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James Henry Dill (1828-1870)
Born in Orange Co., N.Y., Managed Poor Farm in Bay County, MI

1912 Biography. Added Oct., 2009.

Genealogical and Family History of Western New York, 1912.


Page 172.

James Henry Dill, father of Mrs. Lousia Antoinette (Dill) Derby, was born in Orange county, New York, about 1828, died at Bay City, Michigan, January 24, 1870. After the death of his father, his mother married Rev. Hamilton McCarter, a minister of the Methodist Episcopal church. The mother of James Henry Dill was Amelia (Skinner) Dill, whose grandfather Skinner was a soldier of the revolution. James Henry removed to Bay City, Michigan, where at the time of his death he was in charge of the county poor farm. He was an active member of the Methodist Episcopal church, and was a strong advocate of the cause of temperance.

He married Esther M. Harding, born in Orange county, New York, August 29, 1834, daughter of Nathaniel and Marylda (Taylor) Harding, now (1911) a resident of Jamestown. They had two children: Charles, died aged twenty-three months, and Louisa Antoinette. The last names was educated in the schools of Welland, Ontario, Canada, where her earlier life was spent. She married John K. Derby, who she survives, a resident of Jamestown. She is a woman of education and refinement, active in the work of the Presbyterian church and the Daughters of Rebekah.

Additional Notes.

    1870 Census, Hampton Twp., Bay, Mich.
    Listed at Bay County Poor Farm:
  • Dill, Esther, age 34, keeping house, b. New York.
  • Dill, Louisa, age 14, without occupation, b. Pennsylvania.
  • Johnson, Daniel, age 70, w/o occupation, b. New York.
  • Hemstreet, Agnes, age 61, w/o occupation, b. NEw York.
  • Hoover, John, age 11, w/o occupation, b. Michigan.
  • Hoover, Barbara, age 8, b. Michigan.
  • Mayers, Phebe, age 5, b. Michigan.
  • Mayers, Frank, age 1, b. Michigan.
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Hemstreet, Agnes*
Hoover, John*
Hoover, Barbara*
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McCarter, Hamilton Rev.
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* listed at poor farm.
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