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Year End News Review of 1882
Published by the Bay City Tribune.
  • Transcribed by Marvin Kusmierz. (September 2003)
  • Bay City Tribune

    Diary of 1882

    - January -

    2 - Publication of Bay City's building improvements showing the total ependiture nearly a million dollars.

    6 - Swill milk and small pox under the consideration of the Board of Health.

    9 - A little four-year old daughter of David Davison, of Essexville, burned to death.

    10 - First number of Lamp of life issued.

    12 - West Bay City Presbyterians decide to erect a $15,000 church.

    13 - Annual table published showing manufacture of lumber for 1881 to have been 977,820,317 feet.

    13 - News from Washington settled the postoffice question, the office to remain in the Opera House Block.

    13 - Mrs. Capt. Allen, of the barge "Brightie," nearly drowned at night while attempting to board the boat at the Industrial Works.

    18 - Exhibition of West Bay City's improvements. $208,075 expended.

    18 - Marriage of Manger John Buckley and Miss Katherine Welch.

    18 - Unpleasantness in the Probate Court between a divorced husband and wife over an abducted child.

    19 - Description of the minature saw mill, a mechanical wonder.

    19 - John Zetch found dead at East Tawas.

    20 - Production of the allegory the "Great Republic" at the opera house.

    20 - Annual meeting of State Salt Association in East Saginaw.

    20 - The electric light under consideration of the Common Council committee.

    23 - Farewell complimentary reception to Mr. and Mrs. S.A. Van Dusen at the Fraser House.

    23 - Sudden illness of John McEwan, the pioneer mill owner.

    23 - Grayling comes to the surface with the thermometer 32 degrees below zero.

    25 - Tenth annual report of superintendent of water works, E.L. Dunbar, showing 944,382,043 gallons pumped in 1881, it being the largest consumption of water since the introduction of the Holly system into Bay City.

    25 - Iron moulders on a strike for an advance of twenty-five cents per day.

    25 - Several cars thrown from the track at St. Helens. No one injured.

    26 - Death of John McEwan at 3:15 am.

    27 - Death of Arthur M. Birney at Fort Keogh, M.T., is announced.

    27 - Final report of the Bay City Relief Committee published.

    28 - The $8,000 expense package stolen at Grayling.

    28 - Burial of John McEwan.

    30 - Squabble among the supertendent of the poor.

    30 - Two sons of Mrs. Ray, of Maple Forest Township, Crawford County, frozen to death in the woods.

    30 - Col. Hurst's patent double action compound, conglomerated, automatic, triangular balanced weather signal inflicted upon a generous public.

    30 - Eighty-dollars' worth of watches stolen from M. Wendell by a young woman.

    30 - Louis Core found dead in bed in West Bay City.

    - February -

    Mrs. William Moots given a reception in the West Bay City Methodist Episcopalian Church, after her return from an European tour.

    3 - Joseph Valley broke through the ice at the railroad bridge and had a narrow escape from drowning.

    3 - Mackinaw train snow-bound and abandoned.

    3 - William Forsyth carried over a seventy-five foot bank on the Au Sable river and killed instantly.

    3 - John Gorman, or "French Johnny," knocked out of time in a prize-fight with Jack Maloney.

    6 - Roderick McCloud killed in Roscommon County by a rolling log.

    8 - Polish boy named Recosky fatally shot while gunning near, Auburn.

    14 - The extensive lumber business of H.W. Sage & Co. placed on the market.

    15 - Henry Trombley, a resident of Hampton Township, found dead.

    15 - Augus McDonald, hostler at Anscomb House barn, injured by stalion "Golden Sheaf."

    23 - Formation of Bay City Chamber of Commerce.

    26 - John Hayes died suddenly at his home on Second Street.

    26 - William Maior, of Arenac severely stabbed.

    - March -

    Completion of Hamilton, McClure and Co.'s brine reservoir.

    Washouts on the Mackinaw division between Ogemaw and Beaver Lake.

    2 - Tug, "Clara" sank in Saginaw Bay.

    9 - The tugs, "Golden Eagle" and "C.W. Liken" experience a rough time with ice on the Saginaw Bay.

    14 - Murder of William Michie, at State Road crossing, made known by the discovery of his dead body.

