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Year End News Review of 1881
Published by the Bay City Tribune.
  • Transcribed by Marvin Kusmierz. (April 2007)
  • Bay City Tribune - Sunday, January 1, 1882.


    A Review of the Principal Events of a Local Nature Which Have Occurred During the Past Twelve Months.


    1. Wells, Stone & Co.’s store and warehouse, Saginaw City, destroyed by fire. Loss $60,000. Henry Fisher fatally stabbed by Peter Wells at Kochville.

    6. Death of John Travers, the druggist in West Bay City, from the effects of an overdose of morphine. Night express on the D. & B. C. jumped the rails at Arn station.

    9. Mrs Frank Holten attempted suicide by the landanum route.

    10. Daniel O’Hearn robbed by highwaymen.

    13. Organization of the Bay county Pomological society.

    14 Court house, jail and Advance printing office at Rogers City destroyed by fire. Michael Smith, an insane patient in the Bay City hospital jumped from a window in the third story and escaped injury.

    20. Geo. H. Connor, aged 19 years, killed at Roger’s camp near Sterling. Races on the rec.

    25. Marriage of Louis Grabowsky to Miss Lena Grabowsky.

    29. Vassar postoffice robbed.


    1. Horatio Laracy, a ten years’ fugitive from justice, returns home and surrenders himself.

    5. Clark Harris, severely burned at Roscommon with nitric acid.

    6. Frederick Welchman kill by John Laesen at East Saginaw.

    11. John Mills shot through the breast by Barney Dunn in Miller’s saloon. Frank H. Eddy, of Detroit, attacked by roughs on Water street. Hugh Stevenson arrested, charged with perjury . Night policeman Carey sent to jail for 10 days. Horace Becker convicted of robbery in the Saginaw circuit courts.

    17. Marriage of L. F. Beach and Miss Clara Miller.

    23. Millie Peters, a child of 12 years, committed suicide by taking poison.

    25. The judgeship matter stirred up. Meeting of the bar.

    27. A box car ran into the Jennison dock and carried away a portion of its front.

    28. James McMadden (blurred - not legible )


    8. Democratic county convention.

    9. Appearance of the escaped man at the opera house.

    11. James Yawkey, an escaped prisoner, recaptured.

    18. Seventeenth anniversary of St. Patrick’s society.

    21. The greenbackers nominate their city ticket.

    22. Terrible combat between James Yawkey and Wm. Caldwell in the county jail.

    24. Marriage of H. E. Cobb and Miss Kittie Williams.

    28. Georgia Sprague rescued from red handed demon who sought her hand.

    29. Democratic city convention.

    30 Republican city convention.


    3. Sudden death of H. G. Chapin, editor of the Caro Advertiser.

    4. City election. Death of Mrs. C. Heintzmann.

    7. Burglary of Belmhoider’s meat market in West Bay City.

    11. Not legible.

    12. N. N. Murphy appointed chief of police.

    15. Attempt made to burglarize Mrs. C. Shephard’s store.

    19. Not legible.

    21. Not legible.

    22. James (?) convicted of embezzlement at Gaylord.

    23. The county jail has a close call from burning.

    26. John McDermott’s body found floating in McGraw & Co’s slip.

    28. Steamer Metropolis arrived at Tawas. Miller & Co’s produce store burglarized. The dam and pipe bridge carried away by flood at Alpena.


    1. Sixteenth anniversary of Rev. J. Ambrose Wight as pastor of the Presbyterian church.

    4. Court house broken into and the treasurer safe blown open. $51.75 secured.

    9. Theodore Campau confessed to burning Crawford & Co.’s buildings at Caseville. Phil Shook embezzled a large amount of money from C. R. Hawkins & Co., at Alpena.

    11. The steamer Metropolis ran upon Black Island.

    14. An amateur cyclone visited Bay City.

    16. Mrs. Lena Seidel drowned herself in a well on Fitzhugh street.

    17. Marsenus Wilsey and son killed in Williams township by a falling tree.

    18. The whale in Bay City, Phew!

    19. Two children named Trombley go wild while lost in the woods near Munger station.

    20. Hugh McDonald stabbed by Clifford Bobter of Oscoda. James and William Feehley arrested at East Saginaw.

    25. Kochville bill passed the senate.

    26. Howe’s planing mill in West Bay City destroyed by fire; loss $11,000.

    30. Decoration day.


    1. John Wald’s meat market burlarized.

    2. Mrs. Thomas McGraw strangled in a dummy elevator at Detroit.

    3. Martin, sub-marine diver of Detroit, lost $100 in this city.

    6. Body of Francis Green found on the beach near Tobico bay. Frost at Tawas, Beaver Lake and Williams.

    7. Chesaning riot. One man killed.

    8. Meeting of the Michigan state medical society.

    9. Lee Deland nearly killed on a raft of logs. Leon Laselle killed in Hay, Butman & Co.’s mill. Circular saw in Lond’s saw mill at Oscoda exploded; damage $500.

