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Mrs. Caroline (Chilson) Faxon (1846-1910)
Born in West Bay City, Mich.

Preface: Caroline was the daughter of Calvin C. C. and Ovanda (Moore) Chilson, with her birth being in 1846, West Bay City, Mich.. Both she and her sister, Cornelia, were brought up in Christian principles of service and sacrifice, both being deeply involved in missionary work, locally and abroad.

1901 - Missionary. Added January, 2012

Woman's Foreign Missionary Society – 1901.

Mrs. Nind was granted permission to speak, and referred to Mrs. Carrie C. Faxon, sister of Mrs. Moots, who goes to Manila, as the representative of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, expecting to spend two years in the Philippines. Mrs. McKinstry moved that the committee send, in reply to the communication, greetings of the committee. The motion carried. Ms Grandon moved that we incorporate in our resolution that our prayers go with Mrs. Faxon.

1903 - Temperance. Added January, 2012.

Report of the Sixth Convention of the World's Young Christian Temperance Movement - 1903

Page 33.

Six states were represented Jubilee Night, including Texas and the territory of Oklahoma, which carried off Mrs. Stevens' splendid United States flag offered for the largest per cent. gain in membership. Mrs. Carrie C. Faxon was sent out to reside there for two years, hoping thereby to place our work upon a substantial basis among the English-speaking people. Her sister, Mrs. Moots, had already organized the Manila Union, for which we were duly thankful.

1905 - Detroit conference. - Added Jauary, 2012.

Woman's Missionary Friend – January, 1905.

Page 327.

Mrs. Carrie Faxon of West Bay City, Michigan was elected at the recent Quarterly Meeting secretary of Detroit Conference, to take the place of Mrs. L. J. Towne, resigned .

1905 - Detroit conference. - Added January, 2012.

Woman's Missionary Friend – December, 1905.

Page 442.

Mrs. Carrie C. Faxon, Conference Secretary of Detroit told of her work in the W. C. T. U., in the Philippines with Mrs. Moots. She said: “It is not safe to die without belonging to the Woman's Foreign Missionary Society. It is not safe to die without belonging to the W. C. T. U.”

1905 - History. Added January, 2012.
History of Bay County, Michigan – Gansser, 1905.

Page 158.

Village of Kawkawlin.

In 1861 the first school was opened in a little frame building, and Miss Carrie Chelsen, now Mrs. C. C. Faxon, of West Bay City, was the first teacher. The venerable lady has achieved in the 44 years since passed a foremost place for philanthropy, and earnest work in the missionary and temperance field.

1906 - Report. - Added January, 2012.

Woman's Missionary Friend – March, 1906.

Page 100.

Mrs. Carrie C. Faxon reports one auxiliary organized with seventeen members, two Standard Bearer companies with forty members. Number of new members for quarter, 110, of new subscribers to Friends 31, financial gains over first quarter of last year $375,000. Three things have been attempted this quarter. One, to increase membership; two, to raise and pay for the first quarter's conference proportion of the Isabella Thoburn College fund; three, to promote the Christmas offering in first rank in regular order of work. Two applicants for foreign missionary work have come from this conference.

1909 - Memorial. - Added January, 2012.

Woman's Missionary Friend – January, 1909

In Memoriam

Bay City, Mich.,
departed this life June 1, 1910.

She had been identified with the work for may years, having served as recording secretary of Detroit Conference Association, and later as conference secretary for three years. Of all her public work, her deepest interest centered in foreign missions. She was public-sprited and her charities were well known.

Among her bequests are $100 for Nachang Hospital and $100 to the work in the Philippines where she spent one and a half years, sent out by the National Women's Christian Temperance Union, to introduce scientific temperance instruction in their schools.

Her interest in and for foreign missions never abated and her words of cheer have ever been a source of helpfulness; and her oft-repeated words, “You are doing all right; go ahead!” have lightened many anxious cares.

It does not often come to an acting conference secretary to have to record the passing away of two former secretaries in one year – two so capable as Miss Frances J. Baker and Mrs. Carrie C. Faxon.

“We loved them. Ah! no one can tell How much we loved then and how well.”

Mrs. C. E. Rosenbury.

1991 - Reference. - Added January, 2012.

Woman's World / Woman's Empoire: The Woman's Christian Temperance Movement – 1991.

Page 88.

Another of this type was Carrie C. Faxon of Michigan, who went to the Philippines in 1901. She had been “connected for twenty-five years” with the Woman's Foreign Missionary Society, which was her “first field of public work.” Her sister, another WCTU member, was already in Manila as a regular Methodist missionary, so Faxon went to stay with her.

Like Barney, Faxon was one of the many American women denied a missionary career until well past menopause. But like Addied Northam Fields, Leavitt, Parrish, and many others, Faxon was not without experience of work outside the home.

Additional Notes.

    1850 - Census: Hampton township, Saginaw, Mich.

  • Chilson, Columbus - b. 1813, New York.
  • Ovanda J., wife - b. 1814, Vermont.
  • Cornelia M., daughter - b. 1843, Mich.
  • Caroliine W., daughter - b. 1846, Mich.

    1865 - Michigan Marriages: Wenona, Bay, Mich.

  • M. Faxon, b. 1835, married Carrie Chillson, b. 1846, on Dec. 25, 1865.

    1870 - Census: St. Louis, Gratiot, Mich.

  • Turbush, Alex - b. 1831, New York.
  • E.O.J.C., female - b. 1814, Vermont.
  • Faxon, Caroline - b. 1846, Mich.
  • Faxon, Marselus - b. 1831, New York.
  • Chilson, Josephine - b. 1861, Mich.
  • Chilson, Henry - b. 1864, Mich.

    1880 – Census: West Bay City, Bay, Mich.

  • Moots, Wm. - b. 1840, Germany
  • Cornelia, wife - b. 1843, Mich. (nee Chilson)
  • Carrie C., daughter – b. 1873, Mich.
  • Charles Caulkins, son – b. 1879, Mich.
  • Faxon, Carrie – sister-in-law, b. 1846 Mich. (sister of Cornelia)

    1910 - Census: Bangor, Bay, Mich.

  • Faxon, Caroline - age 62, b. Mich. - widow.
  • Moots, Cornelia, sister - age 64, b. Mich. - widow.
  • Yema, Juan - age 24, b. Phlippine Islands. - immigrated 1903.
  • Arnold, Elizabeth - age 23, b. Mich. - single.
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