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Hon. DeVere Hall (1854-1913)
Native of Flushing, Mi and long-time resident of Bay City.

1900 History. Added June 2008.

Livingstone's History of the Republican Party. Vol. II 1900 (Page 210)


Devere Hall, of Bay City, who, as an attorney, had an extensive practice in Eastern Michigan, and who has also shown a commendable activity in Republican politics, was born August 26, 1854, in Bedford, Monroe County, Mich. His father died two years later and the lad was obliged, when quite young, to commence the customary route of working on the farm summers, and attending district school winters. He afterwards entered the Union School of Holly, having earned enough at teaching to pay his way through. In 1874, when only twenty years old, he became principal of the Union School at Goodrich and later held the same position in Gaines, Genesee County; at Byron, Shiawassee County, and at Caseville, Huron County, remaining at the latter place five years. The last two year of his stay at the latter place he was a member of the Board of School Examiners of the County, and for two years was Secretary of the same Board. During this period also he took what time he could after attending to the duties of his position, to study law, under the guidance of Thomas B. Woodworth, of Caseville.

Mr. Hall was admitted to the bar in the spring of 1883 and removed to West Branch, Ogemaw County where, he entered into partnership with Hon. D. P. Markey, ex-Speaker of the House of Representatives in the State Legislature, and one of the best known attorneys in that section. This association was continued under the firm name of Markey & Hall until 1891, when Mr. Markey moved to Port Huron, and Mr. Hall to Bay City. During his stay at West Branch Mr. Hall was elected Prosecuting Attorney in 1884, 1886 and 1888; in 1890 he was elected to the Legislature to represent the District comprising the Counties of Ogemaw, Crawford, Oscoda and Roscommon. He had held no other political office, although he has been a delegate to a number of political conventions.

At Bay City Mr. Hall formed a partnership with Archibald McDonnell, under the firm name of McDonnell & Hall, who are attorneys for many prominent firms, and who enjoy a large and lucrative practice. Mr. Hall is a Maccabee, and has for some years been special and general counsel of various orders of the Maccabees, and has had charge of nearly all the litigation in which these orders have been involved in this State. Some these cases have brought up entirely new issues, and the decisions upon them have established a standard for the interpretation of law for fraternal societies. In addition to his position as general counsel, Mr. Hall has been Great Lieutenant Commander of the K. O. T. M. of Michigan. In his church relations he is a Methodist and is a Trustee of the Madison Avenue M. E. Church of Bay City. He was married May 19th, 1877, to Augusta O. Brown, of Byron, and has six children: Sidney D., Vera M., Ray A., Irving J., Cecil M., and John C.

Additional Notes.

    1893 - Directory: Bay City, Mich.

  • Hall, Devere - (McDonell & Hall), res 610 N. Van Buren.
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DeVere Hall

  • 1913: Died Dec. 15.
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