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William S. Fotheringham (1869-)
for counties of Arenac, Bay, Midland and Saginaw.
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Who's who in Finance and Banking, 1920-1922


Fotheringham, William S., Bay City, Mich.
Banker; born in Michigan, Feb. 23, 1869. Son of John and Jane (Richmond) Fotheringham; education, Detroit Business Univ., 1888; married Michigan, Nov. 14, 1896, Sadie Robinson (died Feb. 23, 1904); four children; married second, June 21, 1905, Essie I Ross. Engaged in general mercantile business 1891-1900, then started in banking business and still continues in same. President Pinconning State Bank. Removed from Pinconning to Bay City, 1913, and since organization of the Farmer State Savings Bank in 1914 has been its cashier, still retaining the presidency of the Pinconning State Bank. Mason. Republican. Methodist Episcopalian.

1921 - Senate Hearings. - Added Jan., 2010.

Before the
Sixty-Seventh Congress

First Session
Pursuant to
Senate Res. 11
A Resolution Authoring The Investigation of Alleged
Unlawful Practices in the Election of a Senator
From the State of Michigan


Page 910.

WILLIAM S. FOTHERINGHAM, being sworn on behalf of the Defendants, testified as follows:


I have lived in Bay City six years. Previous to that I resided in Clinton County. My business through life has been banking, and I am in the banking business now. I am cashier of the Farmers States Savings Bank and have occupied that position since it organization nearly five years ago. Richard H. Fletcher of Bay City is one of the customers of that bank and a stockholder in it. He does part of his business through our bank. I have known Mr. Fletcher fifteen to eighteen years. I have seen him write and am well acquainted with his handwriting and his signature. I have made an examination of these exhibits, of Government's Exhibits 124, 125, 130 and 131, called the Helme petitions, and have given them enough observation and care and scrutiny so I can state as to whether or not any of the handwriting upon any of these petitions is, in my judgment, in the handwriting of Richard H. Fletcher of Bay City. In my opinion, it is not Mr. Fletcher's writing. I come to that conclusion from my familiarity and knowledge of his writing.

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    Additional Notes.

      1902 - Michigan Births: Pinconning, Bay, Mich.

    • Wlliam D. Fotheringham, b. Apr. 13, 1902. Parents: William S. (b. Mich.) & Sadie Fortheringham (b. New York).

      1905 - Michigan Marriages.

    • Date: Jun. 21, 1905 - Pinconning, Mich.
    • Groom: William S. Fatheringham, of Pinnconning, age 36, b. Sanilac Co., Mich., banker. Parents: John & Jane (Richmond) Fotheringham.
    • Bride: Essie I Ross, of Pinconning, age 32, b. Canada, at home. Parents: Robert & Martha (Magger) Ross.
    • Official: A. E. Thornby, minister.
    • Witnesses: T.F. Abbot Feitgen (Pinconning) & A H. Feitgen (Riverside Chicago).

      1920 - Census Bay County, Mich.

    • Fotheringham, William S. - b. 1870 Mich., widow
    • Cora - daugher
    • John R. - son
    • Inez L. - daugther
    • William D. - son, b. 1903 Mich., single

      1921 - Michigan Marriages Bay City, Mich.

    • Date: Apr. 2, 1921.
    • Groom: William S. Fotheringham, age 52, b. Sanilac Co., Mich., barber. Parents: John & Jane (Richmond) Fotheringham.
    • Bride: Helen J. Dodge, age 41, b. Chesning, Mich., bookkeeper. Parents: Leonard & Emile (Bishop) Dodge.
    • Official: Rev. V. Hoard, minister.
    • Witnesses: J. W. Gray (Bay City) & Mrs. H. W. Barry (Highland Park).
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  • Born in Sanilac. Co., MI
  • Son, Wm. D. born to Sadie.
  • 3rd marriage, 1921, to Helen J. Dodge.
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  • People Referenced
    Barry, H.W. Mrs.
    Bishop, Emile
    Dodge, Helen J. (3d wife)
    Dodge, Leonard
    Feitgen, A.E. Abbott
    Feitgen, A.H.
    Fletcher, Richard H.
    Fotheringham, Cora (dau.)
    Fotheringham, John R. (son)
    Fotheringham, Inez L. (dau.)
    Fotheringham, John (father)
    Fotheringham, Wm. D. (son)
    Fothering, Wm. S. (subject)
    Gray, J.W.
    Hoard, V. Rev.
    Magger, Martha
    Richmond, Jane (mother)
    Robinson, Sadie (1st wife)
    Ross, Essie I. (2nd wife)
    Ross, Robert
    Thornby, A.E. Rev.
    Subjects Referenced
    Bay City, MI
    Chesaning, MI
    Clinton Co., MI
    Farmers State Bank
    Highland Park, MI
    Methodist Episcopalian
    New York
    Pinconning, MI
    Pinconning State Savings Bank
    Riverside Chicago
    Sanilac Co., MI
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