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Union Cadet Volunteers (1861)
Article published May 2, 1861, in the Bay City Tribune.
  • Transcribed November 2005.
  • Bay City Press And Times -- May 2, 1861.


    In our last issue we informed our readers that a volunteer company would doubtless soon be formed in Bay City. Within the last week such a company has been formed, under the name of the Union Cadets, composed principally of the young men of our place to the number of forty-seven. The Cadets have gone to work in earnest and will be in readiness to respond to the call of the Governor whenever it is made. The company has been regularly drilled every day, and has already acquired considerable efficiency in the various evolutions of light infantry.

    On Tuesday evening last the company elected its officers as follows:

    Captain Thomas M. Lyon,
    1st Lieut. R. W. Cummings,
    2nd Lieut. H. S. Raymond,
    1st Sergeant E. L. Dickey,
    2nd Sergeant James Stewart,
    3rd Sergeant Samuel L. Eddy,
    4th Sergeant Thos. Jamison,
    1st Corporal John Shucker,
    2nd Corporal W. W. Wright,
    3rd Corporal S. Paine,
    4th Corporal Oscar Dixon,


    Alvord, G. R.
    Barlow, E.
    Barney, J.
    Bartlett, I. C.
    Bird, B.
    Bourrasa, B.
    Boyd, A.
    Cahoon, W.
    Clark, C.
    Confee, P.
    Conlon, M.
    Dolahan, R.
    Doolittle, F.

    Fitzhugh, D.
    Heath, M.
    Huturn, J.
    Lain, Rofs
    Leonard, J. A.
    Lewis, Geo.
    Mahan, M.
    May, J.S.
    Meilhorn, F.
    Meisle, A.
    Meisle, H.
    Munroe, A.C.

    Paine, B.
    Phillips, J. S.
    Powell, M.
    Quigley, J.
    Ryan, Wm.
    Scofield, J.
    Spear, A. C.
    Turk, I.
    Underwood, W.
    Whittemore, W.
    Young, J.
    Young, T.

    We learn that the officers of the company will make an effort to have it attached to the 3rd regiment of Michigan, so as to be in the field as early as possible. The company is not yet full, and we hope the young men of Bay City will fill up the ranks at once so that they may get the benefit of the training before the company receives orders to report itself for duty.

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