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Captain Dorin Elliot (1863-?)
Born in Port Burewell, Ont. Sailed Great Lakes from his home in Bay City, MI.

Biography, 1899. - Added January, 2012.

History of the Great Lakes, Vol. 2. - by J.B. Mansfield, 1899


Captain Dorin Elliot, whose long and varied experience in large raft-towing tugs, had made him one of the most prominent captains on the lakes in the handling of enormous rafts, is still a comparatively young man, having been born August 28, 1863, at Port Burwell, Ontario, a son of John and Amanda (Matthews) Elliot. His father was master and owner of several vessels, among which were the Canadian schooners Burlington and J. B. Skinner, fine boats in their day. He retired from active life on shipboard in 1860, and ten years later removed with his family to the United States, locating in Augres, Mich., where he died in the year 1891. His other sons are, Frank, who is master of the steamer John Spry, of Chicago, and David, Master of the tug Robert Emmet, owned by Captain Beutell, of Bay City. The mother is still living in Augres.

After acquiring a public-school education in Augres, Capt. Dorin Elliot shipped as watchman on the tug Waldo Avery, closing the season in her was wheelsman, which berth held until the fall of 1880. The next season he entered the employ of Mitchell & Boutell as mate on the tug Annie Moiles two seasons. In the spring of 1885 he shippped as watchman and wheelsman in the tug Music, followed by a season in the steamer Burlington in the same capacty. In the spring of 1888 he again entered the employ of Captain Boutell as master of the Annie Moiles, remaining in her two seasons. He then sailed the tug Acme, formerly the Music, for the Michgan Log Towing Company, until October 14, 1893, when she foundered about twenty-five miles from Thunder Bay, Lake Huron, this being the same day that the Wocoken and the Dean Richmond and several other schooners went down, involving great loss of life. It was thought that the los of the Acme was occasioned by the breaking of the feed pipe; she was attached to the 5,000,000-feet raft. The crew were rescued by the Canadian tug Reliance. In 1894 he shipped as mate of the steamer Minnie E. Kelton, owned by Capt. P. C. Smith, of Bay City, and the next season master of the steamer Robert Holland. In the spring of 1898 he was assigned to the command of the large lake steamtug Boscobel, the flag-ship of Boutell & Smith's fine fleet.

Socially, he is a Master Mason of Winona Lodge No. 256, West Bay City, Mich., and a member of the Independent Order of Foresters.

On December 7, 1892, Capt. Dorin Elliot was wedded to Miss May, daughter of George White, of West Bay City, Mich., to which union one daughter, Gertrude, has been born. The family homestead is at No. 406 South Henry street, West Bay City, Michigan.

Additional Notes.

    1880 Census: Au Gres, Bay, Mich.

  • Elliot, John H. - 1825, Canada farmer.
  • Amanda, wife - 1834, Canada.
  • James, son b. 1854, Canada farm hand.
  • Frank, son b. 1860, Canada farm hand.
  • Davis, son b. 1863, Canada farm hand.
  • Doraud, son b. 1864, Canada farm hand.
  • Daniels D., brother b. 1820, Canada carpenter.
  • Stephen W., nephew b. 1848, Ohio iron heater.

    1889 Directory: Bay City, Mich.

  • Elliot, Dorin vessel captain, bds Republic hotel.
  • Elliot, Frank vessel captain, bds Republic hotel.

    1891 Michigan Deaths: Aug Gres, Arenac, Mich.

  • John Elliot, born in 1822, son of Stephen and Lavina Elliot, died April 27, 1891.

    1892 Michigan Marriages: West Bay City.

  • Dorin Elliot, son of John H. and Amanda (Matthews) Elliot married on Dec. 7, 1892 to May White, daughter of George and Mary (Callaham) White.

    1900 Census: West Bay City, Mich.

  • Elliot, Dorian b. 1866, Canada.
  • May, wife b. May, 1875, Mich.
  • Gertrude, daughter b. Apr., 1894, Mich.
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