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Ransom P. Essex (1830-1874)
Native of Connecticut, founder of Essexville, MI.

1905 biography reference. (Added Mar., 2009)

The History of Bay County, Michigan, by Augustus H. Gansser, 1905

Village of Essexville.


Page 153:

In 1849, Joseph Hudson, a roving sailor, chanced to visit this harbor, and during a prospecting tour was favorably impressed with the prospects of the low-lying lands on the east bank of the Saginaw River and very near its mouth. Returning to Connecticut to marry Fidelia D. Essex, he told her brother, Ransom P. Essex, of the promised land in the Northwest. In 1850 Mr. Essex took up 80 acres of low land and Mr. Hudson 40 acres adjoining, on which the thriving village of Essexville is now situated. Until 1855 the two pioneers followed the fishing business, but later took up farming.

In 1867, Mr. Essex set aside eight acres for village lots, the tract being the “west half of the northeast quarter of section 14, town 14 north, rang 5 east.” He called this embro village “Essex” but the early settlers attached a “ville”, and so the name has remained to this day, -- “Essexville”. An addition was soon laid out, to accommodate arriving settlers, and the humber homestead of Essex family is to-day in the center of a hustling suburb of Greater Bay City.

Additional notes:

  • 1870 Census, Hampton Township:
    - Essex, Ransom, age 39, Farmer, estate value of $17,000, born in Connecticut.
    - Essex, John, age 72, gardner, born in Rhode Island
    - Essex, Sibyl, age 74, keeping house, born in Connecticut.
  • 1874: Death Certificate, Ransom died Nov., 1, 1874, born est. 1830, in Conn., Parents: John and Sable Essex.
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