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Henry S. Dow (1822? - 1875)
Born in New Hampshire, founder of The Lumberman's Gazette at Bay City, Mich.

1883 Biography. Added Nov., 2010.

History of Bay County, Michigan - 1883


Henry S. Dow was a native of New Hampshire, though a greater portion of his life was spent in the West. He served nearly four years in the Union Army, and was mustered out with the rank of captain. After the war he came to Michigan and studied law for a time and then purchased an interest in the Saginaw Advertiser. Six months after he sold out and went to Oil City, Pa. After remaining there a while he again came West, and graduated from the law department of the Michigan University. From that time until 1871, he was in Chicago, New York, and lastly Plainfield, N. J. In 1872 he came to Bay City and took a position on the editorial staff of the Journal, and subsequently was managing editor of the Tribune. In 1872 he established the Lumberman's Gazette. In 1875 he published a history of Bay City, which was a very creditable work. In 1872 he was a candidate on the Republican ticket for clerk of Bay County, but was defeated. In September, 1874, he was elected corresponding secretary of the National Lumberman's Association, which office he held at the time of his death, which occurred February 5, 1875.

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The Lumberman's Gazette, devoted to the interests of lumber salt manufacture, was estatblished in 1872, by Henry S. Dow, in 1874 was purchased by Edwin T. Bennett, under whose proprietorship it still continues. It is a very useful and properous publication.

The Bay City Tribune was instituted as an evening daily and weekly paper, independent in politics, in 1873, by a company composed of John Culbert, Thomas K. Harding, Edward Kronecke, and Griffin Lewis, who associated themselves for the purpose of doing a general jobbing newspaper and book-binding business. The company was subsequently dissolved , Mr. Henry S. Dow becoming the purchaser of the paper.

About himself. - Added Nov., 2010.

The Lumberman's Gazette, Vol. 1, No. 1, July, 1872


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The publisher of the Lumberman's Gazette having been nominated for County Clerk by the Bay County Republican Convention held at Bay City on the 12th of September has been spoken of by the press in the following manner.

For County Clerk the Convention made an excellent selection. Captain H. S. Dow, the nominee, entered the service as a private in the Third New Hampshire volunteers, and after four years of hard service left with the rank of Captain. He came to this State in 1865, and entered the Law Department of the University of Michigan, where his ability was recognized by his fellow students. He come to this city about eighteen months since and until recently held the responsible position of managing editor of the JOURNAL. He is now conducting his own publication the LUMBERMAN'S GAZETTE. He is a young man of fine abilities and great popularity, and will make the County a superior Clerk.” -- BAY CITY DAILY JOURNAL, Sept. 14.

Mr. Henry S. Dow, Republican candidate for County Clerk of Bay County, is a gentleman who would honor the office. He has an unexceptional recprd as a soldier in the war, and a civilian since. He has been a resident of the Valley between one and two years, and has become well known, first as the manager editor of the Bay City Journal for some time, and later as the publisher of the Lumberman's Gazette. He is a graduate of the Law Department of the Michigan University, and is of course in every way qualified for the position to which the Republicans of Bay County will elect him. They could have made no better choice. -- EAST SAGINAW DAILY ENTERPRISE, Sept. 17.

Hotchkiss assisted with paper. - Added Nov., 2010.

Chicago: Its History and Its Builders - 1912

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At the early point little was known of Michigan's timber resources. Recently speaking of that period – 1866 – Mr. Hotchkiss related that an acquaintance, county surveyor at Bay City, one day told him he was “going across the state to Manistee, and did not see a single white man, but saw lots of timber.”

In 1870 Mr. Hotchkiss while for two years manager of the Saginaw Daily Courier, became associated with Henry S. Dow in publishing the Lumberman's Gazette, the first venture ever made in lumber journalism. In 1871, in connection with his journal work, he built a mill at Greenwood, Michigan, on the northern extension of the Michigan Central railroad, and organized the township of Edwards. At that time his health failed, forest fires destroyed his mill, and his work for several years following was to journalism – in connection with the Bay City Tribune and doing editorial work on the Lumberman's Gazette.

Henry's death. - Added Nov., 2010.

A history of the Press of Michigan – 1949.

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In July, 1872, The Lumberman's Gazette was established as a monthly journal, devoted to the lumber and salt interest, with Henry S. Dow as editor and proprietor. In May, 1874, the paper changed to a weekly. In February 5, 1875, Mr. Dow died at Detroit, and was succeeded in October, 1875, by E. T. Bennett, the present proprietor. Its circulation is large, extending into every state and territory. It is now a sixteen-page paper.

