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John Brent Harding (1871-??)
Born in Chatham, Ont., Canada; married Hannah C. Inch at Bay City.

Biography 1912 - Added Nov., 2010.

The Press Reference Library, Southwest Edition, 1912.


Real Estate, Los Angeles, California, is a native of the Dominion of Canada, born at Chatham, Ontario, November 10, 1871. He is the son of Rev. Brent Harding and Mary Ann (Pollycutt) Harding. His father was in the ministry for many years serving churches in Michigan. He was a crusader on the side of Prohibition and was one of the pioneers in the movement to establish it. He delivered numbers lectures and sermons on the evils of intoxication and wrote many articles on the subject. After a long and useful career in the pulpit he retired and is now living in Michigan. Mr. Harding's great grandfather was Lord Thomas Harding, a man of great moral attributes and regarded as one of the wealthiest noblemen of the British Empire. He had beautiful landed estates in Sussex, Essex and Kent England, his holdings embracing more than eight thousand acres.

He married Hannah C. Inch, at Bay City, Michigan, June 2, 1892, and to them were born two children, Vera Mabel and Brent Theodore Harding.

Mr. Harding obtained his common school education in Bay City, Michigan, where he studied up to 1889. He attended the Internationals Business College, graduating in 1889, and later took a two-year course in the Cleveland Law School.

During his boyhood days, Mr. Harding learned the decorating business. At the age of eighteen he had mastered the trade. About this time he entered the employ of John L. Stoddard, attorney-at-law, where he remained for a year.

At the age of nineteen he accepted a position with the Ross Bradley Lumber Company as a tallier. In a short time he was promoted to the position of inspector and later became the chief salesman for the company.

On leaving the above organization he became associated with the Haggerty Moser Lumber Company as inspector and was later promoted to chief accountant.

In 1893 he moved to Cleveland, Ohio, accepting a position as salesman for S. Barker & Sons, large printers and publishers. He left this concern to open an art and decorating establishment, which he operated for two years, disposing of his interests to accept a position as commercial traveler for the Finley Bros. Co. Mr. Harding remained with this company for seven years.

In 1902 he formed with Edward N. Dewey the firm of Harding & Dewey, engaging in real estate operations, where he was successful.

In 1905 Mr. Harding remove to the West, settling in Los Angeles, California, where he entered the real estate business. In 1908 he organized the California Industrial Realty Company, which purchased one thousand acres of land in the city of Riverside, which was successfully subdivided and marketed. A year later he organized the Pacific Malleable Iron Company.

Among the most prominent properties handled by Mr. Harding are the Commonwealth Terrace Tract, the Redlands University Tract and Riverview Addition to the City of Riverside. Mr. Harding is president and manager in the following companies: J. Brent Harding Co., California Industrial Realty Co., Pacific Malleable Iron Co., Mount Vernon Grove Co., and Vernon Park Water Co. He is a prominent Mason, a member of the L. A. Chamber of Commerce, L. A. Realty Board, and the California State Realty Federation.

Additional Notes.

1880 Census: Merritt Twp., Bay, Mich.

  • Harding Brent b. Feb., 1843, England
  • Mary A. - b. 1843, Wales
  • Anna E. - b. 1866, England
  • Thomas H. - b. 1870 England
  • John B. - b. 1872 Canada (subject)
  • Ida C. - b. 1875 Michigan
  • 1890/91 - Directory: Bay City, Mich.

  • Harding, Brent - painter 109 N. Jefferson, res. same.
  • Harding, John - painter, bds. 109 N. Jefferson.
  • 1892 Michigan Marriages: Bay City.

  • Date: May 31, 1892.
  • Groom: John B. Harding, of Bay City, age 20, b. Canada, son of Brent Harding and Mary Pollicult.
  • Bride: Tina Inch, of West Bay City, age 18, b. Canada, daughter of William Inch and Sarah McLean.
  • Official: Rev. Irving, Baptist minister. Witnesses: Brent Harding and Sarah Inch.
  • 1900 - Census: Glenville, Cuyahoga, Ohio.

  • Harding, John B. - b. Nov. 1871 Canada
  • Hannah C., wife - b.Sep. 1872 Canada
  • Vera M., dau. - b.Jun 1894 Mich.
  • Brent T., son - b. Mar 1899 Ohio
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