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Family History of Dr. Daniel H. Fitzhugh (1794-1881)
One of the earliest and largest land speculators in the Saginaw Valley.

1875 Bay City history. (added Dec., 2008)

The History, Commercial Advantages and Future Prospects of Bay City, Michigan
by Henry Dow (1875)


(Page 21.)

Dr. Daniel H. Fitzhugh,
who has been mentioned in another connection as one of the early proprietors of Bay City, has never had a permanent residence here, but he has been familiar with all the interests of the Saginaw Valley since he first came here in 1835. During his frequent visits since that time he must have observed with great satisfaction, the growth and prosperity of the different towns on the river, for his is a property-holder in every part of the Valley. Especially of late, to see the many improvements made in Bay City contiguous to his large possessions, which serve greatly to enhance their value, must be very gratifying to him. Although Dr. Fitzhugh is an octogenarian he has the vigor, both mental and physical, of a man of forty, and from present appearances another decade my be added to his already long life.

Daniel H. Fitzhugh, Jr.
came to Bay City in 1843 and built a large dwelling house (for that time) on the corner of Third and Water streets, which was afterwards occupied by his brother, William D. Fitzhugh, till it was destroyed by fire. D. H. Fitzhugh, jr., remained in Bay City at first but two or three years, when he went East and was engaged in the brokerage business in New York for some years. About five years since he returned to Bay City for a permanent residence. The norther extension of the J., J. & S. R. R. serves as a means by which Mr. Fitzhugh can gratify his early taste for hunting and fishing. Mr. Fitzhugh was the first to discover the habits and cause to be properly classified the fish known as the graying, which are abundant in the waters of the northern portion of our peninsula. In after years those who have in any way been instrumental in promoting the interests of fish culture will be looked upon as benefactors of the human race.

William D. Fitzhugh
was resident of Bay City from about 1850 to 1856, when he was induced by his father-in-law, Hon. Charles Carroll, to return to Livingston county, N. Y., for a permanent residence. During Mr. Fitzhugh's residence here he took an active part in promoting the growth of the town, was entrusted with the office of Supervisor of the township, and was otherwise honored by his fellow-citizens. After the house hereinbefore referreed to was destroyed by fire, he built the residence on the corner of Tenth and Washington streets now owned and occupied by his brother, Charles C. Fitzhugh. Mr. Wm. D. Fitzhugh is a large property-holder in and about Bay City, and has recently been a great benefactor to the city by donating a fine tract of land for a park, which is now being improved for that purpose.

Charles C. Fitzhugh
has been an honored citizen of Bay City and identified with its interests since about the time that William D. left the place. He attends to his own and his father's large real estate interests in this vicinity, which occupies his time except an occasional hunting tour for recreation in the northern woods.

Daniel H. Fitzhugh genealogy. - Added Jan., 2010.

The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol IX
Year Ending June, 1902.



Page 99.

164. Daniel Hughes Fitzhugh (William, &c),
was born April 20, 1794, removed to New York;
was a surgeon in the fleet of Commodore Perry at the battle of Lake Erie;
lived at Hampton, Livingston county, N.Y.,
-- married Anne Dana, and died April 23d, 1881.


243. Charles Carroll, of Brewster's Putnam County, N.Y.,
born January 15, 1821, died 1895;
-- married Jane M. Jones, and had issue:

  • Charles, of Bay City, Michigan;
  • Frank, of Bay City, Michigan;
  • Daniel, of Memphis, Tenn.,
  • and two daughters;

244. Lily, married Walter Ayrault;

245. William Dana, of "Hermatage" Groveland county, N.Y.,
born August 28, 1824, died March 23d, 1889; had issue:

  • Anne Dana, married H. M. Wright;
  • Charles Carroll, died single
  • William, died single,
  • Alida, died single;
  • Cornelia, married Richard J. Conover; and
  • Edward, single, living in Idaho 1898;

246. Daniel H., born January 11, 1827, of Bay City, Michigan,
-- married Catherine B. Brent, no issue;

247. Isabella,
-- married John Savage;

248. Frank, of Bay City, Michigan,
born February 21, 1835,
-- married Annie C. Dorsey, and had issue:

  • Dorsey, died single;
  • Louisa, married Mr. Cooley;
  • Katherine, single; and
  • Annie married Henry M. Steinhoff;

249. Maria,
-- married Daniel Carroll Fitzhugh;

250. Adelaide,
-- married Foster Swift;

251. Helen,
-- married Edward Cannon;

252. Florence,
-- married Henry B. Landon.

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    Additional Notes.

