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Memorial Day Services
Includes listing of soldiers buried at Pine Ridge and Green Ridge cemeteries.

1889 Memorial Day. Contributed by Jim Petrimoulx - July, 2008.

The Bay City Tribune -- Thursday, May 30, 1889 (Page 6)

The Soldier Dead

Program to be Carried Out by The Brave
Heroes Who Are Still Among Us
List of The Veterans Interred In The Various
Cemeteries About Bay City

Everything has been arranged but the weather. The indications are as is normal upon this occasion , that the memorial services will be conducted under most inauspicious conditions, so far as the temperature is concerned. At 4 o’clock this morning the atmosphere is freighted with humidity and frigidity. Nevertheless the commoration of the soldier dead will be fittingly observed. U.S. Grant post accustomed to unpleasant conditions of weather has projected a more elaborate program than usual. The vets stood about the sheltered street corners last night and vowed they would carry out the program if it snowed. The post room was alive with sturdy grim visaged warriors who chatted good humouredly and made a few digressive comments upon the weather bureau..

Their feelings were somewhat ameliorated when some one brought in the information that the vocal students of the public schools had purchased an elegant floral offering for the occasion. This graceful and unlooked for courtesy was highly appreciated.

The Committee yesterday determined to have the memorial address delivered at the park. The line of march will therefore be along Center to Carroll park and from the park to the cemetery. The grand marshal will be Gen. B. F. Partridge, his aides being Orrin Bump, James A. Green, Sid Hall and James McKnight.

The first division in the procession will consist of a detail of the Bay City police with military and uniformed civic officials.

Second division: the common councils of Bay City and West Bay City and civic societies.

Third division: The Sons of Veterans, the G.A.R. of Bay City and West Bay City, and school children.

The procession will be formed promptly at 1:30 p.m. local time, the first division forming on Washington avenue with the right resting on Center avenue, the second division on Washington avenue the right resting on Sixth street, the third division on Washington avenue, with the right resting on Seventh street.

At the cemeteries there will be singing under the direction of Miss Rutledge; recitation “Red, White and Blue” E. Hallett; oration by Reverend N.G. Lyon; recitation “The Old Vet and His Grandson” by Miss Lulu E. Toles; singing, to be followed by the benediction given by Post Chaplain Glidden.

After the closing of those exercises the line will reform at the sound of the bugle and return to the G.A.R. hall by way of Van Buren and Sixth streets where they will disperse.

The military music for the occasion will be furnished by the G.A.R. drum corps and the Northwestern band.

The following list of the soldiers who are buried in the two cemeteries of this city has been furnished by W. J. St. Clair, secretary of the cemetery committee of U.S. Grant Post G.A.R. Those marked with an asterisk (*) have been supplied with headstones by the United States government. A requisition has been forwarded for headstones for the others.

Pine Ridge Cemetery

F. J. Buckman, lieutenant . Co. F. 20th Pennsylvania Cavalry *
Edwin Campbell, sailor Mississippi river navy *
E.J. Colburn, Co. H, 12th Wisconsin Infantry *
E. F. Hart, Co. H, 1st Michigan Infantry *
Stephen H. Hagadorn, Co. K 1st Wisconsin heavy artillery
G. M. Hemingway, Co. H ,4th Michigan Infantry *
Thomas J. Kelly, Co. D. 74th New York Infantry *
Harrison Maxon, Co. D, 10th Michigan Cavalry *
James McCormick, Co. F, 23rd Michigan Infantry *
A. L. McCormick, Captain ,51st Illinois Infantry *
Moses Page, private, Co. K, 14th Maine Infantry *
D. B. Patterson, Chaplain, 78th U.S. Colored Troops *
Ransom W. Randall, private, Co. I, 14th Michigan Infantry
Levi Sheppard, private, command unknown
George P. Shawl, private, Mexican war
J. R. Thompson Sr, private, Co. C. 7th Michigan Cavalry *
W.L. Thompson, private, Co. E., 23rd Michigan Infantry *
J.R. Thompson Jr. private , Co.D, 29th Michigan Infantry *
J. Thornwaite, Lieutenant, 6th Minnesota Infantry
A. J. Walton, Berdan sharp shooters *

Soldiers Rest
Leonard Jewell, private, Co. A, 14th Michigan Infantry *
Henry Deniker, private, Co. H, 14th Ohio Infantry *
David Baker, private, Co. D, 10th Michigan Infantry *
John Kittle, private, Co. H, 5th Michigan Cavalry
John Robinson, private, Co. B, 9th Connecticut Infantry
Alexander Boyd, private, Co. A, 2nd Michigan Cavalry
Levi Prime, private, Co. D, 10th Michigan Cavalry
Louis McNeal, private, United States Navy
John H. A. Bunz, private ,Co. K, 23rd United States Infantry
Henry Thies, private, Co. G. 10th Michigan Infantry
Moses Wells, private, Co. K, 23rd Michigan Infantry
Coney Wolf, private, Co. B, 63rd Ohio infantry

Eickemyer’s Cemetery

Moses Ackley, Co. G, 103rd Ohio Infantry *
H.B. Boyce, Co. C, 11th Michigan Cavalry
Ira F. Bailey, Co. M, 1st Maine Cavalry
W.E. Christian, Captain, Co. H, 30th Michigan Infantry *
H.H. Clover, Lieutenant, 11th Pennsylvania Reserves *
W.E. Carney, Co. A. 15th Michigan Infantry
William Dawson, Co. K, 72nd Illinois Infantry
John Heinzman, Co. K, 1st Michigan Artillery*
W.H. Lynch, Co. H, 159th New York Infantry *
Peter Myers, Co. K, 20th New York Cavalry*
J. H. Mc Gibbon, Co. B, 9th New Hampshire Infantry
Joseph Polheim, Co. B, 4th Michigan Cavalry
Frederick Runfer, Co. B, 29th Michigan Infantry
G.N. Riker, Co. I, 100th New York Infantry *
William Reed, Co. K, 2nd Michigan Cavalry
John H. Shaw, Co. D, 10th New York Cavalry *
Jared P. Sutton, Co. B, 29th Michigan Infantry *
D.C. Trombley, Co. A, 14th Michigan Infantry *
Johnson Vaughn, Co. B, 4th Michigan Cavalry
John Vero, Co. H, 11th United States Regulars *
John Wepper, Co. B, 29th Michigan Infantry *
Michael Winkler, Co. B, 29th Michigan Infantry
Albert Williams, Co. E, 102nd United States Colored Troops

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People Referenced
Bump, Orrin
Glidden, Rev.
Green, James A.
Hall, Sid
Hallett, E.
Lyon, N.G. Rev.
McKnight, James
Partridge, B.J. Gen.
Rutledge, Miss.
St. Clair, W.J.
Toles, Lulu E.

Deceased Soldiers:
See listing in text.
Subjects Referenced
Bay City, MI
Bay City police
Carroll park
Green Ridge cemetery
Pine Ridge cemetery
Sons of Veterans
U.S. Grant Post
West Bay City, MI
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