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William Galarno (1854-?)
Native of Canada, moved to Bay City with his parent in 1855.

Portrait and Biographical Record of Saginaw and Bay Counties, Michigan, 1892


Our subject is proprietor of the Bay City “Marine Ways,” which is located at the foot of Galarno St., on the Saginaw River. He was born in Windsor, Canada, June 14, 1854, and is a son of Thomas and Lucy (Petramoulx) Galarno. At the time of our subject's birth the family was living in Windsor, Canada, remaining there for one year, and in 1855 they came to the Saginaw Valley, settling first in Salzburg, now the Fifth Ward of West Bay City, their place of residence being on the old Campau farm.

In 1856 Thomas Galarno built a home on Woodside Avenue, one of the finest in that locality, and the only one of those early places which is still standing. He bought considerable property in the vicinity, which he still owns and has made a subdivision which has brought him a handsome profit. He is a millwright by trade, and is a skilled workman. He still lives and is engaged with McEwan Bros.

Our subject was graduated from the Bay City High School at the age of sixteen years. He then learned the carpenters trade under his father, and also the millwright business, continuing with him until 1879. He then engaged in the grocery business at the corner of Woodside Avenue and Belinda Street and was greatly prospered there, carrying a full and well-selected stock of goods and having a good trade. He sold it, however, in 1884, and since then has been various engaged in business.

Mr. Galarno was married November 14, 1878, to Miss Ellen McBride, of Goodrich, Ontario, Canada. After disposing of his grocery, our subject bought the track of sixteen acres of land in the city, and made what is known as the William Galarno Addition to Bay City. For some time he was engaged in disposing of this and other real estate in the city, having also dealt considerably for other people.

Convinced that the port here demanded a better docking facility, and believing he saw a good piece of property for this purpose, he purchased in June, 1890. It has frontage of one hundred and eight feet, is six hundred feet deep and conveniently located. This he fitted up with a fine marine way, which consists of four railroad tracts on heavy timbers extending three hundred and ten feet into the water, and three hundred feet out on an inclined plane, having a grade of three-quarters of an inch to the foot, thus giving a depth of track in the water of sixteen feet. On this is placed a heavy truck with heavy axles, weighing in all over sixty tons. This is run under the boat in the water, the boat being drawn upon it by steam-power, and thus out upon dry land by heavy machinery. The firm are able at the present time to haul a large boat out of the water in one hour and ten minutes, which is a much easier and less expensive way than in the old-fashioned and laborious dry-docking.

In addition to the property above mentioned, our subject owns some most desirable property on the corner of Woodside Avenue and Belinda Street. Upon it he has built a fine brick block which was completed in 1884. His home is located in his own Addition, and is placed on two lots at No. 2135 Woodside Avenue. It is a modern and attractive residence.

Mr. Galarno is a member of the Lafayette Benevolent Society, also of the Knights of Maccabees. His family comprises four children, whose names are Frank, Gertrude, George and Grace, all of whom will be given as extended educational advantages as they will take. Our subject's father is a native of Quebec. He removed to Windsor, Canada, in 1853. Of his family of five children, William is the eldest; Lucy is the wife of Philip Barney; Sophia is the wife of Louis La Rouche; Joseph, who is in Chicago, is a well-borer; and Henry still lives with his father.

William Galarno was Supervisor for the old First Ward before it was divided into the First and Tenth Wards. He represented that division of the city for two terms. He has also been a member of the School Board for two terms, serving until he removed from the First into the Tenth Ward. He casts his vote with the Democratic party.

Additional Notes:

  • The Garlarno Block on Woodside avenue was sold in 1914 to N. E. Laporte and Roland Shafer, who remodeled it for hardware and sheet metal business.
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