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Gustavus Hine (1842-1925)
Born in Germany, prominent business man and mayor of Bay City.

1892 Biography. - Added April, 2012.

History of Saginaw and Bay Counties, Michigan - 1892.


Fortunate is the boy who when thrown upon his own resources has the skill to do and the strength to endure until he acquires a footing among men; and more favored is he who unites with his manual skill and bodily strength the moral principles and self-respect that combine with his financial success to win the esteem of those who know him. Such qualifications assisted Mr. Hine in gaining his envied position as an influential and prosperous citizen of Bay City. Though dint of unremitting industry he has acquired a competency and is well known as the owner of the large brick block on Washington Avenue, between Seventh and Eighth Streets, a part of which Mr. Hine occupies with his wholesale and retail meat business.

This gentleman is a native of Anrstadt, in the providence of Thuringen, Germany, and was born February 8, 1842. He was the fourth child in a family of seven, and was reared and educated in his native place until he reached the age of thirteen when he accompanied his parents to America. During his three years' residence in New York City he attended the evening schools, as it was necessary for him to assist in the family support. In the summer of 1858 the family came to Michigan and settled in the forest twelve miles north west of Saginaw, and there they began life in true pioneer style.

Charles Hine, the father of our subject, was a native of Arnstadt, where he carried on a tannery, but after coming to this State he devoted himself, with the help of his children, to hewing out a farm from the wilderness, and there resided until his death in 1879. His wife whose maiden name was Dorothea Stadte, also a native of Arnstadt, now makes here home with our subject, and has reached the age of fourscore years. She is a Protestant in her religious faith as was also her husband. Their place was but eighty rods from the Tittabawassee River, and they brought the lumber for the first house by steamboat from Midland to the river opposite their home.

Provisions were scarce, and as they could not subsist on the timber some members of the family were obliged to go out and seek employment, and the son Gustavus was one of them. He worked for William L. Webber, of Saginaw, and his first reward was in the shape of a valuable cow which, with feelings of great pleasure and pride, he drove home to aid in the support of the family. Later he and his brother Theodore started a tannery on the farm, which they ran successfully until 1866.

At that time the young man located in Bay City and bought an interest in the business of John Sexlinger, who had a retail meat business on Saginaw Street, and in this line of work he has since continued and is now te oldest dealer in meat in Bay City, having been in the business a quarter of a century. In 1871 he built his present block into which he moved and added the wholesaling trade to his previous business. His buildings are one hundred feet deep and occupy fifty feet front, and he has an elevator and all modern conveniences, including refrigerators and steam and sausage cutters. His slaughter houses are the largest and best equipped in the Saginaw Valley, and adjoin the Salzburg and Bay City Bridge.

Mr. Hine was an organizer of what is now the First National Bank, and he is a Director in the Bay County Savings Bank. His residence at the corner of Eighth Street and Washington Avenue, is commodious, pleasant and well furnished. He was married in 1868, in Owosso, Shiawassee County, to Miss Louise Vaight, a native of Prussia, who came to America with her parents when a child. Mr. Hine is a member of the Knights of the Maccabees and was Alderman for the Third Ward for five years. As a staunch Democrat he has been member of the Ward Committee and also delegate to County Conventions.

Historical bio. - Added April, 2012.

History of Bay County, Michigan - 1883


was born in Germany, February 8, 1842. He came with his parents to New York in 1855; remained there three years, and then came to the Saginaw Valley and located in Saginaw County on a farm, where he spent seven years. In 1865 he came to Bay City and established a meat market. Mr. Hine has erected a handsome brick block on Washington Street where he is engaged in the wholesale and retailing of meats. He holds the office of alderman of the Third Ward, and is a stockholder in the Bay City National Bank. He was married to Louisa Voight, of Owosso, Mich., and resides on Washington Avenue.

Mayor of Bay City. - Added April, 2012.

The Bay County Story, Foot Paths to Freeways. - Arndt, 1982

Gustaves Hine was elected mayor three times and occupied the post at the time of the 1905 consolidation of Bay City and West Bay City, a historic period. He served 1905-08, 1910, and again 1913-15. Born in Germany in 1842, he moved her from a family farm along the Tittabawassee River in 1866, and opened a meat market and slaughterhouse business.

