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Selwyn Eddy (1847-1911)
Lumber businessman, owner of Eddy Bros. & Co. in Bay City, MI

Contributed by Jim Petrimoulx - Feb. 2007.

Saginaw News -- October 13, 1911 (Page 5)


Former Bay City Lumberman Was
Well Known in Saginaw and State.

Word was received in this city today of the death at his home in Oakland, Cal., of Selwyn Eddy, formerly of Bay City and well known in Saginaw. Mr. Eddy died last night at 6 o'clock. He had been in failing health the last two years.

Mr. Eddy was about 60 years old, and removed with his family to Oakland from Bay City some ten years ago. He was a member of the former firm of Eddy Bros. & Co., having a mill and lumber yard in Bay City and extensive interests in the Georgian Bay district in Canada for many years.

Besides his wife he is survived by four children, Edwin Eddy, Mrs. F. A. Harrington, Mrs. Fred Richardson and Mrs. Fred Winters, all of whom reside in Oakland. He also leaves a brother, C. A. Eddy of Bay City, and two sisters, Mrs. T. A. Dorr and Mrs. Ellen A Eddy of Saginaw.

Temporary internment of the body will be made in Oakland.

Eddy's death reported in Portland, Oregon. - Added Jan., 2012.

The Timberman, Vol. 12 - October, 1911.

Page 39.

Selwyn Eddy, aged 64 years, died at his home in Oakland, Cal., October 12, after a protracted illness. Mr. Eddy was president of the Pacific Lumber Co., San Francisco, from 1904 until tow years ago, when ill health caused him to retire from active work. He was born in Maine and removed to Bay City, Mich., in 1863, where he became identified in the lumber industry as member of the firms Eddy, Avery & Eddy, and Eddy Bros. A widow, three daughters and a son survive him.

Father's biography. - Added May, 2011.

History of Saginaw County, Michigan - Clarke,


Hon. Edwin Eddy, of Eddy, Avery & Eddy, lumber merchants, was born at Eddington, Penobscot Co., Me., Jan. 18, 1817. His parents were Eleazer and Sylvia (Campbell) Eddy, natives of Maine; father died in 1826 and mother in 1860. When 17 years of age Mr. Eddy went into the lumber camps, where he remained working for others for four years. At the experation of that time he engage in business for himself. In the fall of 1863 he came to the Saginaw Valley, locating at Saginaw City, and a year later at East Saginaw. Immediately after arrival, he purhased a fourth interest in the firm of Avery, Murphy & Co. The firm finally became Eddy, Avery & Co., which was dissolved by the death of Newell Avery in March, 1877, and the present firm of Eddy, Avery & Eddy established. Mr. Eddy owning a third interest. The mill property and salt-blocks are located at Bay City, where the firm manufactures about 70,000 barrels of salt per year, and cut nearly 21,000,000 feet of lumber. They own extensive tracts of pine landin Clare, Roscommon, Midland and other counties. While a resident of Bradley, Me., Mr. Eddy was Secretary and Treasurer of the town, and represented the district for three terms in the Maine Legislature. He was formerly a Democrat, but joined the Free-Soil party, and when the Republican party was organized enlisted with his political champion, Hannibal Hamlin, under its banner, where both have since remained. Mr. Eddy was married in January, 1840, to Celia W. Eddy, a native of Maine. Of their 7 children, 4 are living -- Nancy M., wife of T. E. Dorr; Ellen A., Selwyn,of the firm of Eddy Bros., Bay City, and Charles A., a member of the firms of Avery & Co. and Eddy Bros. George, Lucy and an infant are deceased.

  • Note: The Avery and Eddy connection dates to the marriage of Newell Avery to Nancy Clapp Eddy in 1843. Nancy's father was Ware Eddy. In 1849, the Eddy, Murphy & Co. was established by Newell Avery, Johnathan Eddy (Nancy's brother) and Simon J. Murphy. [Source: History of Michigan - Moore, 1915]

    Daughters - Added April, 2011.

    Lindage Book National Society of Daughters of the American Revolution - 1900

    Page 289.

    MRS. CLARA F. EDDY HARRINGTON, born in Bay City, Michigan. Wife of Frederick Harrington, daughter of Selwyn Eddy and Cornelia Hall, his wife.

    MRS ELLA MAY EDDY RICHARDSON, born in Alpena, Michigan. Wife of Frederic Boyd Richardson, daughter of Selwyn Eddy and Cornelia Hall, his wife. Grandaughter of Edwin Eddy and Sylvia Wilde (Eddy), his wife; G-granddaughter of Eleazer Eddy and Sylvia Campbell, his wife; Ware Eddy and Nancy Class, his wife.

    Johnathan Eddy, (1726-1804), served as colonel of militia of Eastern Maine and New Brunswick and was in command at Machias when it was attacked by the British 1777. He was a member of the General Court 1782. He was born in Norton, Mass.; died in Eddington Maine.

    Additional Notes.

      1869 - Michigan Marriages: Saginaw, Saginaw Co., Mich.

    • Date: Sep. 21, 1869.
    • Groom: Selwyn Eddy, b. 1847 Maine
    • Bride: Carolina C. Hall, b. 1851 Mich.
    • Official: G.J. Cowles, minister.
    • Witnesses: Marinda Hall and Ellen A. Clark.

      1880 - Census: Bay City, Mich.

    • Eddy, Selwyn - b. 1847 Maine
    • Cornelia - wife, b. 1851, Mich.
    • Clara - daugher, b. 1872 Bay City, Mich.
    • Ella May - daughter, b. 1873, Bay City, Mich.
    • Edwin M. - son, b. 1877, Alpena, Mich.
    • Albert O. - son, b. 1879, Mich.
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