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Wood-Working Establishments Burned During 1881
Bay City and West Bay City, MI.
  • transcribed (October 2005)
  • The Evening Press - Monday, March 20, 1882 - Bay City and West Bay City, MI.

    Wood-Working Establishments Burned During 1881.

    Below will be found the number of the different wood-working establishments destroyed by fire in 1881. This statement has been compiled as carefully as possible, though perhaps not absolutely correct, for the reason that some small or remote mills may have been burned or damaged of which no publication was made. There seems to be a steady increase in the number from year to year:

    Saw mills, 126;
    sawmills and planing mills combined, 5;
    shingle mills, 11;
    saw and shingle mills combined, 10;
    saw, shingle and lath mills, 1;
    saw and stave mills, 1;
    planing and finishing mills, 1;
    planing and fence mills,1;
    planing and sash mills, 1;
    sash and blind factories, 4;
    sash and door factories, 2;
    sash, door and blind factories, 4;
    sash and furniture factories, 1;
    coffin factories,1;
    wood–turning shops, 1;
    saw and hoop mills, 1;
    shook mills, 1;
    sumac mills, 1;
    bobbin factories, 1;
    cooper shops, 2;
    match factories, 2;
    box factories, 7;
    hub and spoke factories, 1;
    picture frame factories, 1;
    dry houses, 2;
    planing mills and handle factories combined, 1;
    picture backing factories, 1;
    bent wood works, 1;
    cedar post factories,1;
    furniture factories, 1;
    spoke and stave factories, 1;
    pail factories, 1;
    organ factories, 1;
    saw and paper mills combined, 1.

    The total number thus destroyed was about 160 - Wood Worker.

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