    10. Jacob Smith killed by a runaway team on the Keystone company’s farm.

    11. Patrolman Cuthbert assaulted by roughs. Ludington burned. Eclipse. Fred T. Lee kill by the cars at East Saginaw.

    13. John Hayes lost both arms in the Detroit saw mill. Nearly a calamity at Burr Robbins & Colvins circus. George H. Pollehn serious injured.

    14. Augustus Lawson, a Swede, falls from a lumber pile at Eddy Bros.’ mill and is killed.

    22. Arrest of George M. Grosvent in Clayton for outraging his half-sisters.

    23. Organization of the Swift electric light company.

    24. Graduating exercises at the opera house.

    27. Annual meeting of the Bay county bible society.

    30. Albert Benson, a baggageman on the F. & P.M. instantly killed at the Cheboyganning bridge.


    10. John O’Donnell’s plans to rob Judge Holmes’ residence frustrated.

    14. Appearance of Barnum’s circus. Dr. Tyler’s residence robbed.

    16. Death of Mrs. Elizabeth W. Rogers, and Mrs. Matilda McCormick, pioneers of the vally.

    19. Samuel Rosebush, 10 days prisoner, committed suicide by jumping from Third street bridge. Mrs. Taylor, found dead in West Bay City. A.W. Wright and Pearson & Son’s mill property in Saginaw City destroyed by fire.

    20. Sudden death of Minnie Ryan of this city in East Saginaw. Launch of the steam barge R. A. Packer. Clifford S. Waiton received cadetship appointment.

    24. Assault on the Polish priest.

    25. A dancing party at Jospeh Larock’s residence on Fraser street, attacked by roughs, who used revolvers, but without fatal results.

    26. John Hannan, run over by the cars and instantly killed at the Madison street crossing.

    28. Kochville celebration.

    30. Launch of the steamship Oceanica, the largest craft ever built on Saginaw river.


    1. Celebration of Emancipation day.

    2. Hyde & Trombley’s planing mill burned; loss, $8,475.

    3. Trains delayed by forest fires.

    7. A child of Charles Roscoe, of Fitzhugh street, killed by falling down stairs.

    9. Death of Mrs. Theresa Marsac, a pioneer.

    10. Fire in lumber at Murphy’s Dorr’s mill on the middleground, loss, $35,000. Street fakirs egged at Tawas.

    12. Alex Perry caught “shoving the queer.”

    16. Body of an unknown man found floating near the railroad bridge.

    22. Explosion of an agricultural boiler in West Bay City. James Kealy and Wm. I. Abrams instantly killed.

    25. Saw mill hands at Oscoda on a strike.


    6. Forest fires raging. Launch of the steamship Clyde.

    9. Call issued for a public meeting to aid fire sufferers. Rolla Glover’s residence entered and valuables stolen.

    10. Train on the D. & B.C. robbed at Vassar.

    11. Destruction of Watrous Bros.’ saw mill, lumber, etc.; loss, $32,000.

    17. Bassett, Seed & Co.’s store robbed of $1,200 work of silks.

    19. Drake mill in West Bay City burned., loss, $6,000.

    20. County fair.

    21. Joseph Pepin and William Dellaire of this city, killed by falling trees near Clare.

    28. Session of Genesee conference of Congregational ministers.


    2. Archie Chisholm stabbed by Joseph Schafer.

    5. Sixteenth annual reunion of the Twenty-third Regiment, Michigan infantry, at the opera house.

    7. Bousfield & Co.s’ staves destroyed by fire; loss, $10,000.

    8. John Farr suddenly expires in the Globe Hotel. Two children of Adolph Fontaine drowned.

    9. Sudden death of Dr. S.H. Hagadorn.

    13. Departure of the Peninsulars for Yorktown.

    14. Recover of Bassett, Seed & Co.’s silk. Martin Buggu killed in McGraw & Co.’s mill.

    15. State Baptist convention.

    20. Henry Keller drowned at Third street bridge.

    24. Frank Reynolds accidentally killed on the Steamer Dove. Foot of Water street vacated.

    28. Dr. N.C. Hall found guilty at Pontiac of murdering wife.

    29. Leon Lombardi blowed a hole through Ferdy Duval with a revolver.

    30. Board of health, born.


    10. Pedro Roach captured at Duluth.

    11. Bousfield & Co.’s dry kiln burned.

    13. Boiler exploding at New York works; four men killed.

    15. John Lightner drowned in Sixteenth street slip.

    22. Mrs. Curtis trial at Charlotte.

    23. Six piles of lumber at Carrier & ? burned.

    28. Funeral of James Hay at Saginaw City.

    29. Joseph Stregle killed in Carpenter’s camp.


    2. Bungling attempt at safe-cracking in Hine’s butcher shop and the cracker factory.

    6. Daniel Miller burned to death at Lapeer.

    15. Lyman St. Clair fatally injured on the Mackinaw division near West Branch.

    17. Deputy Sheriff Forbes murdered at Roscommon.

    18. Fire in West Bay City.

    21. Case of small pox discovered.

    26. Riot among laborers on the Mackinaw division.

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    Water St., foot of Center Ave.

