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Hiram A. Emery (1839-93)
Born in Maine, settled in Bay County in 1864, where he farmed and owned a lumber mill.

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History of Bay County, Michigan - 1883


Hiram A. Emery was born in the state of Maine and came to Michigan in 1864. He is a member of the firm of Emery Bros., who are largely engaged in lumbering. They also operate a steam saw mill at East Tawas. In addition, he owns and works a farm in the township of Bangor, Bay County, on which he lives. Is married to Eunice Anderson, also a native of Maine, and has a family of four children.

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Histoy of Northern Michigan - 1912.

The Emery mill located at East Tawas, was built in 1867-8 by the firm of D. J. Evans & Co. They operated it about two years and were succeeded by the firm of W. G. Grant & Son. In 1875 the firm of Grant & Son failed, and H. W. Sage & Company in Bay City, came into possession of the property under mortgage. In May 1877, it was purchased by Temple and Hiram A. Emery, under the firm style of Emery Brothers.

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Great Lakes Maritime History

Nelson Holland and his cousin Frank Sears, had operated a sawmill at East Saginaw, Mich., near the foot of Atwater St. About 1888-9, Holland became interested in the Emery Lumber Co., of East Tawas, along with Temple Emery, when Holland purchased the interests of Hiram A. Emery. The East Tawas mill, formerly operated as Emery Bros. (1877). Hiram A. Emery at that time returned to work for H. W. Sage, at West Bay City.

From 1885, Emery Brothers had been importing logs from the French and Wahnapitae river region, in Canada. It was for this service that the Barge “Wahnapitae” was originally constructed. On the Canadian side, the firm was known as Emery Lumber Co. with a controlling interest held by members of the Saginaw Lumber & Salt Co. (James MacLaren, of Buckingham, Quebec). After the logs arrived in Michigan, at East Tawas, they were divided two to one in favour of the Saginaw interests.

From 1888 all the logs of the Emery Lubmer Co. were towed to Andrew Miscampbell's mill at Midland, Ontario for processing. I believe most of this towing was done by the Rathburn Co. who also logged this same region. The Tug “Resolute” was often used. It was about this time that the Barge “Wahnapitae” was placed in general cargo service.

Likely due to the controlling interests held by the Saginaw firm (MacLaren), that Hiram A. Emery sold his interests to Nelson Holland in 1888. Hiram returned to work for H. W. Sage, at West Bay City, whom the Emery's were employed by prior to 1877.

Like the original Saginaw plan, Canadian logs were railed from East Tawas, to Holland's mill. In 1892 Nelson Holland and Temple Emery purchased the remaining interests of the Saginaw partners and the Emery Lumber Co. was dissolved. The former Emery Bros. mill at East Tawas was sold to H. W. Sage, and the Holland mill dismantled and moved to East Tawas.

About 1897 the Holland & Emery Lumber Co. mill at East Tawas was again removed to Byng Inlet, Ontario. This firm was reorganized in 1902, as Holland & Graves Lumber Co. and in 1907, as Graves, Bigwood & Co. Luther Pomeroy Graves, associated with this firm was also involved with shipping at Lower Black Rock.

Nelson Holland was also associated with William Huson, of Buffalo, in a sawmill at Naubinway, Michigan, about 1879.

Additional Notes.

    1850 – Census: Orono, Penobscot, Maine.

  • Emery, Diana G. - b. 1806 Maine
  • John G., son - b. 1828 Maine
  • Nicholas, son – b. 1830 Maine
  • Ard. G. , son – b. 1833 Maine
  • Temple, son – b. 1837 Maine
  • Hiram A., son - b. 1839 Maine

    1860 – Census: Orono, Penobscot, Maine.

  • Emery, Hiram A. b. 1839 Maine.

    1880 – Census: Bangor Twp., Bay, Mich.

  • Emery, Hyram – b. 1839 Maine, married 33 years
  • Eunice, wife - b. 1847 Maine
  • Harriet, dau. - b. 1871 Mich.
  • Hida, son – b. 1872 Mich.
  • Elizabeth, dau. - b. 1876 Mich.
  • Albert, son – b. 1880 Mich.

    1880 - Census: Bay City, Mich.

  • Emery, John G. - b. 1828 Maine - Hiram's brother
  • Martha A., Wife - b. 1830 Maine
  • John G., Jr. - b. 1859 Wisc.
  • Catherine A., dau. - b. 1862 Wisc.
  • Helen L., dau. - b. 1863 Wisc.
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Hiram A. Emery

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Byng Inlet, Ontario
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East Saginaw, MI
East Tawas, MI
Graves Lumber Co.
Graves, Bigwood & Co.
H.W. Sage & Co.
Holland & Emery Lumber
Lower Black Rock
Midland, Ontario
Naubinway, MI
orono, Penbscot, ME
Rathburn Co.
Saginaw Lumber & Salt
W.S. Grant & Son.
Wahnapitae River
West Bay City, MI
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