost immediately communicated the fact to Leman L. Culver, of Bay City, who forthwith proceeded to the spot designated and began an investigation. He dug down into the bed of the stream and found coal dust in large quantities. Knowing that the bed of the river had changed some time in the past, Mr. Culver arrived at the conclusion that the water had originally flowed over a coat bed, and that as it changed had washed portions of it into the newly formed stream. His belief was in due time communicated to Messrs. E. G. Sovereign, William Westover, H. P. Merrill and R. P. Gustin, of Bay City, and these gentlemen decided upon an exploration. The company secured control of nearly 2,500 acres in that section of Bay County, and at once commenced prospecting.

Additional Notes.

    Culver Burials at Pine Ridge Cemetery.

  • Harry, b. Jun. 29, 1850, d. Jul 3, 1887, born in Ringwood, Eng., foot stones: M.C., H.C. & Neddie.
  • Mary, b. Feb. 12, 1849, d. Dec. 7, 1926, beloved wife born in Ennis, Eng.
  • Edward Bryan, b. Feb. 18, 1879, d. Jul. 16, 1884, son of Harry & Mary.
  • Leman (L.L.), d. Dec. 26, 1909, age 78 yrs. 10 m., same side w/Mary L.
  • Maria L., b. 1833, d. 1912.
  • Berthie W., d. Oct. 28, 1861, age 4 yrs 6 m., son of L.L. & M.L.
  • W. H., d. Apr. 16, 1891, age 37 yrs.
  • Mary D., d. Mar. 7, 1874, age 14 yrs 13 m., daughter of L.L. and M.L.

    1863 - Directory, Buffalo, N.Y.

  • Culver, Leman L. - wood dealer, foot of Court, h. 100 Ninth.

    1870 - Census: Bay City, Bay, Mich.

  • Culver, Leman - 1832, Canada.
  • Maria, wife - 1853, Canada.
  • Welmer, son - b. 1854, Canada.
  • Aden, son - b. 1856, Canada.
  • Mary, daughter - b. 1860, Canada
  • Frank, son - b. 1863, New York

    1880 – Census, Bay City, Mich.

  • Culver, Leman L. - b. 1832, Canada
  • Mariah L – wife, b. 1834, Canada
  • Frank L. - son, b. 1864, New York
  • Aden J. - son, b. 1856, Canada

    1896 - Directory, Bay City, Mich.

  • Culver, Aden J., lumber inspector, bds 924 N. Monroe.
  • Culver, Frank L., mngr adv dept B C News, bds 924 N. Monroe.
  • Culver, Grace (wid. Wilmer H.), res 924 N. Monroe.
  • Culver, Leman L, lumberman, res 924 N. Monroe.
  • Culver, Wilmer H., bds 924 N. Monroe.

    1900 – Michigan Marriages, Bay City, December 16, 1900.

  • Groom: Frank L. Culver, age 38, b. Buffalo, salesman, parents: L.L. & Marie (Sovereign) Culver.
  • Bride: Kate (Tremain) Horan, age 38, b. Detroit, clerk, parents: John G. & Jenora (Fick) Tremain.
  • Pastor: Rev. P.T. Patchell.
  • Witnesses: Mary P. Patchell & Barbara Slavinski.

    1906 – Michigan Marriages, Bay City, Apr. 7, 1906.

  • Groom: Aden J. Culver, age 50, of Hampton twp., farmer, b. Canada.
  • Parents: Leman L. & Maria L. (Sovereign) Culver.
  • Bride: Ada M. Ewell, age 70, of Oakland Co., b. Oakland Co., parents: J. & Elsie (Connor) Nelson.
  • Pastor: Rev. Patchell.
  • Witnesses: Mary C. Patchell & Barbara Slavinski.
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Slavinski, Barbara
Sovereign, E.G.
Soveregin, Maria L. (wife)
Tremain, John G.
Tremain, Kate
Westover, William
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Bay City, MI
Bay Co., MI
Buffalo, NY
Detroit, MI
Ennis, England
Hampton, Bay, MI
Oakland Co., MI
Ontario, Canada
Rifle River, MI
Ringwood, England
Saginaw Bay, MI
Simcoe, Canada
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