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John Franklin Eddy (1848-1899)
Born in Bangor, Maine, own lumber busienss in Bay City.
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  • Cyclopedia of Michigan, Historical & Biographical, 1890.


    Lumberman, etc., of Bay City, was born at Bangor, Maine, February 23, 1848. His father, Jonathan Eddy was also a native of Maine, having been born near Bangor. His mother was Caroline Bailey, daughter of Amos Bailey, likewise of Maine. Both familieswere classed among the intelligent, industrious, and respected people of that portion of the State. Jonathan Eddy, the father of John F. Eddy, was the great-grandson of Colonel Jonathan Eddy, who is well known in the early history of Maine and the Revolution, and the township of Eddington, Maine, was named in honor of Colonel Jonathan Eddy, and a grant to him and others, for military services was made by Congress, in 1775.

    When John F. Eddy was fourteen years old he was sent to the academy at Andover, Massachusetts. Later he became a student and graduated at Westbrook Seminary. His educational acquirements were considerable, but he did not feel like educating himself for a profession, and he did not seem to be cut out for professional life, but his bent and leaning seemed to be more towards an active business career. At eighteen years of age an opportunity was presented which gave full scope and play for talent and ability in this direction. His father, with Newell Avery and S. J. Murphy, had established a large lumber business, with mills and timberlands on the Penobscot River, Maine, and also at White River, Port Huron, Muskegon and Bay City, Michigan, with yards at Chicago, Illinois. Messrs. Avery and Murphy having removed from Maine to Michigan, the former in the year 1853, and the latter in the year 1863, to conduct the Western branches of the business, and Jonathan Eddy having died in 1865, John F. Eddy in 1866 purchased the interest in which his father was formerly interested at Bay City, and moved there at this early age.

    And so in harmony with his nature was this stirring, active life, and so adapted did he seem to be to its requirements, and to gain such quick and ready insight into the details, that he soon found himself practically in charge of the entire business at Bay City. His subsequent history and career have demonstrated that the management of large and important industries feel into capable hands, and that he was fitted to discharge the duties of the most responsible positions. They have likewise shown that he possesses unusual adaptability and resources in his calling. He has remained in Bay City and in the same calling for twenty-three years, reaching out, however, and engaging in other branches of trade. The lumber interests have so grown that they have frequently been forced to make changes and resort to new expedients to keep pace with and meet its demands. In the earlier years they manufactured five million feet of lumber a year, which was then really a large out-put, and regarded as something wonderful. Now, thirty millions is the amount annually turned out and sixty thousand barrels of salt, and demands and facilities are continually increasing.

    The lumber firm is one of the oldest in the State, it having been organized by Eddy, Avery & Murphy during the early days at Port Huron. It dates back to 1853, when that country was nearly in its new and primitive condition. Their mill is large and completely equipped with the most valuable and improved machinery and conveniences, their aim being to do a business large in volume, and excellent in quality. Mr. J. F. Eddy is also a member of the firm of Eddy Brothers & Co., manufacturers of lumber, lath, and salt. This firm was organized in 1878. They own, in various portions of the State, large tracts of pine and farming lands, and their varied interests, employing hundreds of men and large capital, have placed them among the leading and influential organizations of the Saginaw Valley. The lumber and salt industry of this concern is one of the mportant pursuits of this section of the country, their annual product of these commodities being twenty million feet of lumber and forth thousand barrels of salt. The two houses with which J. F. Eddy is connected Eddy, Avery & Eddy, and Eddy Brothers & Co. have done much in making Bay City an important commercial point, and have for years exerted a powerful and good influence in business circles, adding an air and feeling of progress, thrift, and substantialty. Their dealings have always been characteristic by fairness, uprightness, and justice to all, and the public has unlimited confidence in them as business men.

    Mr. J. F. Eddy is personally largely interested in pine-lands in the Upper Peninsula and in Canada timber, as well as in southern pine in Louisiana. He is also a member of the firm of James Seed & Co., and Vail & Eddy, and the Eddy Transportation Company, which owns and operates several large vessels. He is vice-president of the Bay National Bank, and there is scarcely an enterprise of any magnitude in the city in which he is not directly interested, or with which he is not associated. Especially is he active in whatever may increase growth and prosperity of the place or add to its financial, moral, or intellectual condition. He has been eminently successful in all business matters undertaken by him. There are several reasons for this he is possessed of excellent business judgment and tact, is cool, cautious, level-headed; but while he divines rapidly, he yet keeps a tight rein. Withal, he is an admirable judge of men, and in all his intercourse with mankind is fair, courteous, and agreeable. He is of marked and striking personal appearance, and of strong individuality and character.

    He is a member of the First Universalist Church, which organization owes in great degree its usefulness and prosperity to him and to the liberal support he has always given to it. He is a reliable and valuable member of the Republican party. He married, September, 1882, Charlotte Whittemore, daughter of John Whittemore, a worthy family of Rome, New York.

    Additional Notes:

      1850 Census: Bangor, Penobscot, Maine.
      Eddy, Jonathan b. 1810 Maine.
      Caroline, wife b. 1821 Maine. (nee Bailey)
      Laura, daughter b. 1840 Maine.
      Sarah, daughter b. 1842 Maine.
      Caroline, daughter b. 1844 Maine.
      Frederick, son b. 1846 Maine.
      John F., son b. 1848 Maine.

      1860 - Census: Bangor, Penobscot, Maine.
      Eddy, Johnathan - b. 1812, Maine
      Caroline, wife - b. 1821, Maine
      Laura M., dau - b. 1840, Maine
      Sarah, dau - b. 1843, Maine
      Caroline, dau - b. 1844, Maine
      Frederick A., son - b. 1846, Maine
      John F., son - b. 1848, Maine
      Charles, son - b. 1854, Maine
      Newell A., son - b.1856, Maine

      1879-80 Directory: Bay City, West Bay Cty & Essexville.
      Eddy Block, south side Center between Adams and Jefferson.
      Eddy, Edwin (Eddy, Avery & Eddy), res East Saginaw, Mich.
      Eddy, John F. (Eddy, Avery & Eddy), res s w cor 10th and Adams.
      Eddy, Joseph boarding house s w cor Farragut and 4th, res same.
      Eddy, J. Frank (Eddy & Co), res s w cor Adams & 10th.
      Eddy, Selwyn, lumberman, res n e corner Madison and 7th.
      Eddy, Avery & Eddy (Edwin and John F Eddy and Estate of Newell Avery of Detroit, successors to Eddy, Avery & Co.), Mnfrs Lumber and Salt, w s Water bet 10th and 11th.
      Eddy & Co. (J Frank Eddy, Charles D Vail), hatters Fraser House.
      Vail, Charles D (Eddy & Co.), res s w cor 6th and Monroe.

      1880 Census: Bay City, Bay, Mich.
      Eddy, John F. - b. 1848 Maine lumber and salt manufacturer.
      Charlotte, wife b. 1851 New York
      Lucretia, daughter b. 1876 Mich.
      Robert B., son b. 1878 Mich.

      Find A Grave.
      John Franklin Eddy with his wife Charlotte (1850-1939) at Elm Lawn Cemtery in Bay City, Mich.

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    John F. Eddy

    Elm Lawn Cemetery

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