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Unfounded Rumor (1892)
The great fire of July 25, 1892 in the south end of Bay City.
  • Transcribed September 2004.

  • Jul. 28, 1892: View south from Fremont avenue of destruction on Water street.
    Bay City's most disatrous fire took place on July 25, 1892. The fire started in the city's south end near the Miller and Turner mill off Harrison street along the Saginaw river. Fed by gale force winds it destroyed about 350 homes and businesses in a forty-block area. Over 500 hundred people went homeless losing most of their possessions.

    Bay City Tribune - Tuesday, July 26, 1892



    Albert Miller and Mrs. F. H. Mason Alive and Well.

    A number of wild rumors were spread through the city toward the close of the day to the effect that Albert Miller had been stricken down with apoplexy, and that Mrs. Frank H. Mason was almost suffocated by smoke and seriously burned. Also that the latter’s two children had been burned to death in the conflagration.

    At a late hour last night a TRIBUNE reporter was dispatched to the scene to ascertain the facts in the cases. A thorough investigation proved that the rumors were entirely without foundation. Mr. Miller is at G. H. Merrill’s residence on Twenty third street. He was somewhat exhausted from the terrible ordeal which he passed through, but otherwise he is as well, physically, as usual.

    Frank H. Mason was also seen by the reporter at 11 o’clock. He said there was no truth in the rumor concerning his wife and children. “I cannot understand why such reports are started,” the gentleman said, “because there was no foundation for them.”

    Unfound RumorUnfound Rumor

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    The fire of July 25, 1892 was Bay City's most disatrous, it started in the city's south end, near the Miller & Turner mill, located between Harrison street and the Saginaw river and foot of 31st street. Fed by gale force winds, it destroyed 350 homes and businesses covering a forty-block area. 1800 people went homeless, most lost all of their possessions.
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