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The Poles of Bay City, Michigan.
The first Polish immigrants were beckoned by Ludwig Daniellewski (Daniels).

HIstory of Bay County, Michigan - 1895


About three years ago an extensive Polish emigration set in to Bay City and its adjoining territory, and it seems that those of this nationality at present in the place alone amount to 200 families. The emigration hither has been aided and encouraged greatly by the efforts of Mr. L. Daniels, the manger of the custom department in the store of F. H. Blackman & Co. Mr. Daniels has been so attentive to the wants of the newly-arrived that he is looked upon by all his country people in Bay City as their chief adviser, and to a a large extent their guardian. The fact that the Polish language is spoken by none but Poles, and a few of them having any knowledge of English, rendered it necessary that as soon as their numbers would justify the step, an attempt should be made to build a separate place of worship for them. This design was fostered by Mr. Daniels, and to secure the organization necessary to accomplish the object, he induced his countrymen to form themselves into a society. This association was formed on the 8th of February, 1874, with Mr. Daniels as President, each member agreeing to pay a certain sum each month to form a fund for the building of the contemplated church. But this would have taken a long time to accomplish, while in the meantime their number was increasing. Accordingly Mr. Daniels set to work to build a church at once. He procured subscriptions from most of our prominent fellow-citizens, and Mr. Wm. D. Fitzhugh, with the liberality in such matters for which he and his father and brothers were so noted, gave a site for the church consisting of eight lots on the corner of Lincoln avenue and Twenty-second street. A contract for the building of the church was let last July, to Mr. Neil Mahoney, after plans by L. A. Pratt, architect, both of this city. The building is now completed, and will be consecrated by Rt. Rev. Casper H. Borgess, Bishop of Detroit, on Sunday, the 13th of December next, (1874). The building will cost about $4,000, is a very neat and tasteful edifice, and is located on a very fine site, and convenient to those who will worship there. Mr. Daniels has had the entire control and responsibility of the work, and of providing the money for it, and his countrymen in Bay City owe him a very great debt of gratitude.

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