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Capt. Marshall Stone (15 Mar 1849 - ??)
Maritime Biography.
  • Courtesy of "Links to the Past" website.
  • History of the Great Lakes, Vol. 2 by J.B. Mansfield
    Published Chicago: J.H. Beers & Co. 1899.



    Captain Marshall Stone, shipmaster, sailing out of West Bay City, was born March, 15, 1849, in Froomfield, Ont., on the St. Clair River, the fourth son of William and Jane Stone, the former of whom was born near Hull, England, and the latter in Edinburgh, Scotland. He has a brother, Edward, living in West Bay City, who is also a lake sailor. The other children in the family are: William, Henry, Charles, Richard, Elizabeth and James.

    The Captain commenced sailing in 1864, and sailed before the mast until the year 1868. Since the spring of 1869 he has followed steamboating for a livelihood.

    In December, 1880, Captain Stone was wedded to Miss Margaret E., daughter of John Wallace, of Bay City. The children born to this union are: Charles M., Ruth A. and William S. The Captain is a Master Mason and a member of the Ancient Order of United Workmen.

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    Stone, Charles
    Stone, Charles M.
    Stone, Edward
    Stone, Elizabeth
    Stone, James
    Stone, Henry
    Stone, Jane Mrs.
    Stone(Wallace), Margaret
    Stone, Richard
    Stone, Ruth A.
    Stone, William
    Stone, William
    Stone, William A.
    Wallace, John
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    Ancient Order United Wkrs.
    Bay City
    Edinburgh, Scotland
    Froomfield, Ont.
    Hull, England
    St. Clair River
    West Bay City
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