Dow recommended for Brevet of Major. - Added Dec., 2010.

Lumberman's Gazette, October, 1872.

The following letter from General John Bedel, recently Democratic candidate for Governor of New Hampshire, to Senator Patterson of that State, will serve to show something of the standing of Capt. Dow as a soldier:

Hon. J. W. Patterson, U. S. Senator, Washington, D. C.

My Dear Sir: --

In behalf of Henry S. Dow, late a Captain in the Third N. H. Volunteers, I respectfully solicit your good offices and influence in obtaining for him the Brevet Rank of Major. Politically he is a staunch unswerving Republican, while I am reverse, but disregarding now, as I did in the service, all political bias, I most unhesitatingly and cheerfully recommend him for a Brevet appointment for gallant service in the field under my own eye. He enlisted as a private from this State, July 30, 1861, and was mustered out of service (as Captain) Oct. 7, 1864.

Upon my release from prison Dec. 10, 1864, I had in contemplation to recommend him for Major of the Regiment, on account of his known bravery and gallant conduct, but he having been mustered out of service before that time, unknown to me, the appointment was given to Capt. Trickey. I esteemed Dow as a good soldier and fine officer, and regretted that he had been mustered out when I found that to be the fact. As the best thing that I could do for a brave officer, richly deserving the compliment, I earnestly ask you to put this as his application for such appointment, into the hands of the Hon. Secretary of War or the President, for favorable action by the proper authorities. Can you not oblige me in this instance? It is the only application of the kind I have every made for any one in my Regiment.

Very respectifully, &c,
Brevet Brig. Gen.
Late Col. Third N.H.V.

From the report of the Adjutant General of New Hampshire, volume one, for 1865, we take the following letter as there published. At that time Capt. Dow was commanding his Regiment, as the letter will show:

Head Quarters Third N. H. Vols. Bermuda Hundred Intrenchments, August, 23, 1864.

General Natt Head, Adjutant General, State of New Hampshire:

GENERAL: -- I have the honor to transmit to you by Capt. R. W. Houghton, commanding Detachment 3d, N. H. Vols, the old battle flat of the regiment. Its worn and tattered fold render it unserviceable as a proper regimental stand of colors, yet the old flag is loved all the more, for there will ever remain in the memories of all its brave defenders who survive,the most profound admiration. The old Third have fought beneath its folds, and I believe the honors won have been great and immortal. At James Island, Morris Island, Fort Wagner, Fort Sumpter and its siege, Drury's Bluff, Half Way House, Bermuda Hundreds, and Deep Run have fallen many brave sons of the “old Granite State.”

I most sincerely desire that this flag may be preserved by the State authorities where in the future years its defender may have the pleasure of looking upon it, remembering their services during three long years in active service in defense of our glorious country's honor.

Very respectfully, I have the honor to be
Your Obediate Servant,
Capt. 3d N. H. Vols., Commanding Regiment.

Additional Notes.

    1860 - Census: Cook Co., Ill.

  • Dow, Henry - 3d ward, Chicago, age 36, b. 1822, N.H.

    History of the New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry (1898)

  • Henry S. Dow Civil War service: The Third Regiment, was also known as the Third New Hampshire Mounted Infantry in March and April, 1864.

    1872 – History of Bay County, Mich. (1905)

  • In 1872 Henry S. Dow, publisher of the first authentic history of Bay City, established the Lumberman's Gazette, which proved a prosperous publication until the lumber industry declined in these parts. It was removed to Chicago in 1887 and is the oldest lumber journal in the world.

    1874 – National Association of Lumbermen.
    Proceedings of the First Annual Meeting, held Sept. 15, 16 and 17, at Williamsport, Pa.

  • Henry S. Dow, was Secretary of National Association of Lumbermen, and a member of the Executive Committe of the Board, Committee of Statistics, and the Committee on Supply and Demand.
    Others members from from Bay City were:
  • Bradley, H. M. - of H. M. Bradley & Co.
  • Bradley, N. B. (Congressman)
  • Chapman, G. P. & B.
  • Fowler, E. M.
  • Graham, Z. B. - Stevens & Co.
  • McClure, W. - agent for John McGraw & Co.
  • Miller, Albert

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