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Henry Sage Ingersoll (1842-1911)
Born in Canton, Illinois. nephew of Henry W. Sage where he was employed.
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    Henry Sage Ingersoll was born on September 1, 1842, in Canton, Illinois, son of John W. Ingersoll and Elizabeth (Sage) Ingersoll. His siblings were: Ellen A., Mary E., Frederick W. and Caroline A.

    On August 11, 1862 at the age of 20 years, he enlisted as a Corporal in Company C, 103rd Illinois Infantry. He was promoted to Quartermaster Sgt. and to Quartermaster.

    After his father's death he came to West Bay City in 1871 to work for his Uncle Henry W. Sage. He worked as mill manager, the manager of the Sage Store on Midland Street and then ran a grocery store of his own. He married Ida Sayles in West Bay City in 1873. They moved to Calumet where he died in 1911. He is buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery in Bay City.

    At some point his mother Elizabeth Cook Sage Ingersoll came to live with him. She died here in 1899 and is buried in Canton, Illinois with her husband.

    Lucy Sage Dunning, sister of Elizabeth and Henry Sage came to live with her sister after her divorce and worked as a librarian at the Sage Library. She died here in 1900 and is buried in Ithaca, New York.

    His brother Frederick W. Ingersoll was born in Canton, Illinois. He married Katherine Fulmer Bass in Canton in 1874. After he came to West Bay City and worked as a bookkeeper for John McGraw and Frank Wheeler and served as Duputy County Treasurer. They had six children: John W., Lena B., Frederick L., William K., Elbert and Gerald.

    Bay City Times Tribune - Dec. 3, 1911.

    H. S. Ingersoll Dies In Calumet.

    Former Well Known West Side Man Is Dead
    From Heart Failure - Funeral Here.

    Henry Sage Ingersoll, of Calumet, formerly of the west side, died at his home in that city last evening from heart failure, according to a message received late in the evening by his brother, Frederick W. Ingersoll of North Wenona Avenue. Mr. Ingersoll was born in Canton, Illinois in 1843, and at the age of 30 came to this city where he identified with the Sage interests, remaining with them until 12 years ago when he went to Calumet, where he has resided ever since. Mr. Ingersoll was one of the west side's prominent men in the old days and identified himself with everything which promised good for the city. He was well liked and made a good host of friends who will deeply regret his death. He is survived by his wife, two sisters, Mrs. Bessie Ingersoll of Ithaca, N. Y., Mrs. Grace Penhjollegan and Miss Alma Ingersoll of Calumet.

    The remains will be broght to this city for interment. Funeral announcements will be made later.

    Addtional Notes:

      1870 - Census: Canton, Folton, IL.
      Ingersoll, John - b. 1818-19, NY
      Elizabeth, wife - b. 1817-18, CT.
      Henry, son - b. 1842-43, IL
      Ellen, dau.- b. 1844-45, IL
      Mary, dau. - b. 1850-51, IL
      Fred, son - b. 1952-53, IL
      Caroline, dau. - b. 1854-55, IL

      1871 - Directory: Wenona, Mich.
      Ingersoll, Henry S. - clk. H.W. Sage & Co., bds. Rouech House.

      1873 - Michigan Marriages: Wenona, Bay, Mich.
      Date: Dec. 17, 1873.
      Groom: Henry Sage Ingersoll, age 35, born in Cantor, Ill.
      Bride: Ida May Sagles, age 18, born Wenona, Mich.
      Official: L. W. ?
      Witnesses: S. Dechiles and J.N. Plum.

      1880 - census: West Bay City, Bay, Mich.
      Ingersoll, Henry - age 37, b. Ill. merchant
      Ida, wife - age 25, b. Mich.
      Grace, dau - age 2, b. Mich.
      Bessie, dau - age 5, b. Mich.

      1880 - Michgan Births: West Bay City, Bay, Mich.
      On Nov. 7, 1880, Florence Ingersoll was born to Henry S. and Ida Ingersoll. (Died on Aug. 21, 1884)

      1881/02 - Directory: West Bay City, Mich.
      Ingersoll, Henry S. - (H. W. Sage & Co.), res n w cor River and John.

      1894 - Census: Bay City, Bay, Mich.
      Ingersoll, Henry S. - age 51
      Ida, wife - age 39
      Elizabeth S., dau - age 19
      Grace L., dau - age 16
      Alma H, dau = age 6 (Died Sep. 25, 1941)
      Sayles, Maud R., niece - age 17

      1910 - Census: Calumet, Houghton, Mich.
      Ingersoll, Henry S. - age 67, b. Ill.
      Ida, wife - age 55, b. Mich.
      Alma, dau - age 23, b. Mich.

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    ingersoll, Wm. K. (nephew)
    McGraw, John
    Plum, J.N.
    Sage, Elizabeth (mother)
    sage, Henry W. (uncle)
    Sayles, Ida (wife)
    Sayles, Maud R. (niece)
    Wheeler, Frank
    Subjects Referenced
    103rd Ill. Infantry
    Bay City, MI
    Bay Co., MI
    Calumet, MI
    Canton, IL
    Houghton Co., MI
    H.W. Sage & Co.
    Ithaca, NY
    oak Ridge Cemetery
    Rouech House
    Sage Library
    Sage Store
    Wenona, MI
    West Bay City, MI
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