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Dr. William Daglish (1828-1882)
Born in London, England, he settled in Bay City, MI, during 1855.

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History of Bay County, Michigan, 1883


Dr. William Daglish, deceased, was born March 8, 1828. He was bred and educated in the city of London, Eng. He early acquired habits of industry and a fondness for study, and all of his life was an indefatigable worker and close student.

Having relatives in the United States, and being imbued with Republican ideals, he emigrated here at the age of twenty-one years. Having had some study and experience in medicine he entered Rush Medical College in Chicago, and graduated. He first practiced medicine in Rockford, Ill., then in Chicago, being in theory and practice a Homeopathist.

Visiting the Saginaw Valley, in 1855, at the time of the cholera became an epidemic, he found his services needed, and he continued in the practice of medicine until 1861. To practice medicine in that early day of this valley required courage and self-sacrifice, as the settlers were scattered, roads bad, and pay worse. No doubt he then contracted this disease, “rheumatism,” from which suffered so much.

He entered into the law department of the State University, and graduated in the year 1863. He was elected and chosen to several positions of profit, but always declined. He always held some office of trust – was active in establishing the public schools of the city, and served in some capacity until obliged from ill health to resign as member of the School Board.

He was a member of the Council many years, also of the Board of Water Works. He was interested in all matters of public good, giving liberally of time and means. He, with Judge Miller, gave the sites where now stand the Fremont Avenue Methodist Episcopalian Church, the Baptist Church, and Presbyterian Chapel on Twenty-third Street. He was prominent in building the Methodist Episcopal Church, and for years an earnest and zealous supporter.

He was peculiarly of genial happy disposition, having always a kind, cheery work. His extensive travel, close observation and mirthful disposition made him a most agreeable and entertaining companion. He died December 12, 1882, after long and severe suffering.

Additional Notes:

  • 1855 – Wm. Daglish purchased a large portion of the plat of Portsmouth village, and head it surveyed and replatted by A. Aberts. Later additons were made to the plat by Medor Trombley and A. H. Ingraham. [Gansser, 1905]
  • 1859 – Wm. Daglish was named Bay City assessor along with Algernom S. Munger on May 23. [Gansser, 1905]
  • 1860 Census – Portsmouth, Bay, MI: Wm. Daglish, age 32, physician, val. Real estate, $5000.
  • 1860 – Wm Daglish partner in the Portsmouth Salt Company, which was organized March 13, 1860. Other partners were: James J. McCormick, Appleton Sevens, B. F. Beckwith, A. D. Braddock, Albert Miller, Charles E. Jennison, and William R. McCormick.
  • 1862 - William Daglish, age 24, of Portsmouth, marriage on Mar. 13, 1862, to Emily Miller, age 22, of Portsmouth. By Robert F. Johnson, justice of peace. Witnesses Elvira Fusler & Caroline Milles (Miller). [Early Bay County Marriages]
  • 1870 - Census, Portsmouth, Bay, Mich. (dwelling 70):
    - Miller, Albert, age 60, farmer, b. Vermont
    - Miller, Mary, age 55, keeping house, b. England
    - Miller, Sarah, age 22, without occupation, b. Mich.
    - Daglish, William, age 42, lawyer, b. England
    - Daglish, Emily, age 30, without occupation, b. Mich.
    - Williams, George, age 18, domestic servant, b. Virginia
    - Hage, Eva, age 19, domestic servant, b. New York
    - Daglish, Albert, age 4, --, b. Mich.
  • 1874 - William Daglish, born 1828, England married on May 19, 1874, at Bay City to Matilda E. Southworth, age 38, born in Conn. - Minister J.A. Wight pastor Presbyterian ch. Witnesses Albert Miller & Julia W. Cooke. [Michigan Marriages]
  • 1877 – Wm. Daglish was on first board of the public library. Other members were Archibald McDonnell, James Shearer, H. M. Fitzhugh, James Watrous and A. J. Cooke. [Gansser, 1905]
  • 1882 - William Daglish was buried at Pine Ridge Cemetery, as are:
    - Emily Miller Daglish (1839-71),
    - Albert M. Daglish (1866-97)
    - Willie Daglish (1863-64).
  • 1900 - Census, Bay City, Mich. (Dwelling #612)
    - Dawson, Belinda, head, b. 1829, Conn.
    - Daglish, Matilda E., border, b. 1838, Conn.
    - Picker, Alice E., border, b. 1857, Mich.
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Beckweth, B.F.
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Daglish, Albert M. (son)
Daglish, William (subject)
Daglish, Willie (son)
Dawson, Belinda
Fitzhugh, H.M.
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Bay City, MI
Bay Co., MI
Chicago, IL
London, England
Methodist Episcoplian
Pine Ridge Cemetery
Portsmouth, MI
Portsmouth Salt Co.
Rockford, IL
Rush Med. College
Saginaw Valley, MI
State Unversity, MI
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