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Gougeon Grocery Store
Letter by owner George Gougeon to New York firm.
  • Transcribed (Nov. 2005)
  • Bay City Tribune - Tuesday, May 25, 1909.




    George Gougeon, west side grocer, doesn’t care if a bit of private correspondence between himself and a New York manufacturing and importing house is made public; neither will he take a free trip to Saginaw. How it came about happened thus: L. D. Bloch & Co., the New York importers, handle fine imported wares, bronzes, marbles, etc., and they have representatives on the road in goodly number. One of them “makes” Michigan. He will be in Saginaw May 24 and 25 at the Vincent. The New York house wrote Mr. Gougeon of the fact that their representative would be there and invited him to go to Saginaw at their expense and call on him as he had several lines they believed would be winners for him.

    This is Mr. Gougeon’s answer:

    Gentlemen – I would undoubtedly be very much pleased to see your goods if your representative would come to Bay City, but, actually, you know, we are too busy here to go to Saginaw to inspect the samples. And then, too, you will find that Bay City dealers generally are inclined to resent an invitation of the kind you have sent me. We know of absolutely no reason why our city should be snubbed in that way by your representative and we feel quite sure that after one visit was made he would never give us the go by again. We have better hotels, just as progressive people, our dealers buy just as much good and push them just as hard as anyone in Saginaw. I regret that I am unable to look at your line this time but trust that we may be able to get together on the next trip your representative makes to Michigan.

    I might add that our dealers generally feel the same spirit that prompted this letter and the subject is one that has recently been the subject of official action on the part of our business men’s association.

    Trusting you will “see the light” I am,

    Very respectfully,


    The New York firm will, in the same mail with Mr. Gougeon’s letter, receive a fine assortment of literature on Bay City, illustrations of its hotels, their rates, the city’s advantages as a shopping place, its summer attractions, etc., etc., put out by the board of trade and the hotels. The package was made up by Secretary Cutting, of the board of trade, to whom Mr. Gougeon show the two letters.

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    George Gougeon lived at 703 N. Henry St. and his store was located the ajacent lot north of his residence.
    Mr. Gougeon's letter is a fine example of the competitiveness that existed between Bay City and Saginaw. The newspapers did their part to keep feud going strong by taking direct shots each other's community.
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