    14 - Stephen Barry killed by an F.&P.M. train in Midland.

    15 - Mrs. John Webber suddenly expired, at her home, corner Eighteenth and Fraser Streets.

    16 - The Tribune published its annual shipbuilding operations, showing expenditure of $500,000 in water craft.

    16 - Common Council visited East Saginaw to examine the electric light system.

    16 - Thomas Coon ran over by a street car and fatally injured, at the south end.

    17 - John Crawfor killed on a rollway at Thompson's camp on the Au Sable.

    20 - Capt. Gilbert Travers, master of Blanchard's steam barge "Mayflower," died in Detroit.

    22 - Thomas Balfour, of West Bay City, died.

    20 - Andrew Levey run over by the cars and killed, near the foot of Jefferson Street.

    20 - Arrest of Joseph D. Parrent on the charge of murdering William Michie.

    23 - Greenback city nominations made.

    27 - Teacher's institute began exercises in the new high school.

    - April -

    3 - City election.

    3 - Child of W.R. Evans, the barber, ran over by a street car and killed.

    5 - Publication of the shocking work done in the lumber woods -- forty-five men killed during the Winter.

    5 - Terrible tornado passed over this section. Six men killed.

    11 - Parrent bound over to the Circuit Court for the murder of William Michie.

    11 - Dr. Tupper's horse stolen.

    11 - Jury in Titus murder case at Roscommon, failed to agree.

    12 - Tug, "Mand S," burned at Bay View.

    15 - $124,000 appropriated for Saginaw River improvements.

    18 - Waldbauer's tailor shop, in West Bay City, robbed of $600 worth of suitings.

    25 - St. George's Society annual feast and banquet.

    27 - Launch of the steam barge, "Nevada."

    28 - The policemen's wages raised.

    28 - Schnecker and Hopp's saloon, at the bridge, entered and burglar caught.

    29 - Democratic city convention.

    30 - Beginning of the Parrent examination for murder.

    30 - Republican convention.

    30 - Death of Mrs. Cleora M. Bligh.

    31 - Alice Oates and a chosen few desert their company in Bay City.

    31 - Joseph Borowiak's skull fractured by another Polander.

    - May -

    1 - Organization of the Bay City Brick and Tile Company.

    1 - A little son of John B. Castonjuey drowned in a cistern.

    4 - Wholesale stampede of horse on Water Street: nine vehicles on the go at one time. John Rowell seriously injured.

    8 - Two trains collided at Kawkawlin. Damages $5,000.

    11 - Steam barge "Prindeville" went ashore at Oscoda.

    12 - Trial of Joseph D. Parrent commenced in the Circuit Court.

    12 - Frank C. Bruce, a Saginaw forger, absconded.

    16 - Jesse Hoyt's planing mill at East Saginaw, burned.

    16 - First saengerfest meeting held.

    17 - Mitchie's murderer found in the person of Parrent.

    19 - Plummer & Bradley's saw mill at Ogemaw, burned.

    20 - Death of W.S. Gerrish.

    22 - Parrent sentenced to State prison for life.

    22 - James St. Charles, of Madoc, Ont. found dead at Pinconning.

    24 - Robert Graham killed near Gladwin.

    27 - Jerry McAuliffe cut his foot at Houghton Lake, and bled to death.

    - June -

    1 - Forepaugh's show in the city.

    2 - Frank Foote, foreman of the Saginaw Bay & Northwestern Railroad, fatally injured at Pinconning.

    5 - New of the murder of Edward Washington of this city, near Moorhead, Minn.

    8 - Cyclone in First Ward.

    9 - Murderer of Edward Washington, in Minnesota, lynched.

    12 - Stone road loan vote carried.

    16 - Concordia Block visited by burglars.

    16 - T.B. Donnelly's diamond stolen.

    20 - Marriage of Ella V. Roosevelt and Capt. J.D. Graham.

    21 - Bay Citys defeated the Caros, 29 to 6.

    23 - Graduation exercises Bay City High School.

    28 - Launch of James Davidson's steam ship, "Siberia", the largest craft ever built on the Saginaw River.

    29 - Death of Prof. Julius W. Hatch.

    - July -

    4 - Maud, daughter of D.M. Pierce, of this cty, fatally burned at Beaver Lake.

