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29th Regiment, Michigan Infantry (1864)
Organized at East Saginaw, Michigan.
  • Transcribed August 2005.
  • The Bay City Journal -- Friday, October 14, 1864

    Departure of the 29th Regt.


    The 31st Regiment of Infantry, which will hereafter, be known as the 29th, left their camp at East Saginaw on Thursday, the 6th inst., to join the Army of the Cumberland.

    The Regiment numbers some seven hundred and seventy men, or, including officers, about eight hundred and twenty four strong. The following is the roster of the regiment:

      Colonel Thomas Saylor, of East Saginaw,

      Lieutenant-Colonel F. Frank Eddy, of Flint,

      Major Alphonse M. Beebe, of Owosso,

      Adjutant Henry P. Symont, of Genessee,

      Quartermaster Wm. A. Bryce, of Bay City,

      Surgeon Titus Duncan, of East Saginaw,

      First Assistant Surgeon S. S. Garrigues, of Bay City,

      Second Assistant Surgeon To be filled,

      Chaplain Rev. John Hawker, of Portsmouth.

      Co., A. Capt. Alson Greenfield; 1st Lieut. Edward P. Allen; 2nd Lieut. J. J. Wilder.

      Co., B. Capt. W. L. Lewis; 1st Lieut. Hiram Bunnell; 2nd Lieut. Charles Monroe.

      Co., C. Capt. Edwin Saunders; 1st Lieut. Benj. W. Merrick; 2nd Lieut. Wm. H. Tuttle.

      Co., D. Capt. Charles G. Meyer; 1st Lieut. John A. Buerger; 2nd Lieut. Frederick Vanfliet.

      Co., E. Capt. Andrew J. Patterson; 1st Lieut. Sidney Main; 2nd Lieut. William Close.

      Co., F. Capt. George T. Swimm; 1st Lieut. Horace Blackberry; 2nd Lieut. John Branch.

      Co., G. Capt. Charles S. Eldridge; 1st Lieut. not appointed; 2nd Lieut. Charles S. Cummings.

      Co., H. Capt. La Ren Schram; 1st Lieut. George J. Hill; 2nd Lieut. George Reid.

      Co., I. Capt. John H. Hackett; 1st Lieut. G. U. S. Young; 2nd Lieut. James McCallum.

      Co., K. Capt. ----- -----; 1st Lieut. ---- -----; 2nd Lieut. R. H. McQuaid.

    The evening prior to their departure, several presentations were made, Col. Saylor was presented by the citizens of East Saginaw with $300 to purchase a horse. Hon. John F. Driggs was presented with a magnificent gold watch and chain, valued at $400, by the officers of the Regiment, as a token of their appreciation of his services in organizing it.

    On its passage through Flint, the citizens of that place availed themselves of the opportunity to present Lieut. Col. Eddy with a horse.

    The Regiment presented a fine appearance, and will doubtless do no discredit when their time of trial comes, to the splendid reputation of all the Michigan troops.

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    The 29th Regiment, Michigan Infantry,
    was raised entirely from the Sixth Congressional District, in 1864, and was organized at East Saginaw by the Hon. John Driggs. When the Regiment departed East Saginaw for Nashville, TN, it was commanded by Col. Saylor, who received his commission from the 3rd Cavalry. Upon reaching Nashville on the October 26th, they engaged in battle the same day to overtake the city.

    On Nov. 24th, they marched to Murfreesboro where the provided railroad escort services, engaging near Winstead Church and Alexandria before guarding the Nashville and Cattanooga rail line until July 1865. They were mustered out on the Sept. 6th, returning to Detroit on Sep. 8th, where they disbanded.

    *Bay Co. Civil War History
    People Referenced
    Allen, Edward P.
    Beebe, Alphonse
    Blackberry, Horace
    Branch, John
    Bryce, Wm. A.
    Buerger, John A.
    Bunnell, Hiram
    Close, Wm.
    Cummings, Charles S.
    Driggs, John F.
    Duncan, Titus
    Eddy, F. Frank
    Eldridge, Charles S.
    Garrigues, S. S.
    Greenfield, Alson
    Hackett, John H.
    Hawker, John (Rev.)
    Hill, George J.
    Lewis, W.L.
    Main, Shelby
    McCallum, James
    McQuaid, R. H.
    Merrick, Benj. W.
    Meyer, Charles G.
    Monroe, Charles
    Patterson, Andrew J.
    Reid, George
    Saunders, Edwin
    Saylor, Thomas
    Schram, La Ren
    Swimm, George T.
    Symont, Henry P.
    Tuttle, Wm. H.
    Vanfliet, Frederick
    Wilder, J.J.
    Young, G.U.S.
    Subjects Referenced
    29th Mich. Infantry
    31st Mich. Infantry
    Army of Cumberland
    Bay City
    East Saginaw
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