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2nd Regiment, Michigan Cavalry (1861)
Volunteers departing Bay City for Grand Rapids.
  • Transcribed August 2006.
  • The Bay City Press and Times -- September 5, 1861
    William A. Bryce, Editor



    In our last issue we made mention of the fact that Capt. John Godley, of the Michigan Second Cavalry Regiment, was in town looking up volunteers for his company. And, notwithstanding the fact that Bay County had as we believe already furnished more than her quota of the men that have gone from this valley to the war, we had no doubt that Capt. Godley would find many more of her citizens ready to go. Our expectations were fully realized. In the three days that the Captain remained here he enlisted no less than 36 men, who on trial will be found good and true. Most of them were residents of Bay City. Two of them walked forty miles, from the most distant townships of Tuscola County, on Sunday last, and reached here just in time to place their names on the muster roll as the company was leaving. In thus entering upon the arduous and dangerous life of a soldier, all seemed actuated by the patriotic desire to aid in the great and glorious work of saving the country from the power of the traitors and tyrants now in arms against its Government. There was no boasting heard, nor even any threats of vengeance against the rebels uttered. These brave men went to vindicate the outraged laws of our country – to sustain the great cause of humanity embraced in the Constitution of the Union. With such feelings within their bosoms, who can doubt that they will make a record highly honorable to themselves. –

    Their names are as follows:

    Albert J. Demarrec, Roswell D. Miller, Wm. Fisher, Wm. S. Brown, Alfred Foy, Charles Douglas, Alanson Canfield, Fred Rayner, Wm. W. Middaugh, Walter Whittemore, Alpheus Martindale, Irwin C. Barlett, Elias O. Graves, Wm. Dulmage, Wm. Head, David D. Stiff, Thomas W. Jameson, John M. Shucker, Jas. Sanders, Alex. Boyd, Seth Williams, Francis Jackson, W.W. Wright, Jas. McGregor, Henry Lockwood, Jas. P. Green, Henry Lunbury, Bernard Bourissa, Marshman Maxson,, Finley McDonley, Jonas W. Cole, H. J. Jenkins, Joseph M. Jones, Washington Calhoon, John Valentine, C. A. Frieke.

    On Monday morning last these men left here for the regimental rendezvous at Grand Rapids, Water street was thronged with the relatives and friends of the volunteers, upon whose countenances were depleted mingled emotions of sadness and patriotism. Women wept while the sterner sex spoke words of cheer to the brave men who were about to march to the defense of their country’s rights.

    The steamer Arid arrived here at 10 o’clock with quite a crowd of passengers, consisting of a portion of the company from East Saginaw, who had come down with flags and martial music to escort their comrades from home. Immediately on landing the entire company formed in column, marched up Water street, and returning to the Wolverton House, in front of which they halted. At this moment Judge Birney was soon passing by and was called upon to address the company, which he did in remarks highly befitting the occasion at the close of which nine cheers were given for the Union,and three for the “Bay City Boys.” Then came the parting scene of relatives and friends, which though brief was very affecting. At the word “fall in” from the Captain the men again took their place in the ranks, and to the “tune” of “The girl I left behind me,” marched up Water street and went on board the Arid. The lines were cast off, and amid the cheers of the citizens and soldiers the steamer departed. We cannot close this hasty sketch of the occurrences of Monday morning without alluding to the generous conduct of Captain Ogden, of the Arid, in carrying the volunteers on his boat free of charge.

    The following appeared next to the above article:


    Can we not do something in the way of Hospital supplies for our sick and wounded soldiers. There is now, and will be much suffering; and large supplies of clothing for Hospital use will be needed. The articles most in requisition are cotton and flannel shirts, drawers, and woolen stockings, (all of good size), towels, sheets and pillow-cases, link and bandages. Let us all contribute what we can towards making comfortable, Fathers, Husbands, Sons and Brothers, who are giving up the comforts to hardships, wounds, and death, to perpetuate the blessings we have so long enjoyed. Any articles left with Mrs. Henry Raymond shall be sent to the proper persons in Detroit, who will forward them to their destination. What we do let us do quickly.

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    People Referenced
    Birney, James (Judge)
    Godley, John Capt.
    Oden, (Capt. steamer Arid)
    Raymond, Henry Mrs.

    Barlett, Irwin C.
    Bourissa, Bernard
    Boyd, Alex
    Brown, Wm. S.
    Calhoun, Washington
    Canfield, Alanson
    Cole, Jonas W.
    Demarrec, Albert J.
    Douglas, Charles
    Dulmage, Wm.
    Fisher, Wm.
    Foy, Alfred
    Frieke, C.A.
    Graves, Elias O.
    Green, Jas. P.
    Head, Wm.
    Jackson, Francis
    Jameson, Thomas W.
    Jenkins, H.J.
    Jones, Joseph M.
    Lockwood, Henry
    Lunbury, Henry
    Martindale, Alpheus
    Maxson, Marshman
    McDonley, Finley
    McGregor, Jas.
    Middaugh, Wm. W.
    Miller, Roswell D.
    Rayner, Fred
    Sanders, Jas.
    Shucker, John M.
    Stiff, David D.
    Valentine, John
    Whittemore, Walter
    Williams, Seth
    Wright, W.W.
    Subjects Referenced
    2nd Reg, MI Cavalry
    Bay City, MI
    Bay Co., MI
    Detroit, MI
    East Saginaw, MI
    Grand Rapids, MI
    Steamer Arid
    Tuscola Co., MI
    Wolverton House
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