    4 - Drowning of Willie Campbell and Mary Rose, in the Kawkawlin River, at Riverside farm.

    4 - James Welch given a fatal blow by unknown persons.

    4 - Judge Birney orates at East Saginaw.

    6 - Death of James Welch.

    14 - Sudden death of Frank Vosburg.

    17 - Three men percipitated from a scaffolding of the new St. Joseph's Church, and badly injured.

    19 - Detroit versus Bay City, 24 to 4.

    20 - Burning of W.H. Lynch's picture store.

    21 - McLeod's shingle mill boilers in Saginaw City exploded, killing William Crawford and Ferdinand Scheum.

    21 - Frightful death of Samuel S. Foss, on Washington Street, by being thrown from his buggy.

    21 - Nelson Denner drowned at the railroad dock on the West Side.

    22 - Burning of Birney"s livery barn and other buildings on Third Street. Loss, $20,000.

    31 - James Ford killed by the cars, at Mount Forest, on the S.B.&N.W. Railroad.

    - August -

    2 - Dedications of the Arbeiter Society's new banner.

    2 - Marraige of Miss Sarah Wendell and Daniel H. Lieberthal.

    4 - A boy named Vail fatally injured by a runaway horse at Vassar.

    7 - First day of the fifth annual saengerfest of the Pininsular Saengerbund.

    8 - Owosso vs. Bay City, 8 to 2 in favor of the former.

    9 - Flints defeat Bay City 19 to 7.

    10 - Lapeer defeated by Bay City, 7 to 16.

    15 - Johnny Grant, aged thirteen years, shot and killed by an unknown person in broad daylight, near the corner of Fraser and Twenty-first Streets.

    15 - Return of the Pininsulars from the state encampment.

    16 - A tramway at the McGraw mill fell, precipating seven men, one of whom sustained fatal injuries.

    19 - Saginaws downed by the Bay Citys, by a score of 18 to 15.

    22 - Marriage of David Sempliner, of Au Sable, and Miss Annie Sempliner of this city, in I.O.B.B. Hall.

    23 - Republican County Convention.

    24 - Famous Slivers vs. Humming Bird base-ball match.

    25 - Ionia Club defeated the home team 11 to 1.

    29 - Samuel Henderson, twenty-two years of age, blew his brains out with a revolver at Au Sable.

    29 - Bay City vs. Zilwaukees; score 23 to 15.

    31 - Port Huron and Bay City base ball contest, 3 to 2 in favor of visitors.

    31 - Meeting of the First Congressional Convention of the Tenth District at the court house.

    - September -

    2 - Nomination of H.H. Hatch for Congress.

    5 - Bay City again defeated the Saginaws.

    7 - Bay Citys defeated the Flints 10 to 9.

    11 - Worcester vs Bay City, 36 to 4.

    12 - Democratic Congressional Convention. A.C. Maxwell nominated.

    13 - Democratic County Convention.

    15 - Electric light tower talked of.

    15 - Barges "R.N. Rice" and "City of the Straits" let go adrift on Lake Huron.

    18 - Providence vs. Bay City, 7 to 1.

    20 - Beginning of the Bay County Fair.

    27 - Saginaws defeated by Bay Citys, 7 to 6.

    28 - Flints ditto, 11 to 7.

    - October -

    3 - Saginaws defeated, 6 to 0.

    4 - Body of Colin Blaine found in the river at Carrollton.

    4 - Saginaws defeated Bay Citys 6 to 1.

    9 - Body of William Currie, of Roscommon, found floating, in Saginaw River, at Bay City.

    9 - Property of Woods & Reynolds at Saginaw attached.

    11 - Last game between the Bay Citys and Saginaws; won by the former; score, 20 to 3.

    14 - Formation of the Bay City Stock Base Ball Association.

    14 - Charles Hicks, of Lapeer, killed near Munger Station by the cars.

    14 - Kawkawlin postoffice robbed of $82.

    19 - Rally of the Republicans and speech by Senator Ferry at the opera house.

    23 - Death of Dexter A. Ballou and Jeanette Hemme.

    24 - Lottie Steward struck by an F.&P.M. train and frightfully injured.

    24 - Steamer "Emerald" broke her piston rod and damaged $2,000.

