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Miller & Turner Fire Spreads Through Business District, 1892
300 hundred buildings destroy, over $1 million in damages.

1892: New York Times. (Added Apr., 2009)

The New York Times - July 26, 1892


Three Hundred Buildings Burned Involving A Loss of $1,000.

Bay City, Mich., July 25. -- The greatest conflagration that ever visited Bay City broke out at 2' o'clock this afternoon in the lumber manufacturing establishment of Miller & Turner, situated on Water Street, west side, at the foot of Twenty-ninth Street.

The flames had also traveled three blocks to eastward, cutting a swatch two blocks wide. At this point the path of the fire broadened, and block after block was swept over with astonishing rapidity. Thousands of men, women, and children rushed about, all engaged in removing furniture and other household effects. At 5 o'clock about thirty blocks had been burned over.

At 8 o'clock upward of 300 dwellings had been destroyed and the fire was still sweeping toward the eastern limits of the city.

While the majority of the buildings burned belonged to working people many fine residences have been consumed. Two churches, four hotels, and about forty stores of all varieties are included among the structures which has contributed fuel to the flames.

At 9 P.M. many rumors were afloat concerning loss of life. So far as is positively known only one death has occurred, that of a woman whose name it is impossible to learn to-night. She lay sick in one of the houses which was destroyed. It is also reported that two children were burned to death, but the story lacks confirmation.

Miller & Turner, on whose premises the fire started, lost about $150,000, mostly covered by insurance. The entire loss will reach upward of $1,000,000, but it is impossible to learn to-night the extent to which different parties are insured.

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  • The fire was actually on the east side of Bay City, and not the west side as referenced in article. Details of the fire report by local newspapers is covered in:
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