Sugar industry. - Added April, 2012.

Who Was Who in the Michigan Sugar Industry.

Hine, Gustave (1842-1927)

He was the second president of German-American Sugar Company (1901-1904). Beginning in 1904 he served as a director until his death in 1927. He was the first mayor of Bay City following its consolidation with West Bay City in 1905. Served as mayor until 1908 than again in 1910 and again during the years 1913-1915 for a total of seven years. Married to Louisa Voight of Owosso. Father of seven daughters, including Bertha, Ada, and Charlotte. Began as an operator of a meat market. He was born in Germany on February 8, 1842. At the age of 13 he entered the United States with his parents, living first in New York for three years before moving to a farm in Saginaw Valley where he spent seven years. He established a meat market in Bay City in 1865 where he both retailed and wholesaled meat. Farmers and others who dealt with him came to trust his integrity, capacity for hard work as well as his business judgment. He was an original investor in the German-American Sugar Company and became its president in 1901 after the founding President, Alexander Zagelmeyer, served less than one year in that office. He relinquished the post in 1904 to pursue his interest in consolidating the cities of West Bay City and Bay City. In 1904, he became a director of the company.

Additional Notes.

    Political Graveyard.

  • Gustav Hine Mayor of Bay City, Mich., 1905-08, 1910, 1913-15.

    1870 - Census: Bay City, Bay, Mich.

  • Hine, Gustavs - b. 1840, Prussia..
  • Louisa, wife - b. 1847, Prussia.
  • Lena, daughter - b. 1870, Mich.
  • Theodore, brother - b. 1936, Prussia.

    1872 - Bay City Journal Newspaper, Jul. 17th.

  • G. Hine & Bro. Meat Market, now located on Water street, above Twelfth, are erecting a commodious two story building on Washington street, between Seventh and Eighth streets. They intend to occupy it as a grocery store and meat market.

    1893 Directory: Bay City, Mich.

  • Hine, Bertha K Miss bds 419 Washington Ave.
  • Hine Block 516 to 522 Washington Ave.
  • Hine, Emile student, bds 419 Washington Ave.
  • Hine, Gustave Beef and Pork packers, 518-520 Washington Ave., res 419 Washington Ave.
  • Hine, Lena L. Miss teacher, Dolsen School, bds 419 Washington Ave.
  • Hine, Mathilda Miss bds 419 Washington Ave.

    1900 Census: Bay City, Bay, Mich.

  • Hine, Gustus b. Feb., 1843, Germany married 1868.
  • Louise, wife b. Sep. 1846, Germany
  • Matilda, daughter b. May, 1872, Mich.
  • Bertha, daughter b. Oct., 1873, Mich.
  • Louise, daughter b. Aug., 1879, Mich.
  • Emile, son b. Jul., 1877, Mich.
  • Ola, daughter b. Mar., 1882, Mich.
  • Dara, daughter b. Nov., 1883, Mich.
  • Charlotte, daughter b. Jun., 1886, Mich.

    1902 Directory: Bay City, Mich.

  • Hine, Gustav Bay County Road Commissioner.
  • Hine Block and Hall 506-522 Washington Ave.

    1903 - Annual Report State of Michigan.

  • Gustav Hine, manager, German-American Sugar Co., West Bay City.

    1908 - The Indicator, Vols 34-35.

  • The American Life Assurance Company has been incorporated at Bay City, Mich., with a capital of $125,000. Gustav Hine, former mayor of Bay City, is president; L. Boothman Brown, Grand Rapids, secretary and general manager; James Jacoby, Grand Rapids, superintendent of agencies, F. L. Warren, Bay City, inspector of agencies. The home office will be Bay City.

    1910 Census: Bay City, Bay, Mich.

  • Hine, Gustaves age 69, b. Germany widow, immigrated 1874.
  • Bertha, daughter age 36, b. Mich. - single.
  • Idah, daughter age 27, b. Mich. - single
  • Dora, daughter age 25, b. Mich. - single.
  • Charlotte, daughter age 23, b. Mich. - single.
  • Louise, other age 19, b. Mich. - single.

    1925 - Bay County Genealogy Society.

  • Gustave Hine died 31 August 1925, burial at Green Ridge Cemetery, Bay City, MI. Wife died in 1904.
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