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Ludwig Daniels (aka. Danielewski) (1846-1903)
Obituary of first Polish Immigrant in Bay City, MI.
  • Contributed by Jim Petrimoulx (Feb. 2008)
  • Bay City Tribune - Saturday, April 25, 1903

    Career was Interesting
    Ludwik Daniels saw Much in Life
    That Was Stirring and Strenuous
    In Early Days

    Struggled for His Country's Freedom
    And Left the Military Arena in Poland
    for the Political in America.


    Without regaining consciousness, Ludwik Daniels whose death was briefly noted in The Tribune yesterday morning passed to the higher life. The cerebral affection from which he suffered was practically incurable, although his family to the last clung to the hope that he might recover.

    Mr. Daniel's illness was first noticeable last Monday and after suffering a short time he became unconscious Wednesday morning . He is survived by a widow, five sons, C. A. Daniels of Grand Rapids; O. A., Cyril and Anthony of this city; Matelsi who is studying at college in Detroit and two daughters, Misses Florence and Bessie of this city. He leaves also a brother, Ignatius, in Poland and two sisters, one of whom is a member of the royal family of one of the minor German principalities.

    The funeral will take place next Tuesday morning at 9 o’clock from St. Stanislaus church and at 8 o’clock from the residence.

    Mr. Daniels was a member of Bay City lodge No. 129, F.& A. M. and to Bay City Lodge No. 23 K. P.

    Ludwik Daniels was born in Zerkow, Prussian Poland in 1846. His early life was strenuous and exciting. His father Constantine Danielewski was a “graf” or count and a member of the old Polish nobility. In the rebellion of 1863 Constantine was an officer and Ludwik when only 17 or 18 years old fought under his command. The rebellion was crushed , Constantine’s estates confiscated and he went with his son driven into exile. Ludwik went to England and shortly afterwards came to New York. He Americanized his name to Daniels and entered the United States service in the New York Rifles, a volunteer organization during duty in the civil war. In 1870 he came to Bay City and after five years of employment by F. H. Blackman opened a tailor shop of his own on Water street in the same place he occupied at the time of his death. In 1895 he was elected city treasurer and served two terms. In 1898 he was elected county clerk and 1900 re-elected. Last year he was nominated for a third term but was defeated by John G. Buchanan. The nervous strain incident to the campaign is said to be the predisposing cause of his last illness. He also served two terms on the police commission.

    Mr. Daniels was well educated having studied for the priesthood. He was versed in English ,German, Polish ,French and was a student of “Volapuk” the much discussed and exponential language.

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    Daniels, C.A. (son)
    Daniels, Cyril (son)
    Daniels, Florence (dau.)
    Daniels, Matelsi (son)
    Daniels, O.A. (Son)
    Danielewski, Constantine (father)
    Danielewski, Igantius (bro.)
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