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Edwin Milo Eddy (1877-?)
Son of Selwyn and Cornelia (Hall) Eddy, of Bay City.

Biography. Added May, 2011.

Decennial Record by Yale University, Class of 1899, published 1910


Residence – 2828 Devisadera Street, San Francisco, Cal.

Born May 8, 1877, at Alpena, the son of Selwyn Eddy, formerly connected with the Pacific Lumber Company, who was born in 1847 at Bangor, Maine. His mother, Cornelia (Hall) Eddy, was born in 1849 at Saginaw, Mich., and was a resident of Saginaw before her marriage. Among the Yale relatives are Newell Eddy, '79; Newell Eddy, Jr., '04 S., and Stanley Lane Eddy, “08 S.

He prepared at Lawrenceville, and took the Mechanical Engineering at Sheff, where he was a member of the Freshman Baseball and Football teams, the University Football Team in 1898, and the University Baseball Team of 1898 and 1899 and vice president of the Freshman Football Association and the Unversity Baseball Association. He was a member of the Book and Snake.

He was married on October 17, 1900, at Bay City, Mich., to Nellie J. Fisher, daughter of Spencer O. Fisher, a lumberman of Bay City, Mich. She is an ex-member of the Class of 1899 at the Misses Ely's School, New York City. One son and one daughter have been born to them:

Selwyn Eddy, 2d, born March 23, 1903.
Katherine Fisher Eddy, born October 3, 1908.

He is at present a lumberman assistant to the president of the Pacific Lumber Company. Concerning his career since leaving College he says: “Worked at Bay City Sugar Factory season of 1899-1900. After leaving there went to work for Eddy Bros. & Co., lumbering at Blind River, Ontario, Canada, September, 1900. October 17, 1900, married Nellie J. Fisher, at Bay City, Mich., returning to Canada after marriage and lived there until August, 1903, when moved to Eureka, Cal., to work for Pacific Lumber Company. October, 1904, move to San Francisco, as manager of lumber yard for same company. Fall of 1905 made assistant to the president of the Pacific Lumber Company. Was living in San Francisco at time of earthquake and fire. Our losses were small as compared to others.”

He is a member of the Pacific Union Club and the San Francisco Golf and Country Club.

Business address – 16 California Street, New York City.

Additional Notes.

    1880 – Census: Bay City (west side), Mich.

  • Eddy, Selwyn, – b. 1847 Mich. - lumber & salt
  • Cornelia, wife – b. 1851 Mich.
  • Clara F., dau. - b. 1873, Mich
  • Ella May, dau. - b. 1875 Mich.
  • Edwin M., son - b. 1877, Mich
  • Albert O., son – b. 1879, Mich.
  • Lucy, dau. - b. 1881 Mich. (Added from 1900 Census)

    1900 – Michigan Marriages: West Bay City, Mich.

  • Date: October 17, 1900.
  • Groom: Edwin M. Eddy, b. 1877 Alpena, son of Selwin Eddy and Cornilie Hall.
  • Bride: Nellie J. Fisher, b. 1878 West Bay City, daughter of S.O. Fisher and Kate Crane.
  • Official: J. M. Barkley, minister.
  • Withnesses: S. O. Fisher and Selwyn Eddy.

    1913 – Walker's Manual of Far Western Corporations & Security.

  • Edwin M. Eddy, board of directors of Western Mortgage and Guaranty Company, San Francisco, Ca.

    1919 – San Francisco Social Register.

  • Eddy, Edwin M (Nellie J. Fisher), Pcu. Sfg. Fr. Y' 99; Miss Katherine F. & M. Selwyn; 2507 Bway.

    1920 – Census: San Francisco, California.

  • Eddy, Edwin M. - b. 1878 Mich.
  • Nettie, wife – b. 1882 Maine.
  • Selwyn, son – b. 1904 Mich,
  • Katherine, dau. - b. 1909 Calif.
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