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Nelson Briggs Dolsen (1864-?)
Born in Canada, raised in Bay City, settled in Nebraska.

Biography. (Added May, 2011)

History of Hall County, Nebraska - 1920.


Nelson B. Dolsen, manager of the J. H. Yost Lumber Company, has been a resident of Grand Island for less than a decade, nevertheless, he is well and favorably known here through his business enterprise and all-around good citizenship. During his entire business career he had been associated with lumber interests, as was his father successfully before him. Mr. Dolsen was born in Canada, in 1864. His parents were John L. and Anna E. (Pratt) Dolsen, the former of whom was born in Canada and the latter in Vermont. In 1866 the Dolsen family came to the United States and settled at Bay City, Michigan, where the parents united with the Presbyterian church. They had nine children, for of these survive.

Nelson Briggs Dolsen obtained his education in the public schools of Bay City and after completing the high school course went into the lumber business with his father. He remained in Michigan until 1887, then spent about a year in Oregon, and for eighteen months was an inspector for the Union Pacific Railroad. In 1888 he located at Silver Creek in Merrick County, Nebraska, where he remained engaged in a lumber business for twelve years, being manager for the Chicago Lumber Company. For the next seven years Mr. Dolsen was interested in Norfolk, Madison County, transferring his lumber interests then to Hastings, in Adams County, where he remained for two years. In 1911 he came to Grand Island to take charge of the J. H. Yost Lumber Company's yard and has remained a resident of Grand Island ever since. He has taken a responsible citizen's interest in local matters but is no a politician. The business of the company, of which he is a stockholder as well as manager, claims the greater part of his time. He votes the Republican ticket.

Mr. Dolsen married in 1891, Miss Josephine Milliman, who was born in Illinois the daughter of M. W. Milliman, an early settler and stockman at Silver Creek. They have two children: Frederick M. and Bessie Pratt, the former of whom is a graduate of the Grand Island High School, in which the latter is yet a student. Mr. Dolsen and his family, are members of the Episcopal church. He is a Royal Arch Mason and is past high priest of his lodge.

Father's business. Added May, 2011.

History of Bay County, Michigan 1883


The mill of this firm was built by Messrs, Dolsen & Walter, in 1864, with a capacity of 4,000,000 a season, and employed fifteen hand. That mill was destroyed by fire, but was immediately rebuilt. The present firm dates from 1874, when it succeeded Dolsen, Chapin & Bro. The business employes about 180 hands. Last season the mill cut 22,000,000 feet of lumber. Mr. J. L. Dolsen resides at Bay City, and Arthur B. Chapin at Saginaw.

Additional Notes.

    1870 Census: Michigan (no city identified).

  • Dolsen, John L., - b. 1816 Canada lumber & salt
  • Anna, wife, b. - 1826 Vermont (nee Pratt)
  • Matilda N., dau., - b. 1852 Canada
  • George, son b. 1853 Canada
  • Bruce R., son b. 1855 Canada
  • Fannie, dau. - b. 1859 Canada
  • David, son, - b. 1861 Canada
  • Freddie, son b. 1863 Canada
  • Nelson son - b. 1865 Canada
  • Frank, son b. 1867 Canada
  • Landon, son, b. 1869 Mich.
  • Pratt, Bessie b. 1845 Canada (sister-in-law per 1870 census)
  • Hardy, Harriet b. 1824 Penn.
  • Brown, Ruth b. 1852 Penn.

    1884 Michigan Deaths: Bay City, Bay, Michigan.

  • Mrs. John L. Dolson, b. 1825 Vermont, died Jan. 1, 1884, daughter of David and Matilda Pratt.

    1886 Michigan Marriages: Saginaw, Saginaw Co., Mich.

  • Date: Jan. 5, 1886.
  • Groom: John L. Dolsen, b. 1822 Canada
  • Bride: Sarah L. Johnson, b. 1850 Mich.

    1892 Michigan Deaths: Bay City, Bay, Mich.

  • John L. Dolsen, b. 1820 Canada, died Nov. 21, 1892.

    1920 Census: Hall, Nebraska.

  • Dolsen, Nelson B. - b. 1865 Mich.
  • Josephine, wife b. 1870 Illinois
  • Frederick, son b. 1898 Nebraska
  • Bessie P., dau. - b. 1890 Nebraska
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Dolsen, Bessie P (dau)
Dolsen, Bruce R. (bro)
Dolsen, David (bro)
Dolsen, Fannie (sis)
Dolsen, Frank (bro)
Dolsen, Freddie (bro)
Dolsen, Frederick (son)
Dolsen, George (bro)
Dolsen, John L. (father)
Dolsen, Landon (bro)
Dolsen, Matilda (sis)
Dolsen, Nelson B. (subject)
Hardy, Harriet
Johnson, Sarah L. (step-mother)
Milliman, Josephine (wife)
Milliman, M.W. (f-inlaw)
Pratt, Anna E. (mother)
Pratt, Bessie (aunt)
Pratt, David (g-father)
Pratt, Matilda (g-mother)
Walter, Mr.
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Adams County, NB
Bay City, MI
Chicago Lumber Co.
Dolsen, Chapin & Bro
Dolsen, Chapin & Co.
Grand Island, NB
J.H. Yost Lumber Co.
Hall County, NB
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Norfolk, NB
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Silver Creek, NB
Union Pacific RR
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