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Christopher J. McGurn (1866-?)
Maritime Biography:
Born in Bay City, MI. Lived and worked in Cheboygan, MI.
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  • History of the Great Lakes, Vol. 2 by J.B. Mansfield
    Published Chicago: J.H. Beers & Co. 1899.



    Christopher J. McGurn, although a young man, has by his efficiency in both theory and practice, already attained to a responsible and lucrative position. But eight years have passed since he first adopted marine engineering as a profession, and he has advanced so rapidly that he is now chief engineer of the Reed Wrecking Company, and practically has under his charge the machinery of the three tugs of the line, together with the entire wrecking outfit. His knowledge of machinery appears to be intuitive, and he has doubtless inherited a share of his father's mechanical genius.

    Mr. McGurn is a son of John and Elizabeth (Maloy) McGurn, and was born in Bay City on Christmas day, 1866. He has a brother Thomas, who is a marine engineer, now serving as second in the Protector. His mother's brother, Thomas Maloy, was also a marine engineer, and the fraternity lost a trusworthy brother when death claimed him on January 26, 1897, in Bay City, Michigan. Christopher McGurn acquired his education in the public schools at Cheboygan, to which place he moved with his parents, after which he went to Duncan City to work in the shop with his father. In the spring of 1890 he first devoted himself to marine engineering, preliminary to which he shipped as fireman with his uncle, Engineer Thomas Maloy, in the steamer W.H. Sawyer. The next season he joined the steamer Iosco as oiler with Chief Thomas Welsh. In the spring of 1892 he shipped as oiler in the steamer Neosho, remaining in her until May, 1893, being advanced to the position of first assistant engineer the second season and was then transferred to the Neshoto holding that berth until the fall of 1894. The next spring he was appointed second engineer of the passenger steamer Lawrence, of the Graham & Morton Transportation Company. In the spring of 1896 Mr. McGurn entered the employ of the Reed Wrecking Company as second engineer in the lake tug George W. Parker, and in July was appointed chief and laid her up that fall. The next season he was transferred to the fine steamer tug Protector, as chief engineer, with supervision over the other tugs of the company and the entire machinery of the wrecking outfit, which responsible position he holds at this writing. During the winter months he is employed in overhauling and repairing the engines and machinery of the company, and by industry and ability commands the entire confidence of his employers.

    Fraternally, Mr. McGurn is a member of the Marine Engineers Beneficial Association, and has been, during the last three years, recording secretary of Cheboygan Lodge No. 55. He makes his home with his parents in Cheboygan, Michigan.

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    Maloy, Thomas
    Elizabeth (Maloy, mother)
    John (father)
    Thomas (brother)

    Welch, Thomas (Capt.)
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    Bay City, MI
    Cheboygan, MI
    Duncan City, MI
    Graham & Morton Trans. Co.
    Marine Engrs. Bene. Assoc.
    Reed Wrecking Co.
    George W. Parker (tug)
    Isoco (steamer)
    Lawrence (steamer)
    Neosho (steamer)
    Protector (steamer)
    W.H. Sawyer (steamer)
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