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Union Red Rover Fire Company No. 1 (1861)
  • Transcribed August 23, 2006.
  • Bay City Press and Times - July 19, 1861

    Union Red Rover Fire Company No. 1.

    At the last meeting of the Common Council the following named citizens were appointed, by that body, firemen of Bay City:

    Albert Miller,
    Luther Beckwith,
    James W. Watson,
    Thomas. C. Grier,
    P. S. Heisordt,
    Richard Schuerman,
    J. N. Zehner,
    J. N. Colburn,
    John McEwan,
    C. E. Jennison,
    Archibald McDonnell,
    Charles Merrill,
    R. Rabidoue,
    George Morton,
    Thomas Fox,
    Jas. G. Birney,
    F. A. Martin,
    Franz Hoffman,
    John Hogan,
    Robert Gilmore,
    B. Whitthauer,
    W. A. Bryce,
    Edward Campbell,
    Geo. C. Fray,
    A. S. Munger,
    Edwin Park,
    C. D. Cook,
    C. E. Lewis,
    Hiel Rogers,
    Oscar Cone,

    J. W. Sweet,
    J. F. Cottrell,
    Edward Vosburgh,
    Wm. Burton,
    John Phillips,
    James Davidson,
    Wm. Spears,
    Chas. O. Bryce,
    Geo. Lewis,
    Frank Staddleman,
    W. C. Ryan,
    H. M. Bradley,
    Joseph Stregl,
    A. Kaiser,
    Henry Young,
    H. H. Alvord,
    Leonard Heiman,
    Alexander McKoy,
    Henry Jewell,
    Freeman Muntour,
    Simon Zerves,
    J S. Judson,
    Henry Wilder,
    L. W. Field,
    Frank White,
    Daniel Carpenter,
    Henry Hess,
    C. A. Close,
    John Lind,
    R. W. Cummings,

    Pursuant to notice the above named persons met at the engine house on Thursday evening last, and organized a fire company, by adopting a constitution, and nominating the following named gentlemen to be appointed by the Common Council as the officers of the company: W. C. Ryan, Foreman; Thomas Fox, First Assistant; John Hogan, Second Assistant; F. A. Martin, Clerk; Charles Sheuerman, Treasurer; Alexander McCoy, Steward. After the appointment of committees to report by-laws and a uniform for the company, the meeting adjourned until Friday evening, the 26th inst.

    The new engine Red Rover, which the company is to have, arrived by the steamer Huron, on Wednesday last. It appears to be a first-rate one. Its powers are to be fully tested in a few days, when we shall be able to give further information with regard to it.

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    The Common Council have appointed H. M. Bradley, Esg., Chief Engineer of the Fire Department of Bay City, and Mr. Charles Merrill, Assistant Chief Engineer. Both good appointments.

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    The Fourth in Williams.

    The celebration of the Fourth in the township of Williams passed off very pleasantly, was we learn from one who was present. The reading of the Declaration of Independence, reading of the Constitution, and an oration with music, the firing of the guns, a picnic dinner, and a dance in the evening, were the principal features of the celebration. And, as a practical demonstration that the spirit of Union has in no wise gone out from the hearts of the good people of Williams, Mr. Samuel Rowden and Miss Prudence Myers were, on the morning of the 5th, united in marriage -- at the present time a most appropriate closing ceremony to such an occassion. In this union the heresy of secession will find no favor. We wish the parties much joy.

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    People Referenced
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    Alvord, H.H.
    Beckwith, Luther
    Abolitionist leader born in  KY. Ran two for presidency.{Birney, Jas. G.}
    Bradley, H.M. (Chief)
    Bryce, Chas. O.
    Editor, Bay City Press and Times. First Master of Masonic Temple.{Bryce, W.A.}
    Burton, Wm.
    Campbell, Edward
    Carpenter, Daniel
    Close, C.A.
    Colburn, J.N.
    Cone, Oscar
    Cook, C.D.
    Cummings, R.W.
    Shipbuilder. Yard was on west side where Vets. park is today.{Davidson, James}
    Cottrell, J.F.
    Field, L.W.
    Fox, Thomas (1st Asst.)
    Fray, Geo. C.
    Gilmore, Robert
    Grier, Thomas C.
    Heiman, Leonard
    Heisordt, P.S.
    Hess, Henry
    Hoffman, Franz
    Hogan, John (2nd Asst.)
    Owned on of the largest hardware businesses in Michigan.Jennison, C.E.
    Jewel, Henry
    Judson, J.S.
    Kaiser, A.
    Lewis, C.E.
    Lewis, Geo.
    Lind, John
    Martin, F.A. (Clerk)
    McDonnell, Archibald
    McEwan, John
    McKoy, Alexander (Steward)
    Merrill, Charles (Asst. Chief)
    Founded village of Portmouth, now south end of Bay City.{Miller, Alert Judge}
    Morton, George
    Munger, A.S.
    Muntour, Freeman
    Partner with C. Munger in coopering and fishing business.{Park, Edwin}
    Phillips, John
    Rabidoue, R.
    Rogers, Hiel
    Ryan, W.C.(Foreman)
    Schuerman, Richard
    Spears, Wm.
    Staddleman, Frank
    Stregl, Joseph
    Sweet, J.W.
    Vosburgh, Edward
    Watson, James W.
    White, Frank
    Whitthauer, B.
    Wilder, Henry
    Young, Henry
    Zehner, J.N.
    Zerves, Simon
    Subjects Referenced
    Common Council
    Red Rover engine
    Steamer Huron
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