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Fire in Village of Wenonah Destroys Building.
Building on corner of Linn and Jane streets, owned by Martin O'Brien.

Transcribed Feb. 2007.

Bay City Journal - Tuesday - March 12, 1872.

Fire at Wenona.

A fire broke out yesterday morning at two o’clock , in the building on the corner of Linn and Jane streets, occupied by Joseph Tschaner as a residence and bakery, and totally consume the building and most of the contents, Mrs. Tschaner barely escaping in her night clothes with her two young children. The fire company was promptly on hand, but in consequences of the headway the fire had attained before the alarm was given, and a few minutes delay in getting a hole cut in the ice on the river, were unable to save the building, but succeeded partially in saving the adjoining buildings, owned by M. W. Brock, and occupied by Mr. Merritt. Thought the building was badly damaged, Mr. Merritt succeeded, with the help that volunteered, in removing his household goods with but little damage. The bakery building was owned by Martin O’Brien, of East Saginaw, and was insured.

Mr. Tschaner was insured in the Aetna on his household goods and stock. Amount not known. M. W. Brock insured in the North American for $900; loss on the building by damage from fire and water from engine, probably $600 or $700. As no fire had been in the bakeshop since Friday last, and extra precautions taken against fire Sunday night by Mrs. Tschaner, (her husband being absent in Detroit at the time), it is believed the fire was the work of an incendiary.

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The village of Wenona was the largest of three small villages on the west side of the river opposite Bay City, the other two were Banks to the north, and Salzburg to the south. These three villages later merged to form West Bay City, which merge with Bay City in 1905.
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Brock, M.W.
Meritt, Mr.
O'Brien, Martin
Tschaner, Mrs.
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Aetna Ins. Detroit, MI North American Ins.
Wenona, vil, MI
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