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Joseph Gorney (1908)
Old newspaper article.
Contributed by Jim Petrimoulx. (February 2005)

Bay City Tribune - March 24, 1908 (page 5)


Joseph Gorney Charged With Keeping Saloon Open Sunday -- Boys had a Grievance.
One Youngster Says He Was Held Up On Pigeon Deal by Saloon-keeper -- Other reasons.

Stanley Kusmierz, 15 years old, son of Frank Kuzmierz, 718 South Lincoln avenue; John McKenzie, 13, son of George McKenzie, 905 South Lincoln, and Edward Kowalak, 15, son of Stanley Kowalak, 714 South Sheridan street, were in police court yesterday as complaintants against Joseph Gurney, who, the boys allege, had his saloon open Sunday.

The name of young Kuzmierz was signed to the complaint. Police Justice Kelley deciding that the youngsters had actually the evidience necessary to base a complaint.

Young Kusmierz was the leader of the trio and he very frankly owned up that he had a grudge against Gorney. The youngster said that the saloonman had promised to rade a couple of common pigeons for a blower pigeon, and that after the saloon keeper got the youngster's pigeon the former refused to carry out his agreement.

"That was cheating." siad Kuzmierz, indignantly; "and I told him I'd get even."

George McKenzie declared that Gorney didn't treat his father right, so he, too, was willing to aid in landing the saloon man. The three boys declared they watched Sunday and saw a young woman dispensing beer over the counter. They also saw a boy go into the saloon with an empty pail, they said, and come out with the paull filled with beer. They stopped the boy and talked to him, so there was no quuestion about it, the boys declared.

Police Justice Kelley decided to issue the warrant although the boys' troubles have nothing to do with the matter.

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People Referenced
Gorney, Joseph
Kelley, (Police Justice)
Kowalak, Edward
Kowalak, Stanley
Kusmierz, Frank
Kusmierz, Stanley
McKenzie, George
McKenzie, John
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Bay City, MI
Gorney's saloon
Lincoln st., s. 718
Lincoln st., s. 905
Police court
Sheridan st., s. 714
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