    28 - Fire at Hamilton, McClure & Co.'s. Loss $80,000.

    31 - Thomas MaGuire shot.

    - November -

    7 - Election.

    8 - James Burns killed in Kennedy & Culhane's camp in Roscommon.

    10 - John McCurley drowned at the railroad bridge.

    11 - Stores of T.A. Hall and E.B. Morehouse, at Sterling, robbed and $700 taken.

    15 - County cound settled and candidates declared elected.

    20 - John Wilson fatally injured by the cars at Pinconning.

    28 - Forty head of cattle at H.P. Merrill's farm poisoned.

    - December -

    1 - Free mail delivery system.

    1 - L.A. Good garroted and robbed of $190.

    4 - Indignation postoffice meeting in Seventh Ward.

    7 - Death of Remnel Rabidoux.

    7 - Saginaw Barrel Company's works at Saginaw destroyed by fire. Loss $180.

    11 - Patrolman Ryan assaulted by five unknown roughs.

    15 - Death of Dr. William Daglish.

    16 - Death of Major Prescott, ninety years of age, and a pensioner of the war of 1812.

    23 - Death of Mrs. J. Breckler.

    25 - John Wynn stabbed at Essexville.

    26 - Sales of the bank stock to the Bay National Bank.

    27 - Dolphus Labute killed in camp near Standish.

    28 - Case of Bay City vs. S.G.M. Gates quashed.

    29 - Resignation of Captain of Polices Simmons.


    Residences, brick blocks, etc., numbering 566 - $967,092.00

    Paving, 26,659 feet - $70,393.19

    Sewerage, 16,502 feet - $17,234.36

    Electric light, thirty miles of wire, etc. - $55,000.00

    Telephone wires, etc. - $2,500.00

    Water works, meters and piping - $5,000.00

    Sidewalks, twenty-five miles - $32,500.00

    GRAND TOTAL - $1,149,719.55

    1881 - $963,295.00

    IN FAVOR OF 1882 - $186,414.25


    YearPopulation Valuation


    Bay City has had railway communications with the outside world since 1867, at which time the Flint & Pere Marquette Roads was extended to this city. The present railroad facilities are as follows:

    Bay City Division of the Michigan Central R.R. -- 108 miles from Bay City to Detroit -- formerly the Detroit & Bay City R.R.

    Bay City & East Saginaw Division of the F.&P.M., thirteen miles. Main line of F.&P.M., extending from Monroe to Ludington. By both of these roads are we have eastern connection at Detroit.

    Mackinaw Division of the M.C.R.R., extending from Bay City northward to the Straits of Mackinaw and connecting with the Marquette division of the Northern Pacific, thus making Bay City on the most direct route to the great West.

    Saginaw Division M.C.R.R., Bay City to Jackson, 115 miles, direct route to Chicago and South and Southwest.

