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Lionel H. DeRemer (1889-1962)
One of Michigan's earliest aviators.

1912 New York Times article. - Contributed by Jim Petrimoulx - Mar. 2008.

The New York Times, March 19, 1912


George Beatty, Air Pilot, Takes a
Friend with Him to a Hotel.
Special to The New York Times.


NASSAU BOULEVARD, L. I., March 18. -- George Beatty went to luncheon today in an aeroplane, taking with him as his guest L. H. Deremer of Bay City, Mich.

Leaving the hangars here about 1 o'clock, he flew over Garden City and the Moisant aviation field and up the Jericho Turnpike, alighting at a spot near the hotel at which he had previously ordered luncheon.

After luncheon he returned to the field, where he has several pupils. Among them are Harry B. Brown, who has a Henriot pilot's license for flying abroad. He is in this country learning to pilot a bi-plane.

1912 Saginaw River flight. - Contributed by Jim Petrimoulx. Mar. 2003.

The Bay City Tribune - Monday, June 24, 1912 (Page 3)




Given ideal weather again, L. H. De Remer, the local aviator, made two flights from the old Curtiss farm south of the city Sunday afternoon. The first time he took with him his mechanician, Clarence Colley, and was aloft about eight minutes. The second time he carried Montague Wasson, a photographer, who from a height of 400 feet took several birdseye views of speeding interurban cars, celery fields and the river.

On his second flight of the day -- his 113th, by the way, since he first drove an aeroplane -- De Rember took the photographer out over the river swung to the south and followed the river upstream for more than a half mile. Veering to the east, he overtook an interurban car, soared around it in figure eight fashion, and then raced the speeding car almost into the city.

The few people who witnessed De Remer's two flights Sunday said he had perfect control of the machine all the time. He usually stayed up about 400 feet but at times ventured higher. His landings were made as easily and gracefully as the figure eight he cut in the clear sky while circling the interurban.

Snapping birdseye views from a spedding aeroplane was a new experience for Photographer Wasson. He was delighted with the trip and is not adverse to going up again.

Additional Notes.

    1870 - Census: Springfield, Oakland Co., Mich.

  • Deremer, Aaron - b. 1839, New Jersey.
  • Susanna, wife - b. 1841, Canada.
  • Jonathan, son - b. 1860, New Jersey.
  • Jesse, son - b. 1862, New Jersey.
  • George, son - b. 1864, Mich.
  • Mcclennan, son - b. 1866, Mich.

    1910 - Census: Bay City, Bay, Mich.

  • Deremer, Max - age 44, b. Mich. (Mcclennan)
  • Fannie, wife - age 42, b. Mich.
  • Herbert, son - age 22, b. Mich.
  • Cecil, son - age 18, b. Mich.
  • Harold, son - age 14, b. Mich. (Lionel)
  • Hartrandt, Wm. - age 75, b. Germany (maybe Fannie's father)
  • De*re, Catherine, daughter-inlaw - age 24, b. Canada

    1920 - Census: Bay Co., Mich.

  • De Remer, McLellan - b. 1868, Mich.
  • Fanny Amelia, wife - b. 1870, Mich.
  • Lonald H., son - b. 1888, Mich.
  • John C., son - b. 1893, Mich.

    1931 - Directory: Bay City, Mich.

  • DeRemer, J. Cecil (Clara) - musician, 610 N. Jefferson.
  • DeRemer, Lionel H. (Kathleen F) - news director WBCM Broadcasting, 238 N Madison Av.
  • DeRemer, Macellon C. (Fannie A.) - constable 3 Bank Blk., 610 N. Madison Av. (father)
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Lionel H. DeRemer

DeRemer graduated from the Wright Brothers school of flying in 1912, and owned one of the planes built by the Wright Brothers. A year after graduating he started an avialtor's school in Bay City, one of earliest in Michigan.
Excerpt from The Bay County Story - Footpaths to Freeways, by Les Arndt:
"With Orville and Wilbur Wright, Glenn H. Curtiss, and other early aviators, DeRemer had been a charter member of the Aero Clus of America. In 1912 he went barnstorming with the Wrights coast to coast. After securing his pilot's license that year, he worked as a test pilot with the early Brooks aircraft firm in Saginaw."
An excellent book specifically about DeRemer and the early aviation history of Bay County is, "Aloft," written by Geraldine T. Higgs.
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Beatty, George
Brown, Harry B.
Colley, Clarence
DeRemer, Aaron (g-father)
DeRemer, Catherine Mrs.
DeRemer, Clara Mrs. (sis-inlaw)
DeRemer, George (uncle)
DeRemer, Jesse (uncle)
DeRemer, John C. (bro)
DeRemer, Jonathan (uncle)
DeRemer, Kathleen Mrs. (wife)
DeRemer, Lionel (subject)
DeRemer, McClennan (father)
DeRemer, Susanna Mrs. (g-mother)
Hartradt, William
Wasson, Montague
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Jericho turnpike, NY
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WBCM Broadcasting, MI
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