    News Review of 1882
    People Referenced
    Abrams, Wm. I.
    Beach, L.F.
    Becker, Horace
    Bensen, Albert
    Bobter, Clifford
    Buggu, Martin
    Caldwell, Wm.
    Campau, Theodore
    Chapin, H.G.
    Chisholm, Archie
    Cobb, H.E.
    Connor, Geo. H.
    Curtis, Mrs.
    Deland, Lee
    Dellaire, Wm.
    Dorr, Murphy
    Dunn, Barney
    Duval, Ferdy
    Eddy, Frank H.
    Farr, John
    Feehley, James
    Feehley, Wm.
    Fisher, Henry
    Fontaine, Adolph
    Forbes, (Dep. Sheriff)
    Glover, Rolla
    Grabowsky, Lena
    Grabowsky, Louis
    Green, Francis
    Grosvent, Geo. M.
    Hagadorn, S.H. Dr.
    Hall, N.C. Dr.
    Hannan, John
    Harris, Clark
    Hay, James
    Heintzmann, C. Mrs.
    Holmes, Judge
    Holten, Frank
    Kealy, James
    Keller, Henry
    Laesen, John
    Laracy, Horatio
    Larock, Joseph
    Laselle, Leon
    Lawson, Augustus
    Lightner, John
    Lombardi, Leon
    Marsac, Theresa Mrs.
    McCormick, Matilda Mrs.
    McDermott, John
    McDonald, Hugh
    McGraw, Thomas Mrs.
    McMadden, James
    Miller, Clara Mrs.
    Miller, Daniel
    Mills, John
    Murphy, N.N.
    O'Donnell, John
    0'Hearn, Daniel
    Pepin, Joseph
    Perry, Alex
    Peters, Millie
    Pollehn, Geo. H.
    Reynolds, Frank
    Roach, Pedro
    Rogers, Elizabeth W. Mrs.
    Roscoe, Charles
    Rosebush, Samuel
    Ryan, Minnie
    Schafer, Joseph
    Shook, Phil
    Seidel, Lena Mrs.
    Sevenson, Hugh
    Shephard, C. Mrs.
    Smith, Jacob
    Smith, Michael
    Sprague, Georgia
    St. Clair, Lyman
    Stregle, Joseph
    Travers, John
    Taylor, Mrs.
    Tyler, Dr.
    Waiton, Clifford S.
    Wald, John
    Welchman, Frederick
    Wight, J. Ambrose Rev.
    Williams, Kittie Miss.
    Wilsey, Marsenus
    Yawkey, James
    Subjects Referenced
    A.W. Wright & Pearson mill
    Barnum's circus
    Bassett, Seed & Co.
    Bay City
    Bay City hospital
    Bay Co. bible society
    Bay Co. Pomological society
    Beaver lake
    Behlmhoider's meat market
    Black Island
    B. Robbins & Colvins circus
    Board of health
    Bousfield & Co.
    Caro Advertiser
    Carpenter's camp
    Craker factory
    Crawford & Co.
    C.R. Hawkins & Co.
    D.& B.C. R.R.
    Drake mill
    East Saginaw
    Eddy's mill
    F. & P.M. R.R.
    Globe Hotel
    Hay, Butman & Co.
    Hine's butcher shop
    Howe's planing mill
    Hyde & Trombley's mill
    Jennison dock
    Keystone Co.
    Kochville Twsp.
    Lond's saw mill
    McGraw & Co's mill
    MI Inf., 23rd Reg.
    MI state medical society
    Miller & Co. store
    Miller's saloon
    Munger station
    Opera house
    Rogers City
    Saginaw City
    Small pox
    State Baptist convention
    Steamer Clyde
    Steamer Dove
    Steamer Metropolis
    Steamer Oceanica
    Steam barge R.A. Packer
    St. Patrick's society
    Swift electric light co.
    Third street bridge
    Tobico bay
    Vassar postoffice
    Wald's meat market
    Watrous Bros. mill
    Wells, Stone & Co.
    West Bay City
    West Branch
    Williams Twsp.
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