      1890 - Michigan Marriages (Bay City, Mich.)

    • Lousia Fitzhugh, daughter of Frank and Annie (Dorsey) married Edgar A. Cooley, on Oct. 13, 1890, at the Trinity Church in Bay City. Edgar was a widow at the time. The service was performed by pastor J. W. McLean, witnesses were Frank Fitzhugh of Bay City, and W. A. Vaughan of Knoxville, Tenn.

      1891 - Michigan Deaths (Bay City, Mich.)

    • Louisa Cooley, age 26, daughter of Frank and Anna Fitzhugh, died on March 22, 1891, in Bay City.

      1890 - Census Bay City, Mich. Address: 401 Sherman.

    • Wright, Hamilton M. - b. Oct. 1850 Lousiana, layer
    • Annie D. (Fitzhugh) - wife, b. Apr 1850 New York
    • Sybile - daughter, b. Feb 1878 Conn.
    • Carroll - son, b. Jun 1886 Tenn.
    • Lyda - daughter, b. Sep 1888 New York
    • William - son, b. Feb 1891 Mich.

      1907 - New Mexico Death Records (Albuquerque).

    • Anne D. (Fitzhugh) Wright, born in Bay City, Mich., daughter of Wm. D. and Elizabeth Fitzhugh, died Jan. 22, 1907 in Albuquerque. Burial at Bay City, Mich.
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    Map Reference

    1829: Livingston Co. NY

    Fitzhugh & Birney:

    -- Dr. Daniel H. Fitzhugh's sister, Elizabeth, married James G. Birney II. Daniel and James were partners in the Saginaw Bay Company that platted the village of Lower Saginaw (now Bay City). While Daniel never lived here, several of his son's did. James and Elizabeth moved here from New York in 1842, becoming pioneers of Bay City.
    James G. Birney II was a nationally known abolistionist leader, he twice was a candidate for governor of Michigan, and twice for presidency of the U.S.A.
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    People Referenced
    Ayrault, Walter
    Brent, Catherine B.
    Cannon, Edward
    Carroll, Charles
    Cooley, Edgar A.
    Conover, Richard J.
    Dana, Annie (wife)
    Dorsey, Annie C.
    Fitzhugh, Adelaide (dau.)
    Fitzhugh, Alida (g-dau.)
    Fitzhugh, Anne D. (g-dau.)
    Fitzhugh, Annie (g-dau.)
    Fitzhugh, Charles (g-son)
    Fitzhugh, Charles C. (son)
    Fitzhugh, Cornelia (g-dau.)
    Fitzhugh, Daniel C.
    Fitzhugh, Daniel (g-son)
    *Fitzhugh, Daniel H., Dr.(subj)
    Fitzhugh, Daniel H., Jr. (son)
    Fitzhugh, Dorsey (g-son)
    Fitzhugh, Edward (g-son)
    Fitzhugh, Forence (dau.)
    Fitzhugh, Frank (son)
    Fitzhugh, Frank (g-son)
    Fitzhugh, Helen (dau.)
    Fitzhugh, Isabella (dau.)
    Ftizhugh, Katherine (g-dau.)
    Fitzhugh, Lilly (dau.)
    Fitzhugh, Louisa (g-dau.)
    Fitzhugh, Maria (dau.)
    Fitzhugh, Wm. (g-son)
    Fitzhugh, Wm. D. (son)
    Jones, Jane M.
    Landon, Henry B.
    Perry, Commodore
    Savage, John
    Steinhoff, Henry M.
    Swift, Edward
    Wright, H.M.
    Subjects Referenced
    Bay City, MI
    Brewsters, NY
    Groveland Co., NY
    Hampton, NY
    Hermatage, NY
    Livingston Co., NY
    Memphis, TN
    Putnam Co., NY
    Saginaw Valley, MI
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