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Under Control (1892)
The great fire of July 25, 1892 in the south end of Bay City.
  • Transcribed September 2004.

  • Jul. 28, 1892: View south from Fremont avenue of destruction on Water street.
    Bay City's most disatrous fire took place on July 25, 1892. The fire started in the city's south end near the Miller and Turner mill off Harrison street along the Saginaw river. Fed by gale force winds it destroyed about 350 homes and businesses in a forty-block area. Over 500 hundred people went homeless losing most of their possessions.

    Bay City Tribune - Tuesday, July 26, 1892



    The Flames in Check at 8 O’clock – The Burned District.

    At 7 o’clock the firemen made their first progress in fighting the element. The wind went down with the sun and the flames accordingly lost their ferocity.

    At 7:30 o’clock the fire was confined to the territory between Thirtieth and Thirty first streets and Broadway and Jennison avenue.

    At 8 o’clock the flames were under control.

    Some firemen remained on the scene until morning.

    The burned district starts at the corner of Twenty ninth and Water streets, runs directly out Twenty ninth until Marsac street, where the school was located; thence east on Fremont avenue nearly to Jennison avenue. The south boundary line runs about as follows: Thirty first street through Broadway half way to Marsac street, thence to Thirty second street, to Wilson south to Thirty third, on Thirty third nearly to McCormick, thence half way to Thirty fourth street, west to Polk, thence east on Thirty third to the river. About 40 square blocks were laid to waste.

    The Work of the Firement.

    The firemen could not do much towards distinguishing the flames, although they worked so industriously that several men were overcome by the heat and had to be taken home.

    The West Bay City, Saginaw and Flint departments did good work, and their services were greatly appreciated. At the meeting of the council last evening, Ald. Schindebette offered a resolution thanking these companies and the majors of the cities from which they came for their assistance. The resolutions were unanimously a adopted.

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    The fire of July 25, 1892 was Bay City's most disatrous, it started in the city's south end, near the Miller & Turner mill, located between Harrison street and the Saginaw river and foot of 31st street. Fed by gale force winds, it destroyed 350 homes and businesses covering a forty-block area. 1800 people went homeless, most lost all of their possessions.
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