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    News Review of 1881
    People Referenced
    Allen, Capt. Mrs.
    Birney (Judge)
    Balfour, Thomas
    Ballou, Dexter A.
    Barry, Stephen
    Birney, Arthur
    Blain, Colin
    Bligh, Cleora M. Mrs.
    Borowiak, Joseph
    Breckler, J. Mrs.
    Bruce, Frank C.
    Buckley, John
    Burns, James
    Campbell, Willie
    Castonjuey, John B.
    Coon, Thomas
    Core, Louis
    Crawfor, John
    Crawford, William
    Currie, William
    Daglish, William (Dr.)
    Davison, David
    Davidson, James
    Denner, Nelson
    Donnelly, T.B.
    Dunbar, E.L.
    Evans, W.R.
    Ferry, (Senator)
    Foot, Frank
    Ford, James
    Forsyth, William
    Foss, Samuel S.
    Gates, S.G.M.
    Gerrish, W.S.
    Good, L.A.
    Goreman, John "French"
    Graham, J.D. (Capt.)
    Graham, Robert
    Grant, Johnny
    Hall, T.A.
    Hatch, Julius W. (Prof.)
    Hayes, John
    Hemme, Jeanette
    Henderson, Samuel
    Hicks, Charles
    Hoyt, Jesse
    Hurst, Col.
    Labute, Dolphus
    Levey, Andrew
    Lieberthal, Daniel H.
    Lynch, W.H.
    Maior, William
    McCurley, John
    MaGuire, Thomas
    Maloney, Jack
    Maxwell, A.C.
    McAuliffe, Jerry
    McCloud, Roderick
    McDonald, Augus
    McEwan, John
    Merrill, H.P.
    Michie, William
    Moots, William Mrs.
    Morehouse, E.B.
    Oaks, Alice
    Parrent, Joseph D.
    Pierce, D.M.
    Pierce, Maud
    Prescott, (Major)
    Rabidous, Remnel
    Ray, Mrs.
    Roosevelt, Ella V.
    Rose, Mary
    Rowell, John
    Ryan, (patrolman)
    Scheum, Ferdinand
    Sempliner, Annie
    Sempliner, David
    Simmons, (Police Capt.)
    Steward, Lottie
    Thompson's camp (AuSable)
    Travers, Gilbert (Capt.)
    Trombley, Henry
    Tupper, (Dr.)
    Valley, Joseph
    Van Dusen, S.A. Mr.& Mrs.
    Vosberg, Frank
    Washington, Edward
    Webber, John Mrs.
    Welch, James
    Welch, Katherine
    Wendell, M.
    Wendell, Sarah
    Wilson, John
    Wynn, John
    Zetch, John
    Subjects Referenced
    Anscomb House barn
    Arbeiter Society
    Arenac County, MI
    Auburn, MI
    AuSable River
    "R.N. Rice"
    "City of the Straits"
    Bay City Brick & Tile Co.
    Bay City Chamber of Commerce
    Bay City High School
    Bay City Relief Comm.
    Bay City Stock Baseball Assoc.
    Bay County Fair
    Bay National Bank
    Bay View
    Beaver Lake, MI
    Birney's livery stable
    Board of Health
    Carrollton, MI
    Chicago, IL
    Circuit Court
    Common Council
    Concordia Block
    Crawford County, MI
    Democratic convention
    Detroit, MI
    Detroit & Bay City RR
    East Tawas, MI
    East Saginaw, MI
    Electric light
    Essexville, MI
    First Congressional Conv.
    F.& P.M. train
    Flint, MI
    Flint & Pere Marquette RR
    Ft. Keogh
    Glaswin, MI
    Grayling, MI
    Hamilton, McClure & Co.
    Hampton Township
    Hatch, H.H.
    Holly system
    Houghton Lake, MI
    Hoyt's planing mill
    H.W. Sage & Co.
    Industrial Works
    Ionia, MI
    I.O.B.B. Hall
    Jackson, MI
    Kawkawlin, MI
    Kawkawlin postoffice
    Kawkawlin River
    Kennedy & Culhame camp (Roscommon)
    Lake Huron
    Lapeer, MI
    Ludding, MI
    Lynch's picture store
    Mackinaw train
    Madoc, Ont. Canada
    Maple Forest Twsp.
    McGraw mill
    McLeod's shingle mill
    Michie murder
    Michigan Central RR
    Midland, MI
    Monroe, MI
    Moorhead, MN
    Mount Forest Twsp.
    Munger station
    Northern Pacific RR
    Ogemaw, MI
    Owosso, MI
    Opera House Block
    Pinconning, MI
    Pininsular Saegerbund
    Plummer & Bradley mill(Ogemaw)
    Port Huron, MI
    Prize fight
    Republican convention
    Riverside farm (Kawkawlin)
    Roscommon County, MI
    Saengerfest meeting
    Saginaw Barrel Co. (Sag.)
    Saginaw Bay
    Sag. Bay & Northwestern RR
    Saginaw River
    St. Charles, James
    St. George's Socity
    St. Helens, MI
    St. Joseph church
    Schnecker & Hopp's saloon
    Ship "Emerald"
    Ship "Siberia"
    Standish, MI
    State prison
    State Salt Assoc.
    Sterling, MI
    Superintendent of poor
    Titus murder (Roscommon)
    "C.W. Liken"
    "Golden Eagle"
    "Mand S."
    Vassar, MI
    Waldbauer's tailor shop
    Washington, D.C.
    Water works
    Weather signal (patented)
    West Bay City
    West Bay City churches:
    - Methodist Episcopalian
    - Presbyterian
    Woods & Reynlolds property
    Zilwaukee, MI
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