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F. W. Wheeler & Co. (1889)
Located: On Saginaw River north of Midland St. in West Bay City.
  • Contributed by Alan Flood (Jul. 2006)
  • Articles of Association
    F. W. Wheeler & Co.

    We the undersigned, desiring to become incorporated under the provisions of Act No 232, of the Public Acts of 1885, entitled, "An act to revise the laws providing for the incorporation of all Manufacturing companies (except such as are contemplated by Act No 42, of the Session laws of 1867, which provides for the incorporation of persons or corporations engaged in the manufacture of salt), and merchantile companies or any union of the two, and to fix the duties and liabilities of such cor- porations" do hereby make, execute, and adopt the following articles of association, to wit:

    Article I

    The name assumed by this corporation and by which it shall be known in law is

    F. W. Wheeler & Co.

    Article II

    The purpose or purposes of this corporation are as follows: To carry on general shipbuilding and repairing of vessels, and maintain and operate dry docks, machine and boiler shops, and the carrying and transportation business on the lakes and rivers.

    Article III

    The capital stock of the corporation hereby organized is the sum of Three Hundred & Fifty Thousand dollars, and the number of shares thereof is Fourteen Thousand.

    Article IV

    The amount of said stock actually paid in at the date hereof is the sum of Three Hundred & Five Thousand dollars, being 87.14 per cent of said capital stock.

    Article V

    The operations of this corporation are to be carried on in the County of Bay, State of Michigan and the office for the transaction of business within the State of Michigan shall be kept at West Bay City, Bay County, Michigan.

    Article VI

    The term of existence of this corporation is fixed at Thirty years from the date hereof.

    In Witness Whereof, We, the parties hereby associating for the purpose of giving legal effect to these articles, hereunto sign our names, our place of residence, and the number of shares of stock held by each respondant.

    NamesResidenceNo of shares
    F.W. WheelerWest Bay City, Mich.8,400
    William ForbesPort Huron, " 2,400
    George F. WilliamsWest Bay City, Mich.1,400

    State of Michigan
    County of Bay

    On this Eleventh day of January 1889, before me a notary public in and for said county, personally appeared, Frank W. Wheeler, William Forbes, and George F. Williams, known to me to be the persons named in and who executed the foregoing instrument and severally acknowledged that they executed the same freely and for the intent and purposes therein mentioned.

    T. F. Shepard.
    Notary Public
    in and for Bay Co Mich.

    Received for record and entered herein this 12th day of January A.D. 1889.

    William J. Hawkins.
    Deputy County Clerk.

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    Frank W. Wheeler

    Major Shipbuilders:
    Wheeler's shipyard which was founded in 1877, was one of three major shipbuilders in Bay City's history. When Wheeler started up James Davision's shipyard (1871-1928), has already establish a large shipyard on the south side of Midland Street. The third was Harry Defoe's business (1905-1971), which located on the east side of the Saginaw River (now, Wenonah Park).
    George F. Williams:
    He joined the Wheeler shipyard as general superintendent in January, 1886, and remained in that capacity until the formation of the stock company of F. W. Wheeler & Co., of which he became vice-president and general superintendent. In January, 1892, he resigned due to health reasons, and later the following May he sold his stock and retired from active business life.
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